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The Elite Bosses are powerful beings that serve the Black Mage, evidenced in Tenebris when they try to stop the player and Orchid from venturing deeper to face the Black Mage. Some of their quotes also prove this, like the Black Knight saying "A mark of him whom I serve..." when using the chains ability, chains being a trademark Black Mage ability. Throughout Maple World, 5 Elite Bosses can be spawned and fought, with their captain only being fought in Tenebris.

In KMS, Beomgi Hong acts Bosses' voices.[1]

Mob Black Knight
Black Knight
Mob Mad Mage
Mad Mage
Mob Rampant Cyborg
Rampant Cyborg
Mob Vicious Hunter
Vicious Hunter
Mob Bad Brawler
Bad Brawler


  1. He shares voice actors with Luminous, Black Mage, White Mage (MapleStory Black Mage Prologue "Origins"), Freud (Shade PV), Damien, Gelimer (Black Heaven in game) and Melange.
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