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Skill Chill Out Chill Out

  • Class: Pink Bean
  • Type: Active
  • Maximum Level: 1
When Pink Bean is tired from exploring Maple World, he has many cool ways to relax. This skill produces different effects depending on the action. Not affected by buff duration increase or buff removal.

Common for all methods: MP Cost: 40, Duration: 180 sec, Cooldown: 180 sec, Invincible after use for 5 sec, EXP obtained: +50%, Cannot be cast while hanging onto a rope or ladder.

Tongue Out: Max Enemies Hit: 15, Enemy DEF: -50%

Nom Nom Meat: Recovers 1% of your Max HP per sec

Zzz: ATT: +20%

Mysterious Cocktail: Abnormal Status Resistance: +80%

Pink Bean Headset: ATT: +10%, Abnormal Status Resistance: +40%

Pink Bean
Skill 1st Job : Pink Bean
Pink Bean intro

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