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Dominator Pendant
Eqp Dominator Pendant
REQ Level 140
REQ Job Any
STR +20
DEX +20
INT +20
LUK +20
Max HP +10%
Max MP +10%
Weapon Attack +3
Magic Attack +3
Defense +100
Number of Upgrades 5
Tradeability Can be traded with Platinum Scissors of Karma
Ambition EXP (when first equipped) +120
Willpower EXP (when first equipped) +120
Charm EXP (when first equipped) +120
Dropped by Arkarium [Normal Mode]
Crafted via Dominator Pendant Recipe
Sold for 1 meso
Equipment Set Boss Accessory Set
  • Only one of this equipment may be equipped at a time.
  • This equipment is a Boss Reward, granting it additional Bonus Stats compared to normal equipment.


Dominator Pendant Recipe
Use Accessory Crafting Recipe
Description A recipe for a Dominator Pendant.
Required Profession Accessory Crafting
Recommended Profession Level 10
Recipe Required? Yes
Recipe Limitations Can craft once per recipe
Fatigue Cost 5
Crafting result Dominator Pendant x 1
Crafting EXP At Recommended Profession Level: 3,700
Max per slot 100
Sold for 1 meso(s)
Dropped by
Notes None
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