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Checky is a mascot in Edelstein who hands out balloons. At night, he is a member of the Resistance and he is responsible for training Mechanics. There is rumor and mystery as to what is under his suit, as he never takes it off, "even when he's sleeping!", and even at night when with the Resistance. When asked whats under the costume, he says "This bear costume is filled with hopes and dreams!". Ulrika is very curious as to see who is under the costume and devises a plan to put rattlesnakes in Checky's costume, but it turns out he wears another costume under that one. Often he just wishes people would stop wondering what's under the costume. He does get hot from wearing the costume though.

In Black Heaven, Checky uses parts salvaged from destroyed Black Wing robots to build personal aircrafts for the initial covert assault on the giant airship, only for the attempt to fail when his, Belle, and Brighton's crafts are shot down; all three are presumed dead, but reappears alive at the end of Act 5, having been rescued by Irvin.


NPC Checky
Function Mascot
Quests involved
Location Edelstein

Secret Plaza

NPC Checky (2)
Function Mechanic Instructor
Quests involved
Location Secret Plaza

Verne Mine (Resistance Job Advancement Quest)

NPC Checky 3
Quests involved
Location Booby Trap! Laboratory Jail

Conference Room of the Alliance

NPC Checky (4)
Location Conference Room of the Alliance


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