Azwan is an ancient city in Ossyria's Nihal Desert, once lost after Hilla, one of the Black Mage's commanders, handed over the city and souls of its residents to the Black Mage in exchange for eternal life, power, and beauty. With Hilla's recent reappearance has led to Azwan being recently rediscovered. It can be accessed either from North Desert Road 1, or via the Dimensional Mirror at Level 120 or higher. Hilla can be fought at a boss here.

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WorldMap Azwan.png


  • Continental Naming Difference:
    • GMS: Ancient City Azwan
    • KMS: 고대도시 아스완 (古代都市-, Ancient city Azwan, Godae dosi Aseuwan)
    • TMS: 古城阿斯旺 (Ancient city Azwan, Gǔchéng Āsīwàng)
  • Formerly, Fight for Azwan was available here, but it was closed and it has yet to return.
  • Azwan is named after the Egyptian city of Aswan.

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