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Damien's Mother is the mother of the Demon and Damien, and is human.


At some point in her life, she would marry a demon male and give birth to 2 half-demon children. The older child was believed to have taken all of the demon strength from birth, leaving the younger child with weak demon powers.

One day, Arkarium and his servants raided her home, unlocking Damien's hidden demon powers, and inadvertently killing his mother out of blind rage.

Arkarium, seeing that the newly awakened demon can prove very useful to his master when blackmailed, pretends to seal his mother in time, promising her release with cooperation, and holding her life as collateral.

Later in Heroes of Maple, Damien finds out he had been double-crossed, seeing, what he thought was his mother, shatter into a thousand pieces in front of him. He reveals that he had also not been fully working for the Black Mage and had absorbed the World Tree's powers for himself. After his defeat, he and his brother share last memories of their past.

Her death is the catalyst of Damien's turn to the Black Mage's legion, and she is indirectly responsible for the events of Heroes of Maple.


Damien's Mother
NPC Damien's Mother
Location None


Damien's Mother has a significant presence in the webtoon Damien.

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