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This category refers to the Apostles (KR:Hangul: 사도 Hanja: 使徒 romaja: Sado) of Gerand Darmoor, who threaten the world as his followers.


Their leitmotif/theme BGM is Apostles. The organ and chorus at the beginning capture their ominous emotions and strength.

Currently, it is used when Havoc, one of Darmoor's minions, transforms into his true form during the Cernium questline. It also plays when Hoyoung encounters Kaling at Level 200; however, Kaling never has any direct contact with Darmoor in Hoyoung's story.

Gerand Darmoor's Disciples


  • The term "Apostles" comes from the real life Twelve Apostles, the twelve main followers of Jesus Christ who helped spread his beliefs after his death, which are mentioned in the New Testament.

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