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After the events of Esfera, The Black Mage is using the power of creation and destruction to fullfill his desire to create a new world, Tenebris. Located at the end of the Arcane River, The Black Sun Tenebris is where the Black Mage awaits to challenge the Alliance, and the Alliance must wage war against his plans of world domination.

This area consists of 3 sub-areas:

  • Moonbridge - The path to the Black Sun, featuring dangerous obstacles and the Eye of the Void at the end. Requires players to be Level 245+ and have completed the Esfera questline.
  • Labyrinth of Suffering - A giant Labyrinth on the surface of Tenebris, where Hilla is orchestrating her evil plans. Requires players to be Level 250+ and have completed the Moonbridge questline.
  • Limina - The end of the world, born from the powers of creation, where the Black Mage is preparing his Genesis Ritual, which will destroy our worlds and create a new one in his image. Requires players to be Level 255+ and have completed the Labyrinth of Suffering questline.

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