Grand Athenaeum, also known as Dimensional Library, is a theme dungeon for Level 100+ players. It is a massive library consisting of Maple World's records of history, where events are automatically written down into books without the need of a writer. It is open to players to immerse themselves into these stories as they occurred (without changing history). There are currently 6 Chapters of stories that can be read, as follows:

  • The White Mage: Relive the experience as a nameless mercenary who searches for and meets the White Mage, and eventually witnesses his transformation into the Black Mage.
  • Empress in Training: Relive the experience as a warrior who helps Neinheart prepare Cygnus for her duties as Empress of Ereve.
  • The Black Witch: Relive the experience as a Cygnus Knight who rescues Dunamis from Edelstein, while saving Ereve from the clutches of the Black Witch.
  • Winter Bard: Relive the experience as Ryude, a mercenary from El Nath who befriends Alicia, the Transcendent of Life of Maple World, as he faces off against Von Leon in order to warn the world about the Black Mage's plans of conquest, with the only remnants of his heroics being an old harp and sheet music for a song he wrote.
  • Shadow Alchemist: Relive the experience as Fang, a Shadow Knight medic who befriended Alpha back when he was known as Eight, as he finds out the truth about the Shadow Knights' mission.
  • Sharenian Knights: Relive the experience as Kellad, a knight of the ancient civilization Sharenian, whose eternal pledge to his kingdom is put to the test when he and his team are forced to relive the same day repeatedly.

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