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A fusion of all worlds beyond time and space that was destroyed.
A scattered breath of life in a flowing river.
Waiting at the end of this river, Black Mage.

Located behind the Gate of the Present of Temple of Time, Arcane River has 7 main areas:

Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, Lachelein, Arcana, Morass, Esfera, and Tenebris, the latter of which consists of 3 areas: Moonbridge, Labyrinth of Suffering, and Limina.

With recent updates, 3 additional sub-areas were being added:

Reverse City, an area inside the Subway Entrance of Vanishing Journey.
Yum Yum Island, an area behind the Skywhale of Chew Chew Island.
Sellas, an area under the seas of Esfera.

The area is a high leveled area, suitable for level 200 and above characters who completed their 5th job advancement.

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WorldMap Arcane River
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Vanishing Journey)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Reverse City)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Chu Chu Island)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Yum Yum Island)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Lachelein)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Arcana)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Morass)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Esfera)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Tenebris)


  • Continental Naming Difference:
    • GMS / MSEA: Arcane River
    • KMS: 아케인 리버 (Arcane River, Akein ribeo)
    • JMS: アーケインリバー (Arcane River, Ākein ribā)
    • CMS: 神秘河 (Mysterious River, Shén mì hé)
    • TMS: 奧術之河 (Arcane River, Àoshù zhī hé)
  • Arcane comes from Arcane.
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