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Skill Eased Terror Eased Terror

  • Class: Ark
  • Type: Passive
  • Level Requirement: 180
  • Maximum Level: 1
Reduces the cooldown of Creeping Terror.
Level Cooldown: -#coolTimeR%
1 Cooldown: -20%

Skill Eased Terror 기어다니는 공포-쿨타임 리듀스

  • Class: Ark
  • Type: Passive
  • Level Requirement: 180
  • Maximum Level: 1
기어 다니는 공포의 재사용 대기시간을 감소시킨다.
Level 데미지 #damR% 증가
1 데미지 60% 증가

Skill 0th Job Novice: Ark
ClassArtwork Ark
Skill 1st Job I: Ark
Skill 2nd Job II: Ark
Skill 3rd Job III: Ark
Skill 4th Job IV: Ark
Skill Hyper Hyper: Ark
V: Ark
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