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Demon Avenger is a branch of the Demon class. Upon completing the tutorial at Level 10, a Demon can choose the path of revenge to become a Demon Avenger.

Class Specifics

The Demon Slayer job branch specializes in a Desperado. The Demon Avenger uses only HP for his skills and his overall damage inflicted on enemies depends on it. Unlike other warrior classes, Avenger has no use for Strength or Dexterity; auto-assign stats are added to HP, but thanks to Blood Pact, Avenger can ignore the stat requirements (but not level requirements) of equipment. Avenger also has no MP nor DF, saving mesos since Mana potions do not have to be bought. However, Demon Avenger is extremely reliant on HP to use all of his abilities, even more so than Dark Knight, but this is countered with various skills.

His Exceed ability greatly enhances the overall damage and attack speed of "Exceed" skills, but each stack reduces the effectiveness of Life Sap. Twenty stacks of Exceed can be converted to Overload Release, allowing the Demon Avenger to heal completely and gain a damage boost, while cancelling out the current Exceed skill buff. Additionally, repeated uses of an Exceed skill increases its speed and at five stacks the skill gains additional effects.

Job Advancements

1st Job Advancement

Starting as a Demon, the player will receive their first job advancement immediately after completing the tutorial.

2nd Job Advancement

At Level 30, the player will receive a lightbulb on the side from Elex, who will send the player back to a secret portal in Edelstein Park 3. Defeat the Strange Monster, who is revealed to be Mastema's cat form. Talk to her, then meet her back at the Resistance Base to receive the 2nd Job Advancement.

3rd Job Advancement

At Level 60, the player will receive a lightbulb on the side from Mastema. Meet her once again at the secret area in Edelstein Park 3. Defeat her dimensional copy and talk to her again to receive the 3rd Job Advancement.

4th Job Advancement

At Level 100, the player will receive a lightbulb on the side from Mastema. Decline (instead of accepting) Mastema's quest to be warped to the Demon's childhood home to fight the Demon's Inner Rage, and then be warped back to the Resistance base. Talk to Mastema again to advance.

5th Job Advancement

For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page.



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