Edelstein is a town taken over by the Black Wings, set near the mines. Despite the new rule, citizens have secretly rebelled and formed the Resistance to counterattack the Black Wings. Players can come here via an airship from Victoria Tree Platform or from Orbis.


MapIcon Edelstein.png Edelstein
Map Edelstein.png
Continent Edelstein Area Edelstein
Street Black Wing Territory Return Map Edelstein
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? No Flying? No
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Recommended Force / Power None BGM
NPCs Monsters None
Reactors Fruit Trees with Acorns
Portals Edelstein Park, Secret Plaza, Edelstein City Hall, Mansion / Guarded Mansion, Edelstein Temporary Airport / Danger! Makeshift Airport, Edelstein Hair Salon / Shady Hair Salon, Surl's Water Cellar, Free Market Entrance, Ardentmill, Edelstein Strolling Path
Notes To enter Guarded Mansion, one must have the quest Albert's Daughter in progress.
To enter Danger! Makeshift Airport, one must have the quest Water Trade in progress.
To enter Shady Hair Salon, one must have the quest Eliminating the Rebels in progress.
To enter Surl's Water Cellar, one must have the quest Catching the Water Thief Monster in progress.


  • Continental Naming Difference:
    • GMS: Edelstein
    • KMS: 에델슈타인 (Edelstein, Edelsyutain)
    • JMS: エーデルシュタイン (Edelstein, Ēderushutain)
    • CMS: 埃德尔斯坦 (Edelstein, Āidé'ěrsītǎn)
    • TMS: 埃德爾斯坦 (Edelstein, Āidé'ěrsītǎn)
  • Edelstein is the Yiddish word for "gemstone".
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