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First Time Together (also known as 1st Accompaniment or Kerning City Party Quest) is a Cross World Party Quest based on Kerning City. It contains four stages and a boss stage. It can be completed by four players from levels 70 to 275.

To enter the Party Quest, one must enter the Cross World Party Quest portal at Spiegelmann's Guest House while this Party Quest is part of the current rotation. The rotation also consists of Moon Bunny's Rice Cake, Forest of Poison Haze, Remnant of the Goddess, and Ariant Coliseum.

Stage 1

Map First Time Together (Stage 1)
First Time Together <Stage 1>

Have each party member except the party leader talk to Cloto. She will tell you how many Coupons you need to collect to get to the next stage. Kill the Ligators to get the right amount of Coupons and pass them to the leader.

Etc Coupon

Stage 2

Map First Time Together (Stage 2)
First Time Together <Stage 2>

To complete this stage, have 3 party members to climb the vines, and have the leader talk to Cloto. If the combination is wrong, have the party members climb another vine. Keep trying until the combination is correct.

Stage 3

Map First Time Together (Stage 3)
First Time Together <Stage 3>

Have the party leader talk to Cloto to start. In this stage, your party members will have 5 platforms, each indicated by the number of cats in barrels on the platform (i.e. 1 will have 1 cat, 2 will have 2 cats, etc). You will have to find a combination of 3 correct platforms, and each attempt will tell you how many platforms are correct. If the combination is wrong, have the party members stand on another platform, until the combination is correct. If you have less than 3 members in the party, have the leader talk to Nella to receive a Platform Puppet, which can take the place of a player on a platform. After completing this stage, as soon as someone attempts to enter the right portal, everyone in the party will be prompted to press the UP arrow when the button moves in the yellow area. If someone does not press UP within the next few seconds, the party will be kicked out of the PQ.

Stage 4

Map First Time Together (Stage 4)
First Time Together <Stage 4>

When you enter the map, you will be given a number to reach. There are 4 different signs on the top left with +, -, x, and ÷ symbol. The Curse Eyes in the map will drop numbers up to 4, and based on which of the 4 signs is activated, will be calculated on top the current number. Alternate between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to reach the desired number to move on. 

Stage 5

Map First Time Together (Final Stage)
First Time Together <Final Stage>

This is the final stage, where you must defeat King Slime. Once you defeat King Slime, you will be rewarded with EXP and Party Points, and will be sent to Returning Path, where you can view your ranking and talk to Nella to exit the party quest.


Upon Completion


Monster's Stats
Mob Ligator
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob Curse Eye
Curse Eye
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0
Mob King Slime
Mobicon King Slime King Slime (Boss)
70 - 180 Varying Varying Varying % Varying % 0

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