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The Evolution System is a new system which allows players to create a map based on their preferences.


Gelimer made an experiment which allowed Lotus to leave his test tube. When Lotus broke free, he attacked Orchid and left her for dead. When she recovered, she left the Black Wings and joined the Resistance. Claudine notifies the player about this, and is asked to go to Gelimer's Lab to find out what he's making.


The map has a neon theme to it, even the monsters are neon. The maps are interlinked, as shown below.

Click on a button to view a map's page.

ESS Structure
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Players are allowed to change their own map to their preferences. Settings can be changed by collecting cores by eliminating monsters inside the System, purchased through the NPC or exchanged with Evolution System Coins.

The cores can then be used to change the settings of the maps however one likes, and will be removed from one's inventory after being used. Drop rates of cores can also be altered by the use of drop rate cores, therefore making this new system a very great way to train. Every good thing has its limit, so players can enter only 5 times a day, and there is a 30-minute time limit per entrance.

Settings that can be changed:

Availability of Evolution System
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
Available Available Available Available Available Available

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