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Ellinia is a city on Victoria Island, and is the hometown of Magicians. It is situated in a green tropical forest, with misty lights filtering through the high branches. The forest is said to be constructed out of light, and thus the trees grow to a tremendous height.

Ellinia map


  • Continental Naming Difference:
    • GMS: Ellinia
    • KMS: 엘리니아 (Ellinia)
    • JMS: エリニア (Ellinia, Erinia)
    • CMS: 魔法密林 (Magic Forest, Mófǎ mìlín)
    • TMS: 魔法森林 (Magic Forest, Mófǎ sēnlín)
  • Ellinia comes from Alinea. Because Kerning City comes from Kerning.
  • In the story, Ellinia comes from Ellin Forest and Ellin.

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