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A fusion of all worlds beyond time and space that was destroyed.
A scattered breath of life in a flowing river.
Waiting at the end of this river, Black Mage.

Located behind the Gate of the Present of Temple of Time, Arcane River has 7 main areas:

Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island, Lachelein, Arcana, Morass, Esfera, and Tenebris, the latter of which consists of 3 areas: Moonbridge, Labyrinth of Suffering, and Limina.

With recent updates, 2 additional sub-areas were being added:

Reverse City, an area between Vanishing Journey and Chu Chu Island.
Yum Yum Island, an area between Chu Chu Island and Lachelein.

The area is a high leveled area, suitable for level 200 and above characters who completed their 5th job advancement.

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WorldMap Arcane River
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Vanishing Journey)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Chu Chu Island)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Lachelein)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Arcana)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Morass)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Esfera)
WorldMapLink (Arcane River)-(Tenebris)


  • Continental Naming Difference:
  • Arcane comes from Arcane.
Temple of Time*
MapIcon TimeTemple Temple of Time* MapIcon BlackDragon Leafre of Past MapIcon Akayrum Dimensional Schism
Gate to the Future*
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Arcane River*
MapIcon Road of Vanishing Vanishing Journey* MapIcon ChewChew Chu Chu Island* MapIcon Lacheln Lachelein*
MapIcon Arcana Arcana* MapIcon Morass Morass* MapIcon esfera Esfera*
Tenebris* MapIcon moonBridge Moonbridge* MapIcon TheLabyrinthOfSuffering Labyrinth of Suffering* MapIcon Limen Limina*
*World Map available
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