Monster Park is an area that consists of various dungeons catered to certain level ranges, meant to provide EXP + Monster Park Commemorative Coins for completing them. Formerly a party-play zone, it is now solo-only, but provides increased EXP + improved rewards. Each area gives a certain amount of EXP, and 1.5 times the EXP is given on Sundays (server time, value is rounded up per monster). You can enter Monster Park a total of 2 times per account for free, and a total of 7 altogether with special coupons (exception being specific events that allow for 7 free entries a day, as well as events that allow for even more entries than 7). Note that EXP buffs and events will NOT apply to Monster Park.

The dungeons consist of 6 stages each, and a player must defeat all the monsters in that stage to progress to the next. In the 6th stage, a boss will be encountered (along with several weaker bosses along the way for certain dungeons), and once the player exits via the final portal, EXP rewards will be given, as well as a box that contains rewards based on the day of the week. The boxes given are as follows. Each one gives 15-30 Monster Park Commemorative Coins, as well as a gift based on the type of box:

There will be 3 gates open to the public: the left gate, which serves players Level 105-114; the middle gate, which serves players Level 115-159, and the right gate, which serves players Level 160 and up; these gates cannot be entered outside of level range (exception being specific events, such as Breakthrough). The dungeons are listed below. Click any dungeon to learn more about it.

Left Gate
Middle Gate
Right Gate

Laku's Shop

Laku sells regular recovery items such as HP/MP recovery potions, as well as the following for coins:

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