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World Tour offers access to a number of cultural areas. Various versions of MapleStory have created explorable worlds based on that version's culture. JapanMS was the first to introduce World Tour with Zipangu. However, Japan did not have the intention to implement it in World Tour. Although they have Spinel, they continued to use Perry, the Pelican Taxi, in Kerning City to transport Maplers to Zipangu, and even implemented it in the map of Maple World.

World Tour
File:Jipangu icon.pngMushroom Shrine File:Shouwa icon.pngShowa File:Jipangu icon.pngNinja Castle File:JP Kabukicho icon.pngTokyo
File:Tokyo icon.pngTokyo (Future) File:Momijigaoka icon.pngMomijigaoka
File:ShangHaiCN icon.pngShanghai Wai-Tan File:YuYuanCN icon.pngYuyuan Garden File:Shaolin songshan icon.pngMount Song Town File:Shaolinsi icon.pngGrand Hall of the Great Sage
File:SeoMoonJungTW icon.pngXimending File:NightMarketTW icon.pngNight Market
File:Thai icon.pngFloating Market
File:NLC icon.pngNew Leaf City File:Halloween icon.pngHaunted House File:Crimsonwood icon.pngCrimsonwood Keep Alien Base
File:NLC icon.png2022 NLC
South East Asia
File:Singapore icon.pngCBD File:Singapore icon.pngBoat Quay Town File:KualaLumpur icon.pngTrend Zone Metropolis File:Kampung icon.pngKampung Village
File:NLC icon.pngEnchanted Forest
File:Veracent icon.pngVeracent File:Veracent icon.pngVampire Castle


  1. TaiwanMS is currently the only version with at least one town in every World Tour area except Veracent.
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World Tour

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