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For the personality trait, see Traits System#Charm.

Charms are the exclusive secondary weapons of Night Lord, used in conjunction with Claws. Most of these can be purchased from Neville in towns, while certain Charms are obtained from Events or Princess No.

Picture and Name Requirements Effects
Eqp All Souls Charm
All Souls Charm
Level 30 LUK: +4
DEX: +4
Weapon Attack: +1
Eqp Evil Ender Charm
Evil Ender Charm
Level 60 LUK: +6
DEX: +6
Weapon Attack: +2
Eqp Death Sender Charm
Death Sender Charm
Level 100 LUK: +10
DEX: +10
Weapon Attack: +3
Eqp Death Sender Charm
Death Sender Charm
Level 100 LUK: +10
DEX: +10
Weapon Attack: +5
Eqp Onyx Maple Death Sender Charm
Onyx Maple Death Sender Charm
Level 100 LUK: +8
DEX: +8
Weapon Attack: +5
Eqp Maple Treasure Death Sender Charm
Maple Treasure Death Sender Charm
Level 110 DEX: +9
LUK: +9
Weapon Attack: +6
Eqp Princess No's Charm
Princess No's Charm
Level 140 LUK: +14
DEX: +14
Weapon Attack: +9
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