Time has stopped in the Toy Castle of Ludibrium and the Clocktower to preserve the innocence of childhood. However, one of the towers started malfunctioning and it's allowing people to slip through time... to the past! Let's hurry on over to Helios Tower to go on a mysterious journey through time. The bosses are Chao, a scarred Primitive Boar who is the most violent of all boars, and Ephenia, queen of the fairies.

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  • Continental Naming Difference:
    • GMS: Ellin Forest
    • KMS: 엘린숲 (Ellin Forest, Ellin sup)
    • JMS: エリン森 (Ellin Forest, Erin mori)
    • TMS: 艾靈森林 (Àilíng sēnlín)
  • In the story, Ellin Forest comes from Ellin. Ellinia comes from Ellin Forest.
Maple World
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El Nath Mts.Ludus LakeAqua RoadMinar ForestMu Lung Garden
Nihal DesertTemple of Time



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Other Worlds

WorldMap Grandis.png Grandis WorldMap Mirror World.png Mirror World WorldMap Shinsoo International School.png FriendStory WorldMap Arcane River.png Arcane River

El Nath Mts.*
MapIcon Orbis.png Orbis MapIcon ElNath.png El Nath MapIcon ElNathDungeon.png Dead Mine*
Theme Dungeon MapIcon LionCastle.png Lion King's Castle*
Exclusive MapIcon PL Abrup.png Abrup Basin*
Ludus Lake*
MapIcon Ludibrium.png Ludibrium MapIcon Ludibrium.png Clocktower Bottom Floor*
Theme Dungeon MapIcon EilnForest.png Ellin Forest* Fantasy Theme World <Main Gate> Fantasy Theme World*
MapIcon Folkvillige.png Korean Folk Town* MapIcon OmegaSector.png Omega Sector*
Aqua Road*
MapIcon AquaRoad.png Aquarium MapIcon AquaRoad.png Veritas
Minar Forest*
MapIcon Leafre.png Leafre MapIcon critias.png Kritias*
Theme Dungeon MapIcon Colossus.png Stone Colossus*
Mu Lung Garden*
MapIcon Murueng.png Mu Lung MapIcon WhiteHerb.png Herb Town
Theme Dungeon MapIcon GoldTempleTH.png Golden Temple*
Nihal Desert*
MapIcon Ariant.png Ariant MapIcon Magatia.png Magatia MapIcon Aswan.png Azwan*
Exclusive MapIcon Aswan.png Cross Brigade Area
Temple of Time*
MapIcon TimeTemple.png Temple of Time* MapIcon BlackDragon.png Leafre of Past MapIcon Akayrum.png Dimensional Schism
MapIcon destructionTown.png Gate to the Future* MapIcon Road of Vanishing.png Arcane River*
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