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Moon Bunny's Rice Cake is a Cross World Party Quest based on Henesys. It can be completed by four players from levels 70 to 275.

To enter the Party Quest, one must enter the Cross World Party Quest portal at Spiegelmann's Guest House while this Party Quest is part of the current rotation. The rotation also consists of First Time Together, Forest of Poison Haze, Remnant of the Goddess, and Ariant Coliseum.

PQ Map

Map Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill

Moon Bunny's Rice Cake consists of two stages, both within the same map. Every now and then, a Crimson Stirge Disrupter will spawn and follow players, dealing 10% HP touch damage, but it is easy to defeat.

Stage 1

In this stage, you will see a crescent moon at the center of the map, while two types of Pigs will spawn on the bottom of the map, both of which will drop Primrose Seeds. Once 6 of these seeds are collected, the Pigs will no longer spawn, and you will have to take the seeds to the spots of land above. Click on these empty spots to plant the seeds, which will grow into Primroses. Once all the Primroses are planted, the crescent moon will develop into a full moon, and the Spring Bunny will spawn in the center of the map, starting the next stage.

Etc Primrose Seed
Primrose Seed

Stage 2

With the Spring Bunny spawned, it will start making rice cakes. However, mobs will start flying from all over the map to attack the bunny. You must protect the bunny to make sure it keeps making rice cakes, until you collect 80 (the cakes will drop in bunches). Once you obtain the rice cakes, you will be rewarded with EXP and Party Points, and will be sent to Returning Path, where you can view your ranking and talk to Tommy to exit the party quest.


Upon Completion


Monster's Stats
Mob Pig
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob Ribbon Pig
Ribbon Pig
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob Spring Bunny
Mobicon Spring Bunny Spring Bunny (Ally, Mini-Boss)
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob Flyeye
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob Stirge
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob Goblin Fire
Goblin Fire
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob Crimson Stirge
Crimson Stirge Disrupter
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0

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