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The Demon is part of the Resistance, and is a Warrior-type class. It is divided into two different job branches: Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger (which he can choose between at the end of his tutorial). He was formerly one of the Black Mage's Commanders, until the Black Mage betrayed him and destroyed his home. The Demon, realizing that his family was likely dead, attacked the Black Mage but was overwhelmed and sealed in an egg for several centuries. However, he was able to crush the Black Mage's defenses, allowing Freud and Mercedes to weaken him further. In the present day, he was picked up by the Resistance and agreed to join them in order to enact revenge on the Black Mage.

Demon Slayer can choose to wield a One-Handed Blunt Weapon or a One-Handed Axe, and uses Demon Fury (DF) as a substitute for Mana Points (MP), continuously replenishing and consuming it while attacking. Demon Avenger wields a Desperado and relies heavily on Health Points (HP) for damage and skills. He uses Exceed-type attacks, which become stronger as he continuously uses them at the cost of additional HP consumption. Both Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger use a special shield named the Demon Aegis, which grows alongside the Demon.


Early Life

Arkarium sets Demon's house ablaze in southern Minar Forest

Demon and his brother Damien were born to a demon father and a human mother in Tynerum, a land of demons. In Tynerum, the land was under the rule of Absolute Power. Since Demon and Damien were half-human, they were humiliated and constantly discriminated against. At one point, Demon's devil powers awakened in order to protect Damien from bullies, and Demon vowed to protect Damien no matter what. Realizing that Tynerum was no longer safe, the Demon took his mother and Damien to Maple World, where they settled in southern Leafre. Over the years, Damien grew to idolize his brother and wished to become as strong as him. Some time after moving to Leafre, the Demon learned that Damien wanted to see the snow, and so he took his family to El Nath, where he bought Damien a red scarf, which the young boy excitedly decided to wear for the rest of his life.

Serving Under the Black Mage

The Demon would become a servant of the Black Mage in exchange for protection and immunity for Damien and his mother, setting up a home in southern Minar Forest. While in the Valley of the Dragons, he met and rescued another demon named Mastema from dying to a horde of dragons. In exchange, Mastema pledged her eternal loyalty to the Demon. Over the years, the Demon became the Black Mage's most reliable commander, causing mayhem and destruction throughout Maple World. In the last days of the war, the Black Mage and his Commanders prepared to siege to the Temple of Time. During the battle, the Demon confronted a wounded Temple Keeper and told her that she was the last one left. Claiming that the Black Mage would seal her Goddess away, he asked her to surrender rather than throw her life away in vain. The Temple Keeper refused and foretold that the Demon would soon find himself in the same situation as her, to have his loved ones killed just as a means for someone else to fulfill their goals. Undeterred by her words, the Demon struck her down before proceeding to confront Rhinne. Arkarium then completed his betrayal of the Goddess by blinding her, while the Demon stunned her in place, allowing the Black Mage to steal her Transcendent powers. He then used the power of time to seal both Rhinne and her child into a different dimension.

Despite Arkarium's contributions to the fight, the Black Mage deliberately gave full credit to the Demon for securing the Temple of Time, causing Arkarium to seethe with jealousy. While the Demon rested after the battle, the Black Mage ordered the other Commanders to destroy the rest of Ossyria. Arkarium went to the southern region of Leafre, where he attacked the Demon's family and killed his mother. This caused Damien's latent demon powers to awaken, resulting in the destruction of their home. Impressed by his power, Arkarium convinced Damien to join him by claiming that it was Damien's awakening that had resulted in his mother's fatal wounds. He presented an illusion of Damien's mother preserved in time and explained that only a Transcendent had the power to revive the dead. However, he also said that the Black Mage would have full control over the new Transcendent of Time after Rhinne and suggested that they could turn back time to revive his mother, but only if Damien swore his loyalty to the Black Mage. With Damien as his underling, Arkarium hoped to use him as insurance against the Demon.

Betrayal and Revenge

Locket found at Demon's house

During a meeting with Arkarium, Von Leon, and Orchid, Arkarium mentioned the Black Mage commanding the destruction of southern Minar Forest. The Demon rushed to his home, only to discover that it was in flames. Furious that the Black Mage had broken his promise to leave his family alone, the Demon stormed into the Temple of Time. After running into Mastema, he ordered her to deliver a letter to the Heroes that outlined his betrayal, as well as logistics of the troop deployment in the Temple of Time.

The Demon then headed to the Black Mage's throne room, but was stopped by Arkarium outside the door. When Arkarium refused to step aside, the Demon began fighting against him. Before they could unleash their full power, the Black Mage opened the doors to allow the Demon entry, after which Arkarium left to go hunt down the Heroes. The Demon engaged in a fierce battle with the Black Mage and managed to destroy his protective barrier, but he was ultimately no match for his former master.

Main Story

Joining the Resistance

In order to survive, the Demon sealed himself inside a protective egg, in which he hibernated for centuries. Eventually, this egg was discovered by the Black Wings, who brought it back to Edelstein. Realizing that the egg contained an enormous amount of power, they took it back to the Verne Mine and hooked it up to a special Energy Conducting Device in order to power Gelimer's experiments. As the device began to drain his energy, the Demon awoke from his hibernation and quickly broke out of the egg, using the last of his strength to defeat the Black Wings henchmen operating the device. In the shadows, J watched in amazement at the Demon's tremendous powers. As the Demon fell unconscious, J took him back to the Secret Plaza.

The Demon awoke in the infirmary room and realized that all his power had been drained away. He overheard J telling the Resistance leaders about his discovery of the Energy Conducting Device, which he described as being similar to the one in the Power Plant, except that it had been connected to the egg. He explained that the Demon was extremely powerful, and that he wouldn't have brought him back to HQ if the Demon hadn't used the last of his strength. Elex wondered whether the Demon was one of Gelimer's test subjects, which would make him a victim of the Black Wings, just like Vita. J went to check on the Demon and, after seeing that he was awake, brought him to see the others. The Resistance leaders began questioning him about his organization, background, and the wings on his back. The Demon explained that he was a former Commander of the Black Mage, and that he had been born with his wings, as his father was a pure-blood demon. Claudine was shocked and asked how he could be a former Commander when the Black Mage had been sealed for hundreds of years. This, in turn, shocked the Demon, who realized that the Heroes had likely succeeded in defeating his former master. Claudine asked the Demon why he had betrayed the Black Mage, but the Demon merely told her that it was a personal matter. He then asked Claudine who the Resistance and the Black Wings were, to which she explained that the Resistance was an organization formed to drive the Black Wings, a group trying to revive the Black Mage, out of Edelstein. The Demon was pleased to know that the Black Mage may yet return, as it meant that he could finally get his revenge. Just then, Headmaster Ferdi appeared and asked him to join the Resistance, as they both had a common enemy. After considering it, the Demon decided to accept their offer and thanked them for rescuing him.

Fury or Vengeance

Back in the infirmary, the Demon began wondering about whether he felt comfortable using the same power that he once used to serve the Black Mage, or whether he should view his power drainage as an opportunity to cultivate a new power.

Helping the Resistance

Having awakened his demon power, he returned to Claudine, who recommended that he enroll in Headmaster Ferdi's training program in order to get stronger. After passing the training courses, Claudine told him that a Black Wings spy had infiltrated the Secret Plaza. With everyone on high-alert, the Demon decided to find the spy himself. The spy was surprised that the Demon had found him, as he had been using the power of darkness to cloak himself. The Demon explained that his demon bloodline allowed him to see through such tricks and proceeded to easily dispatch him, much to Claudine's impressment.

The Demon continued training in Edelstein, but soon after, Checky told him that two children had gone missing, and that he was worried that they had ended up in the Serpent Path. Sure enough, the Demon found the two children cowering in fear of the serpents there. He proceeded to fight off the serpents, allowing the children to run home safely.

He then realized that he was in need of new armor and went to ask Surl about obtaining some. Surl began complaining that people nowadays didn't understand the value of saving, explaining that many people threw away Black Plastic Bags without even realizing how many useful things were inside. In exchange for bringing him some of those plastic bags, he agreed to give him a decent price on some armor. After he collected the bags, Surl used the materials inside them to craft new gloves for the Demon.

Soon after, Claudine told him that there were too many Streetlight monsters around Edelstein, which made it difficult for the Resistance to conduct their operations at night. As the Demon began heading to Streetlight Row, he encountered Council President Anthony, who also told him that there were too many Streetlights, and that the city needed to cut down on power consumption. Anthony ordered him to eliminate the Streetlights and bring back their light bulbs directly to him. The Demon realized that Anthony was planning to turn a profit with them, but nevertheless, he eliminated the Streetlights and gave the bulbs to Anthony, who bought his silence by giving him a single bulb.

Second Job Advancement

As the Demon continued his training, Elex reached out to him and asked if he would investigate a strange monster scaring the people in the town. In Edelstein Park, the Demon encountered a purple cat, which immediately began attacking him. While fighting, the cat sensed something familiar and unexpectedly began speaking, calling the Demon ‘Commander'. She introduced herself as his servant, Mastema, which made him immediately stop fighting. Mastema explained that she had managed to deliver his letter to the Heroes all those centuries ago, but that Arkarium had soon arrived and attacked her. In order to survive, she transformed herself into a cat and spent centuries searching for the Demon. Overjoyed to be reunited with her master, Mastema asked if he remembered the day they had first met, when he had saved her in the Valley of the Dragons. The Demon told her that he remembered and realized that since it had just been the two of them there at the time, it was proof that she really was Mastema. He then told her what had happened during his battle with the Black Mage, and how he had encased himself into an egg in order to recover. Mastema filled him in on how, after his fight with the Black Mage, the Heroes managed to defeat the Commanders at the Temple of Time and sealed the Black Mage away. Though she didn't know the fate of the other Commanders, she believed that they were likely plotting to revive the Black Mage. She also added that the Heroes had disappeared after sealing the Black Mage, but that there were rumors of their return spreading throughout Maple World.

The Demon then decided to take her back with him to the Secret Plaza under the cover story that she was his pet. After returning, Mastema told him that since he needed more power, she could form a contract with him in order to bestow her demon powers onto him. Though the Demon was hesitant, Mastema assured him that the power transfer wouldn't turn him into a cat, adding that it would also allow them to speak telepathically. Once the Demon accepted the contract, Mastema's power flooded into him, thus awakening more of his lost power.

The Robed Ones

The Demon then left the Secret Plaza and began walking around Edelstein. After sensing that he was being watched, he made his way to the outskirts of town, where two robed men appeared. The older man told the younger one that it was a bad idea to reveal themselves, but the younger man ordered him to be silent. He then told the Demon that it had been a long time since they had last seen each other, and that he had only wanted to stop by in order to say that it was good to see him again. After the pair left, the Demon felt that the younger man's voice seemed familiar, but he was puzzled by the dark energy that he exuded. Mastema telepathically spoke to him through their bond and asked whether she ought to follow them. The Demon told her not to, as it was too dangerous, and so she decided to instead investigate their identities.

Meeting Alcaster

Soon after the Demon ventured aboard to continue his training, Mastema told him that she had heard rumors of an old man named Alcaster in El Nath, and that he had been alive for centuries. She suggested that he visit Alcaster, as anyone who had lived for so long would likely have valuable information. The Demon arrived in El Nath and approached Alcaster, who refused to speak with him, as he felt great darkness within the Demon and believed him to be a servant of the Black Mage. Mastema then contacted him and asked what he had learned from Alcaster, but the Demon told her how he had refused to speak with him after sensing his Demon Fury. Mastema suggested that he help Alcaster in order to prove that he wasn't evil and told him to listen for an opportunity. The Demon overheard Alcaster speaking to himself, saying that he needed Stirge Wings for his research, but that he couldn't go to Kerning City himself.

Seizing the opportunity, the Demon collected the Stirge Wings and brought them back to Alcaster, promising him that he was no longer in league with the Black Mage. Though Alcaster was dubious, he nevertheless accepted the Demon's gift and agreed to hear him out. The Demon asked him about the other Commanders and the Black Wings, to which Alcaster explained that he only had secondhand information about the old war from his master, who had personally lived through it. His master had told him that only Von Leon knew the full story of what had happened at the Temple of Time, as well as the fate of the Black Mage, but added that the Lion King had been hidden for some time. Though he didn't know what had happened to the other Commanders, he believed that they remained hidden while building their forces. He also believed that the Black Wings had been founded by one of the Commanders, explaining that they were too focused and organized to be a random cult that worshipped the Black Mage. He then asked the Demon why he had asked such questions, as he would have thought that a former Commander would know more about the Black Mage's followers than him. Regardless, he told the Demon to take care if he intended to battle those dark forces.

Meeting Mercedes

After getting his answers, the Demon continued his training and soon made his way to the Six Path Crossway, where he ran into Mercedes. She immediately recognized him as a Commander, but she also sensed that he seemed different, as though he were aware of his past misdeeds. She told him that, thanks to the letter he sent, the Heroes had been able to formulate their strategy based on the troop deployment information he had given them, which was the key to their victory. She also mentioned that Arkarium had appeared and attacked Mastema and the other Heroes before fleeing. With the information from his letter, the Heroes were able to take the most direct route to the Black Mage's throne room, where they found the Demon lying unconscious. However, because of his attack, the Black Mage's protective magic had been damaged, which was instrumental in allowing them to seal him away. The Demon was thankful that his actions had been meaningful, but Mercedes pointed out that there was much evil he had yet to atone for, doubting that his crimes could ever be forgiven. The Demon replied that he had no intention of seeking forgiveness. Because he had already lost everything that mattered to him, vengeance was the only thing left to him. Mercedes asked what his intensions were, to which the Demon told her that he would end the Black Mage himself and right all of his wrongs. Mercedes told him that his strength would be needed once the Black Mage returned, and that she was glad that they were on the same side. She also pointed out how strange it was that, having been once sworn enemies, they were now able to have a simple conversation. Though she couldn't forgive him, she explained that she no longer hated him, and hoped that the Great Spirit would watch over him until they met again to face the Black Mage.

Third Job Advancement

Some time later, Mastema told him that she had found a way to help him regain more of his old power and asked him to come to Edelstein Park, as they needed privacy for the training she had in mind. When the Demon arrived, Mastema explained that she had created a temporary copy of her past self, and though it wasn't as strong, she believed that sparring with it would help the Demon in his training. She then sent him into an alternate dimension, where he fought and defeated the copy of Mastema. Upon returning back to the real world, Mastema asked whether her copy had told him anything strange, which the Demon denied. However, he told her that he had been able to regain more of his old power, which Mastema was glad to hear.

Helping Mastema

Some time later, Mastema reached out to the Demon again and excitedly told him that she had found a way to change herself back to her demon form and asked him to collect Cellion, Lioner, and Grupin tails, which could restore one's true form if braided together. Though the Demon believed that it was merely a tall tale, he nevertheless brought them for her. Mastema then braided the tails together and placed the braid under her pillow, claiming that she would return back to normal the next day. However, just as the Demon suspected, the rumor was merely a superstition and Mastema remained a cat.

Demons in Orbis

The Demon then continued his training until, soon after, Mercedes reached out to him and demanded to know what he was planning. The Demon told her that he had no idea what she was talking about, and so Mercedes explained that a suspicious group of men had been signed in Orbis, and that one of them looked exactly like him. The Demon wondered whether they were the same men who had been tailing him in Edelstein and told Mercedes that he would look into it. She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and told him to speak with Lisa, who was the one who had seen the group. She also warned the Demon that she would make him pay if he were truly planning something sinister. In Orbis, the Demon met Lisa, who told him that she hadn't personally witnessed them, but rather, she had heard the rumor from Spiruna.Lisa warned that Spiruna hated strangers and suggested that he do something for her so that she would be more inclined to humor him. She suggested that the Demon bring Starpieces from the Star Pixies, whose growing population had been irritating Spiruna. Sure enough, Spiruna was annoyed to see the Demon, though she was placated when he gave her the Starpieces. He asked where the men she had seen were headed, but Spiruna told him that he needed to do more in exchange for that information.

After he hunted Lunar Pixies and Luster Pixies, Spiruna was satisfied and used her magic to teleport him to their location. There, he witnessed the same robed men putting Eliza, the Goddess' pet, under a curse. The Demon quickly realized that the men were also demons. As soon as they spotted him, one of the demons decided that they needed to eliminate the him, as he had seen too much. However, the younger demon from before, who seemed to be in charge, told him that he would handle the situation. He ordered them to disperse and finish their missions, but the Demon moved to attack, vowing that he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. However, the young demon simply told him that they would meet again someday before disappearing, leaving the Charmed Eliza to fight him. After defeating Eliza, she thanked him for lifting the curse before fading away. The Demon was surprised that there were still other demons in Maple World, as he believed that they had all vanished after the Black Mage had been sealed away, and resolved to investigate their return.

Birth of an Alliance

Claudine called the Demon and informed him of the Continental Conference, which she asked him to attend as a member of the Resistance. After receiving unanimous confirmations, the First Continental Conference took place and the Maple Alliance was officially created.

Investigating the Verne Mine

Having grown much stronger, the Demon decided that it was time for him to start his investigation on who was commanding the Black Wings. He first infiltrated the Verne Mine and destroyed the Guard Robots in order to thin their numbers. Moving deeper into the mine, he defeated the Guard Robot L's and created a hole in their monitoring of the laboratory. However, even after searching the laboratory and the Power Plant, he was unable to find any clues about the leader of the Black Wings. Just then, he felt a dark energy coming from Eleanor the Black Witch's room. Before investigating it, however, he decided to first search the rooms of the other officers. He began investigating Francis' room and decided to read his diary. As he opened it, overpowering magic emanated from its pages, surprising him that the Black Wings had such extraordinarily powered members. Flipping through the pages, he read through Francis' lovesick musings on Orchid and even found a photo of her that Francis had discreetly taken. The Demon realized that Orchid was leading the Black Wings, but wondered why Lotus wasn't in the photo, as the two were normally inseparable.

The Forbidden Book of Alchemy

Some time later, Mastema told the Demon about a new lead she had discovered, explaining that there was a secret book on Dark Alchemy in Magatia. She told him that she had visited Magatia many years ago, where she had heard rumors about their hidden alchemy techniques that supposedly allowed them to draw on darkness itself. She explained that there were two alchemical societies in Magatia, the Zenumists and the Alcadno, and suggested that he start by questioning the Zenumist President, Carson. She also told him that she had found another way to restore her true form through alchemy and asked him to bring her Purple Liquid while he was in Magatia, which would allow her create a potion that could transform her into what she most desired. In Magatia, the Demon asked Carson about Dark Alchemy, who was shocked that he knew of its existence, as all information on the subject was a closely guarded secret. He asked the Demon to reveal his identity, to which the Demon merely replied that he hunted and destroyed dark artifacts of the Black Mage. Carson told him that he did know about Dark Alchemy, but explained that someone had just stolen his Forbidden Book of Alchemy. He noted that the Demon was different from the ones who had stolen the book and, wondering why everyone seemed to be looking for it so suddenly, asked how the Demon had heard about it, to which the Demon explained that, as a hunter of relics connected with the Black Mage, he followed the rumors of Dark Alchemy to Magatia. When he asked what the thieves had done, Carson told him that he wasn't sure who the thieves were, but that their magic had been strong enough to stun him, open the safe, and escape. However, he explained that the Zenumists only had half of the book, while the Alcadno held the other half in order to keep the secret safe. He was worried that if the thieves stole the other half of the book, they would gain access to Dark Alchemy, and so he asked the Demon to stop them.

The Demon rushed to the Alcadno headquarters, only to find a magician hypnotizing Maed, the Alcadno President, into giving him the other book. The Demon rushed to attack the magician, who was overwhelmed by the Demon's strength. Though he managed to get away, the Demon noted that he had been injured, and so he couldn't have gotten far. Carson then arrived and asked Maed what had happened. Maed told Carson that he had been hypnotized into giving the other half of the book to the thief. The Demon asked what was written in the Forbidden Book of Alchemy, claiming that he might be able to help. Maed told the Demon that the Forbidden Book of Alchemy contained the most powerful secrets of Magatia's founder. Those who came after the founder had been told to keep its contents secret at all costs, and so they had split the book into two. Maed explained that Dark Alchemy wasn't used for attacking or defending, but rather for making or destroying magical substances, adding that it had the power to alter the very flow of Maple World's magic and begged the Demon to recover the book.

Maed gave the Demon a Magic Tracking Compass that would allow him to track the magician's whereabouts. According to the compass, the magician was heading west of Magatia, where he would likely escape if he made it to Ariant. The Demon rushed after the magician and caught up to him in the Desert of Red Sand. Hiding behind a tree, he watched the magician regroup with two others, one of whom appeared to be their leader. The leader immediately sensed the Demon's presence and told the magician that he had been followed. As the Demon prepared himself for battle, the magician warned the leader that the Demon was powerful. Noticing that they had set up a portal, the Demon realized that they were planning to make their escape through it. He threatened them to return the book, but the magicians refused and told him that they couldn't afford to fail their mission and risk Arkarium's wrath. This intrigued the Demon, who asked them what Arkarium wanted with the book. Once again, they refused to tell him, though they did mention that the book originally belonged to the Black Mage. One of the magicians then grew careless and boasted that they would use Dark Alchemy to destroy all the Seal Stones and revive the Black Mage.

Having heard all that he needed, the Demon easily dispatched the three magicians and recovered the book. He then returned to Magatia and gave the book to Maed, explaining that the thieves were servants of the Black Mage, and that they would likely return. Maed told him that he and Carson had come to an agreement to destroy the book, as it was too dangerous to lose and too difficult to keep safe, which the Demon agreed was the wisest choice. Still, Maed wondered what the true purpose of Dark Alchemy was and why the founder had left them with such a powerful and dangerous tome. On his way back from Magatia, the Demon picked up some Purple Liquid from a Rurumo for Mastema and returned to Edelstein. With the Purple Liquid, she created a potion that would allow her to turn into what she most desired, but after drinking it, Mastema transformed into the Demon from when he was a Commander. Fortunately for her, the effects of the potion quickly wore off quickly, though the Demon was nevertheless amused.

Demons in Ludibrium

Mastema contacted the Demon with a lead on the demons he had met at Orbis, explaining that Roly-Poly 10 had sighted people who looked just like the robed demons in Ludibrium. When the Demon arrived, Roly-Poly 10 immediately began yelling at him and demanded to know what he had done to the King Block Golems. The Demon asked what Roly-Poly meant, to which he explained that he had sighted the Demon putting a strange device on the King Block Golems. The Demon assured him that he wasn't the one responsible for what had happened, and that he was actually trying to find the culprit. Roly-Poly still didn't believe him and told him to prove that he wasn't the one responsible by removing the MR Receivers placed on the Golems. After the Demon collected the receivers, Roly-Poly decided to trust him and explained that he had asked the Demon to bring the receivers so that he could figure out the assailants' location. After learning that they were in the Toy Factory, he asked the Demon to stop them. The Demon arrived at the factory and found two demons talking. The robed demon was wondering if it was wise to have carried out their plan in Ludibrium, as they had been ordered not to waste their time with toys. The unrobed one told his comrade to think and asked if he wanted the new Commander to worry about petty details, added that they would be rewarded for their actions. Just then, the Demon revealed himself and demanded to know if they served the Black Mage. The unrobed demon was shocked to see the Demon and asked how he had found them, to which the robed demon snapped at his comrade about how he had already warned once before about the dangers of leaving the Demon alive. The unrobed demon told his comrade to shut up, and that the Commander didn't need to know about it. Hearing about the new Commander intrigued the Demon, much to the unrobed demon's embarrassment, as he was supposed to keep it a secret.

He decided to eliminate the Demon right then and told his comrade to go on without him. Despite the Commander's orders, he decided that he would deal with the Demon. However, the Demon defeated the unrobed demon, forcing him to retreat. The Demon wondered who the new Commander was and resolved to stop them, as he didn't want anyone else to suffer as he had. He wondered if there was anyone he knew that had the qualifications to become a Commander, but since he had been asleep for centuries, he realized that there was no one he knew that was alive, and so he decided to ask Mastema. Mastema was surprised that there was a new Commander leading the demons, as she had thought that the demons had left Maple World after the Black Mage had been sealed away. With no leads, the Demon decided that he would have to investigate himself.

Fourth Job Advancement

Soon after, Mastema reached out to the Demon and asked how his training was going, to which he replied that he had hit a wall and asked if they could repeat the sparring session he had with her clone. Mastema told him that she doubted that sparring with her would help and instead suggested that he try sparring with himself.

Demon Slayer

She explained that, though the Temple of Time was normally the only place where one could tinker with time, she had heard news that something was wrong with time in Ludibrium and suggested that they go to the Path of Time at the Clocktower Bottom Floor. There, Mastema stabilized a crack in time, as her cat form allowed her to move between dimensions, and explained that he could use the crack in order to fight his past self. She also assured him that she had arranged it so that his actions in the past wouldn't affect the future. The Demon then entered the Crack in Time and fought his past self in the Temple of Time. As their battle progressed, his past self soon resorted to using his most powerful skills. Nevertheless, the Demon was able to successfully defeat his past self and returned to Mastema. He told her that fighting with his past self had allowed him to remember many of the skills he had forgotten, and so the training had been a success.

Demon Avenger

Mastema suggested that he fight his inner rage and used her power to send him inside himself, similar to meditation. However, she warned him that the damage he sustained there would transfer to his real body. The Demon was then sent to the memory of his ruined home, where he defeated his inner rage and achieved new power.

The Trap

Some time later, the Demon received a strange letter written in an archaic style. The author wrote that they knew that the Demon was looking for information about the Black Mage's newest Commander and told him that they could provide it if he came alone to the West Leafre Forest. The Demon realized that it was an obvious trap, but since it was also an opportunity to gather information about the enemy, he decided to go anyway. He entered the forest, where he called for the author of the letter to show themselves. A demon officer then appeared and claimed that the Demon was either brave or foolish for having come while knowing that it was a trap. The Demon replied that it was his chance to uncover information. The officer said aloud that he knew that leaving the Demon alone would become a problem for the Commander, to which the Demon asked who the Commander was and why demons like the officer were serving them. The officer replied that there was no point in telling him, as he wouldn't live much longer. However, the Demon managed to eliminate the officer after a quick duel.

The Lion King's Castle

The Demon then continued his training and soon decided that, having grown much stronger, it was a good chance for him to confront Von Leon and get the answers he wanted, as Alcaster had told him that only Von Leon knew the details of the final battle at the Temple of Time. He decided to use the secret passage from his days as a Commander, but after arriving at the Lion King's Castle, he noted that it was in terrible shape and wondered if Von Leon had blocked off the secret entrance. However, he was able to find the entrance and used it to enter the Audience Room. Von Leon recognized the Demon and asked what he wanted, calling the Demon ‘the betrayer'. The Demon scoffed his words, claiming that the Black Mage was the true betrayer for having killed his family. Von Leon told him that if that were true, then it was likely part of the Black Mage's grand plan, and that the Demon was too blinded by anger to see. The Demon replied that he was surprised that someone who had offered their soul to the Black Mage after losing their own family would say that, adding that the difference between them was that the Black Mage had already betrayed the Demon, and that the betrayal was yet to come for Von Leon. This angered Von Leon, who loudly asked what there was left for him to lose, as he had lost everything that he cared about. Seething with rage, he told the Demon that he had nothing more to say to him, as he had no interest in the disloyal. The Demon assured him that he would leave, but he first asked what had happened to the other Commanders. Von Leon merely told him to go to the Temple of Time and answer his own question there. He then ordered the Demon to leave and warned that if they met again, he wouldn't hesitate to strike him down. After the Demon left, Von Leon blocked the secret passageway.

Investigating the Temple of Time

With most of his power regained, the Demon decided to investigate the Temple of Time as Von Leon had mentioned. He was hopeful for some meaningful answers, as it was the Black Mage's old stronghold and the place where he had been sealed away. Mastema contacted him and asked that, while he was investigating the Temple of Time, she would be grateful if he could find an Hourglass of Time, which could revert appearances to those from one's past. He entered the Gate of the Past and continued onward until he encountered a hooded demon, who told him that he had been waiting, adding that he was honored that the Demon had come all the way just for him. The Demon asked the Commander who he was, to which he told the Demon that he would find out someday. He added that, for now, he had something to give to him. He passed on a locket, which the Demon recognized as his own locket with a photo of his mother and Damien. The Commander told him that he felt as though he ought to give it back and told him to be careful not to lose the locket or the memories. The Demon asked why he had it to begin with, but the Commander chose to ignore the question and instead promised him that they would see each other again before disappearing. Frustrated, the Demon decided to go back to Edelstein, but not before finding the Hourglass of Time. He gave the hourglass to Mastema, who used it to successfully revert back to her usual form. Mastema took that chance to confess her true feelings to the Demon, but reverted back to her cat form just as she said the words “I love-”. After transforming back into a cat, the Demon asked her to continue, but Mastema lost her nerve and instead told him that she loved fighting on the side of good. The Demon agreed and said that fighting the Black Mage gave him a new appreciation for Maple World, and that he believed that they were doing the right thing.

Final Quest

The Demon soon returned to full power and vowed to destroy the Black Mage, believing that it was his responsibility to ensure that no one would ever feel the pain he had experienced. As he felt his desire to protect and atone for his sins, new power flooded into him.

Black Heaven

The day before the operation, Mastema found the Demon at the ruins of his old family home in Leafre. She asked whether it was true that he was joining the battle, which the Demon confirmed, explaining that he needed to free himself of his mistakes. Mastema told him that she wished that she could help him if only she had her old body back, though the Demon told her not to worry about it, as it was his burden to bear. He believed that it was a good opportunity, as he would be able to save many lives on the front lines so that no one would have to suffer the loss that he did, even if it cost him his own life. Mastema cut in and told him not to say that, reminding him that she was like his family and asked him to come back safely. Taken aback, the Demon promised to return for her sake.

Heroes of Maple

Demon convincing Damien to return

In the second blockbuster, the Demon learned that the new Commander had other demon soldiers in his old home of southern Minar Forest. He defeated the members of the Demon Army when they invaded his home. Determined to expose the identity of the Commander who was covered with a hood, he was surprised that the Commander's true identity was his brother, Damien, and that he was still alive. After the truth of the death of their mother was revealed, the Demon tried to convince Damien to let go of the power he had. However, he was struck down by his own brother, watching his brother's departure in sorrow.

Demon carries Damien away

The Demon later heard of Damien's act of engulfing the World Tree. He headed to the Fallen World Tree and saved the Heroes from several corrupted monsters. He explained the situation to the Heroes and went on ahead to deal with Damien, deciding to take responsibility to himself. Encountering Damien again, he expressed his feelings and thoughts wholeheartedly to Damien, asking him again to let go of the power of the Black Mage. However, Damien struck him down again with the newly acquired power from the Transcendence Stone. When Damien was stopped and Evan survives the darkness of the Spirit of Vengeance residing in Damien's sword, Demon stepped in to destroy the spirit. However, the Spirit of Vengeance revealed that destroying it would also kill Damien. Damien willingly decided to end his life and Demon reluctantly struck his brother down. With a heavy heart, the Demon carried his brother's lifeless body away from the World Tree and buried him at their family's ruined home.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Damien for the Demon.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to the Demon is "Resilient Soul".


In southern Leafre, the Demon returned to his ruined family home with Mastema and felt many awful memories resurface. He went to Damien's grave, where he recalled how a young Damien had once asked him if they could live a quiet life away from the war and all their troubles. At the time, he had believed that it was just a naive child's wish, but he realized now that Damien had it right all along and told the gravestone that they should have lived away from it all, though he realized it far too late. Though he had finally avenged Damien by helping defeat the Black Mage, he still couldn't feel at peace because it still didn't change the fact that nothing he ever did could bring Damien back, and that, without him, he had no reason to keep fighting. Mastema then interrupted and told him that he did have a reason to keep fighting, telling the Demon that he should live for himself and for her. Reminding him that the world needed him, she urged him to fight for what he believed in on the side of good. The Demon wondered if he could really be happy fighting for what he believed in, to which Mastema told him that there was nothing holding him back anymore. The Demon realized that Mastema was right and realized that he wanted to put his time to good use.

Burning Cernium

The Demon was troubled to note that Havoc was a pure-blood demon.


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  • Demon is the first ex-commander of the Black Mage to join the Resistance.
  • His brother, Damien, is not dead. Instead, he became a Black Mage Commander.
  • Demon is the second class which allows players to choose their path from the beginning, the first being Luminous.
  • The addition of Demon Avenger added a storyline for both Demon classes.
  • Demon is the second class who is not a human, the first being Mercedes, and is preceded by Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Zero, Cadena, Illium, and Ark.
    • However, unlike these other classes, Demon is half-human.
  • Mastema's gender is the opposite of Demon's gender; if Demon is male, Mastema is female, and vice versa.
  • Demon breaking free from an egg when he is discovered by the Black Wings is loosely related to Hermann Hesse's 1919 novel Demian. It is coincidentally tied back to the god Abraxas's symbol of a bird breaking free from an egg, while Damien (데미안, Demian) and Abraxas coincidentally are both names used in that novel, where a major character is named Max Demian and Abraxas is referred to throughout the story.
  • In KMS, Won-hyeong Choi is in game Demon's voice actor.
  • In FriendStory, a Demon character's reaction to Damien in Chapter 6 is noticeably different than any other characters.
  • The sub-class of the Demon Avenger is the only class that doesn't depend on any of the four main stats, its main attribute being HP.
  • Arguably, the Demon was the strongest person after the Black Mage since he was able to destroy his defenses by himself, when the effort of the six Heroes combined wasn't enough to finish him off, forcing them to seal away the Black Mage (this is assuming that nobody was stronger than the six Heroes in Maple World).
  • The Demon has special dialogues in "Black Heaven" with Orchid (recognized by her as a Commander) and by Claudine as a member of the Resistance.
  • The Demon also has special dialogue in Labyrinth of Suffering, where Hilla mocks Demon by using her new powers to revive Damien under her control.
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