Meso are the in-game currency of MapleStory. Mesos are used in transactions between players and either NPCs or other players. Mesos are obtainable in a variety of ways.

Obtaining Mesos

Mesos can be obtained via

  • dropping from a monster
  • picking up from another player
  • receiving from another player via trade
  • quest rewards
  • selling items to NPCs


Mesos can be used in a variety of ways. These include:

  • buying or selling to NPCs
  • trading with other players
  • paying for a service from an NPC


Mesos will be displayed according to their value. These are:

Value Image
1 ≤ Meso ≤ 49 Meso0.png
50 ≤ Meso ≤ 99 Meso1.png
100 ≤ Meso ≤ 999 Meso2.png
1000 ≤ Meso ≤ 50000 Meso3.png

Other Forms of Currency

Certain areas with exclusive equipment use non-meso currency to buy various items. Many events include event-specific coins (e.g. Tempest Coin, R.E.D. Coin, Monster Park Commemorative Coin)

  • Commerci uses the Commerci Denaro as currency for most things, however mesos are used in some places too.
  • Superior gear is available from merchants in Helisseum for Magnus Coins and Shadow Magnus coins
  • Absolab equipment is available in Scrapyard for absolab coins, and in the Corrupted World Tree for Stigma coins
  • Tyrant gloves along with inverse gear is available for Kritias coins in the Kritias coin shop
  • Gollux rings and earrings are only available to purchase with Gollux coins