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Spirit Savior is a party quest located near Arcana in the Arcane River area, that can only be attempted alone.

The Rock Spirits of Arcana have been kidnapped by evil spirits! One of them has escaped, and asks for your help to rescue the other Rock Spirits. Note that Boss Damage will NOT apply to any monster in Spirit Savior, but Arcane Power will provide no penalties or boosts, other than the main stat boost given from your symbols.

PQ Map

Map Spirit Savior
Spirit Savior

Spirit Savior only has one map, which is massive and requires fast maneuvering. The object of Spirit Savior is to save as many Bound Rock Spirits as you can within a 3 minute time frame. On the minimap, you will see stationary red dots, which indicate a Bound Rock Spirit being trapped in that spot. To rescue the spirits, you will have to move around the map and free the Rock Spirits by attacking them (500 million damage required in each instance), and pressing your NPC Chat/Harvest key near the freed spirit to take it with you (note that you only have a few seconds to do this before it disappears). You can escort up to 5 spirits at once; to bring the spirits to safety, you must bring them back to the starting point at the bottom of the map. You get a certain amount of points based on the number of spirits you have with you when you rescue them:

1 Spirit
200 Points
2 Spirits
500 Points
3 Spirits
1000 Points
4 Spirits
1500 Points
5 Spirits
2500 Points

However, rescuing these spirits is not easy, as you must be careful of the flying Toxic Pursuer that will chase you around the map (indicated by a flying red dot on the minimap). It will first spawn when you free a Rock Spirit (NOT when you take it with you), and for every additional Rock Spirit that you free, it will become bigger and faster for a maximum of 5 stages (regardless of if you are escorting 5 spirits; if you rescued 5 but were only able to take 4, it will still be in the 5th and largest form). If the Toxic Pursuer bumps into you while you have spirits with you, you will lose all the Rock Spirits you are escorting at that moment, as well as a significant portion of your Defense bar (up to half in its largest form), and it will automatically die.

The Defense bar is also very important to keep your eye on, because if your defense reaches 0, you will be kicked out of that Spirit Savior run. There are 2 obstacles that decrease your Defense. The first is the aforementioned Toxic Pursuer, and the second is the Spirit Debris, which are the small blue circular spirits that move in a certain pattern throughout the map, and take away a small portion of your Defense. Since multiple of these spawn in the map, it can be dangerous to bump into them if you are low on Defense.

Once 3 minutes have passed, or your Defense runs out, you will be escorted to the Reward Stage.

Reward Stage

Map Spirit Savior Exit
Spirit Savior Exit

This stage serves to give your rewards. You will obtain 1 Spirit Coin for every 1000 points you obtained (rounded down, up to 30 coins total among your daily runs).


With the Spirit Coins given to you, you are able to obtain Arcane Symbol: Arcana for 3 coins each from Escaped Rock Spirit. You can also immediately complete daily runs for every additional area you complete in Arcane River, based on your best attempt for that day.

  • For example, if you obtain 10 Coins on your best run, you can receive another 10 Coins instantly based on the number of immediate completions you have. Note that this will not bypass the maximum of 30 a day.
  • When Morass is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 1 run to receive the Coins instantly.
  • When Esfera is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 2 runs to receive the Coins instantly.

The Rock Spirit will also reward additional coins based on total coins accumulated, for lower performance.

  • Accumulating a total of 1 to 3 coins will reward 2 extra coins.
  • Accumulating a total of 4 to 8 coins will reward 1 extra coin.
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