Coordinator's Touch: Star Force (KR:조율자의 손길: 스타포스 romaja: Joyuljaui Songil: Seutaposeu) is a MapleStory update following You & I which adds the Star Force Enhancement system, Starstruck locations, Star Planet and several in-game changes.

Part 1: Star Force

Star Force Enhancement System

  • The enhancement system is reorganised.
    • An alternative to Enhancement Scroll's is introduced, and the system uses mesos.
    • When enhancing an equipment, it may be upgraded by a star, remain at the same level, lose a level or destroyed.
    • If the equipment is destroyed, an Equipment Trace is provided and scroll and potential enhancements can be transferred to the same type of equipment.

Starstruck Areas

Maple Rewards System

  • A new system called the Maple Rewards System (Mileage System in MapleSEA) is introduced.
  • Players can now spend time in-game collecting Mileage and exchange them for items from the Mileage Shop in the Cash Shop.

Other Changes

  • Several jobs are reorganized.
  • The Evolution System and the Lion King's Castle are revamped.
  • New equipment sets for level 120 (Eclectic armors, Briser weapons), 130 (Muspell armors, Jaihin weapons), and 140(Pensalir armors, Utgard weapons) are added.
    • Zakum and Hilla will drop new level 110 and 120 weapons/armor respectively.
  • Other functions are improved, including the Maple Guide, the Blacklist, bosses and elite monsters.
  • SP Multi Windows is added to allow players to add in multiple skill points at once.
  • The SP distribution has been updated.
    • Players will now be able to max out their 4th job skills by level 140.
    • The amount of SP gained after 4th job have been updated in conjunction with the distribution changes.
      • Evan and Zero are excluded to the changes.
  • The level up animation has been updated to show the players if they have gained twice the SP or if they have unlocked a new Hyper Skills.

Part 2: Shining Star

  • A new cross world area, Star Planet is added.
  • Players can play a variety of mini-games such as Star Monsteropoly or Star Game of Yut to earn Star Points that improve their Star Grade.
  • Players can earn Star Points to become a Shining Star!
    • This is done so by becoming a Top 5 of any of the Star Planet game ranking leaderboards or if players are in the Top 100 of the Star Planet rankings.
  • Star Grade is used to attain certain benefits for the player while they are in the Star Planet.
    • Star Grade can be increased by earning Star Points from the mini-games.

Part 3: Black Heaven


  • Global Maplestory released only part 1 and 2 under the name "Shining Star". Black Heaven was released 2 patches after Shining Star (and came after Maplestory X Attack on Titan patch) as a seperate update.
  • GMS implemented significant changes in the Star Force system, related to the maximum amount of Star Force for each item. The differences are listed here:
KMS/GMS differences
Lv. 95 or lower: 5 stars (Superior equipment: 3) Lv. 95 or lower: 5 stars (Superior equipment: 3)
Lv. 95 ~ 109: 8 stars (Superior equipment: 5) Lv. 95 ~ 109: 8 stars (Superior equipment: 5)
Lv. 110 ~ 119: 10 stars (Superior equipment: 8) Lv. 110 ~ 119: 10 stars (Superior equipment: 8)
Lv. 120 ~ 129: 15 stars (Superior equipment: 10) Lv. 120 ~ 129: 12 stars (Superior equipment: 10)
Lv. 130 ~ 139: 20 stars (Superior equipment: 12) Lv. 130 ~ 139: 15 stars (Superior equipment: 12)
Lv. 140 and higher: 25 stars (Superior equipment: 15) Lv. 140 and higher: 15 stars (Superior equipment: 15)
  • Those changes were reverted during ARK: Monad patch to match KMS' max Star Force limits.



The Coordinator means former KMS Director, Sunyoung Hwang (황선영, Hwang Seon-yeong) (LinkedIn, Wikipedia (Korean), Namuwiki (Korean)) (2014 ~ 2015). Source

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