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Party Quest

Lord Pirate is a party quest located in the Mu Lung Garden region, and accessible via Spiegelmann's Guest House via the Dimensional Mirror, as well as through Red-Nose Pirate Den 1.

The objective of Lord Pirate is to help rescue Wu Yang, the leader of the Bellflowers, from the captivity of Lord Pirate.

The party quest has a kill count structure, where, based on the number of monsters you personally eliminate, you will get a certain amount of Lord Pirate Hat Fragments at the end.

Stage 1

Map On the Way to the Pirate Ship
On the Way to the Pirate Ship

The objective of the first stage is to kill all the Lord Pirate's Jars, Lord Pirate's Ginseng Jars, Lord Pirate's Bellflowers, and Lord Pirate's Ancient Bellflowers, while opening all the chests by clicking on them to summon more Lord Pirate's Ginseng Jars to be defeated. Once all monsters all eliminated, you can advance to the next stage.

Note: Occasionally Gold Captain will spawn in any stage of the party quest, and just serves to gain bonus experience.

Stage 2

Map Through the Head of the Ship!
Through the Head of the Ship!

In this stage, you will first encounter Lord Pirate's Enraged Mr. Alli, and will need to collect 10 Rookie Pirate Marks. Once you complete this, Lord Pirate's Enraged Kru will spawn, and you will need to collect 10 Rising Pirate Marks. Finally, Lord Pirate's Enraged Captain will spawn, and you will need to collect 10 Veteran Pirate Marks. Once this is complete, you can advance to the next stage.

Note: Occasionally, a chest will appear in this stage, and if you have Lord Pirate's Key to Chest, you can click on the chest to gain some additional drops as well as fight an angrier version of Lord Pirate.

Stage 3

Map Eliminate Pirates!
Eliminate Pirates!

In this stage, Lord Pirate's Furious Mr. Alli, Lord Pirate's Furious Kru, Lord Pirate's Furious Captain, and Lord Pirate's Enraged Ginseng Jar will spawn by some doors. Occasionally they will drop an Old Metal Key, and you must click on the door with the key in possession to close it. Once all 4 doors are closed and all the monsters are eliminated, you can advance to the next stage.

Note: Occasionally, Lord Pirate's Devoted Kru and Lord Pirate's Devoted Captain will spawn in this map, which must be killed for Eliminating the Pirates and Pirate's Map.

Stage 4

Map The Captain's Dignity
The Captain's Dignity

This is the boss stage of this Party Quest, which has Lord Pirate normal or angry depending on if you opened a chest in Stage 2 or not. He can summon Lord Pirate's Kru and Lord Pirate's Captain to aid him as well as raise his Weapon Defense. Once he is defeated, Wu Yang will appear. Talk to Wu Yang to advance to the reward stage.

Reward Stage

Map Wu Yang Giving Thanks
Wu Yang Giving Thanks

In the final stage, talk to Wu Yang to claim your Lord Pirate Hat Fragments and leave. The amount of fragments you get depends on how many kills you get, with a maximum of 30 fragments within 1 PQ session.


Upon Completion
  • Level-based EXP
  • +18 Willpower EXP
  • +11 Ambition EXP
Lord Pirate Hat Fragment Rewards

Eqp Lord Pirate HatCommon Lord Pirate Hat

Eqp Lord Pirate HatRatty Lord Pirate Hat

Eqp Lord Pirate HatGreedy Lord Pirate Hat


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