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Dream Defender is a party quest located near Lachelein in the Arcane River area, that can only be attempted alone, and 3 times a day (unless you have an entry ticket)

Mr. Flopsy, one of Lucid's creations, is having trouble sleeping due to the monsters in the clocktower disrupting his sleep. It is your goal to help protect the Sleepytime Music Boxes from being turned into Nightmare Music Boxes by monsters. Note that Boss Damage will apply to any monster in Dream Defender, but Arcane Power will provide no penalties or boosts, other than the main stat boost given from your symbols.

PQ Map

Map Dream Defender
Dream Defender

Dream Defender only has one map, which is divided into 5 sections. The objective of Dream Defender is to destroy Nightmare Music Boxes (indicated by a purple square on the Tactics Board) so that they turn into Sleepytime Music Boxes (indicated by a yellow square on the Tactics Board), while protecting the Sleepytime Music Boxes from Nightmarekeepers and Nightmare Gargoyles that will spawn and attack them. The goal is to have as few Nightmare Music Boxes on the map as possible, so that the gauge on the top of the screen becomes entirely yellow. It is recommended to make sure there are no more than 2 Nightmare Music Boxes on the map at any given time. Each stage will give you a time limit of 3 minutes; if you fail to turn the gauge entirely yellow by then, or if the gauge turns entirely purple before, then you will fail and be kicked out of the map.

The Tactics Board will also serve as your guide throughout your run; it will tell you where to go and allow you to use special skills to aid your run. A Music Box changing is indicated by the color on the board flickering and changing from yellow to purple (if the monsters corrupt a music box), or purple to yellow (if you are the one who destroys a music box). As you progress forward, the health of monsters and music boxes will increase drastically, to where they will become impossible to defeat for weaker players.

The first time you attempt Dream Defender, you will start at Stage 1. However, every 10th stage will count as a checkpoint, meaning that you can return to that stage whenever you want as long as you completed it (for example, if you cleared up to stage 56, you will be able to return to Stage 50 whenever you want). While attempting Dream Defender, you can exit at any time by clicking the "Retreat" button on the right side of your screen. However, you will not get a reward for the stage you are currently on, only the last one you were able to complete in that run. This means that if you use the checkpoint to enter Stage 50, you have to complete Stage 50 to receive rewards for that stage, or you will not get any reward.

For every stage you clear, you will obtain Dream Points based on the stage you completed. Stages 1 - 19 will reward 10 points each, and starting from Stage 20, every 10th stage will reward an additional 10 points (for example, 20 - 29 will reward 20 points, 30 - 39 will reward 30 points, 40 - 49 will reward 40 points, and so on). These points will stay even if you leave or fail Dream Defender, but you can have a maximum of 3000 at any time. The points are used for special Dream Defender-only skills, as follows:

Gauge Freeze

Cost: 200 points; Freezes the gauge in place for 5 seconds

Wake-up Call

Cost: 300 points; Destroys a Nightmare Music Box at random

Call Flopsy

Cost: 400 points; Calls Mr. Flopsy to lure monsters nearby away for 15 seconds


Cost: 900 points; Eliminates all monsters on the map and prevents them from reappearing for 10 seconds

Reward Stage

Map Nightmare Clocktower
Dream Defender Exit

This stage serves to give your rewards. You will obtain EXP, as well as Dream Coins equal to the last stage you completed (up to 500 coins total among your daily runs).


Dream Coins

With the Dream Coins given to you, you are able to obtain Arcane Symbol: Lachelein for 30 coins each from Mr. Flopsy. However, before you claim your symbols for the day, talk to the 5 ranking NPCs in Lachelein Main Street, as explained in the next section. You can also immediately complete daily runs for every additional area you complete in Arcane River, based on your best attempt for that day. Note that this will not bypass the maximum of 500 a day.

  • For example, if you obtain 90 Coins on your best run, you can receive another 90 Coins instantly based on the number of immediate completions you have; if you obtain 100 Coins on your best run, you can receive another 100 Coins instantly.
  • When Arcana is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 1 run to receive the Coins instantly.
  • When Morass is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 2 runs to receive the Coins instantly.
  • Note that the EXP reward will NOT be given if you choose to immediately complete the run.


Dream Defender will have a rankings system for players based on the highest stage completed and the time taken to complete that stage. At the end of the week (Sunday at 11:30 PM to Monday at 12:30 AM, based on your server's time zone), the rankings will be calculated, meaning players will be unable to attempt Dream Defender during that time frame. Once the rankings have been calculated, the top 5 players on the rankings will become statues in town who will give you extra Dream Coins after you completed your runs for the day. The 4th and 5th will reward you 2 - 4 coins each; 2nd and 3rd will reward you 5 - 7 coins each; and 1st place NPC will reward you 10 - 14 coins as well as additional coins based on floor cleared.

  • Clearing floor 3/13/23 will reward 5 extra coins.
  • Clearing floor 4/5/14/15/24/25 will reward 4 extra coins.
  • Clearing floor 6/16/26 will reward 3 extra coins.
  • Clearing floor 7/8/17/18/27/28 will reward 2 extra coins.
  • Clearing floor 9/19/29 will reward 1 extra coin.


Finally, you can obtain medals based on how far you reach in Dream Defender.

Eqp Dream Defender Stage 30 Conqueror
Dream Defender Stage 30 Conqueror

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 30

Eqp Dream Defender Stage 30 Conqueror
Dream Defender Stage 40 Conqueror

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 40

Eqp Dream Defender Stage 50 Conqueror
Dream Defender Stage 50 Conqueror

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 50

Eqp Dream Defender Stage 50 Conqueror
Dream Defender Stage 60 Conqueror

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 60

Eqp Dream Defender Stage 50 Conqueror
Dream Defender Stage 70 Conqueror

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 70

Eqp Dream Defender Stage 80 Conqueror
Dream Defender Stage 80 Conqueror

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 80

Eqp Dream Defender Stage 80 Conqueror
Dream Defender Stage 90 Conqueror

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 90

Eqp Champion Dream Defender
Champion Dream Defender

  • Requirement: Complete Stage 100
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