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Chronica is the Transcendent of Time of Grandis.

After Gerand Darmoor had risen to status of Transcendent of Life, he stormed Chronica's sanctuary and asked for cooperation in wiping out all of Grandis. Chronica refused so Darmoor stole their power. When Darmoor used Chronica's powers, spacetime was warped and resulted in the creation of Interdimensional Portals throughout Grandis, including one in the Great Temple Interior of Pantheon.

Chronica's situation is very similar to Maple World's Transcendent of Time, Rhinne. Both had their powers taken by a fellow Transcendent and used for malicious intent.

According to Fenelle, Chronica has been listed as both a male and female. This could be a translation error.

Chronica is said to be in a place called Chronica Sanctuary.

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