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Amorian Challenge is a party quest located near Amoria. The purpose of the PQ is to join other married couples in completing challenges together.


Map Amos' Training Ground
Amos' Training Ground

Before entering, players must talk to Amos the Strong and obtain 10 Lip Lock Keys from the Indigo Eyes and Crystal Boars nearby. After returning to Amos, players will be given an Entrance Ticket, and you can obtain a new ticket every 6 hours.

Entry Requirements are as follows
  • A party of 6 people (note that if anyone leaves or disconnects, the PQ cannot be completed)
  • Must have both males and females, although equal amount of both genders is not required.
Map Entrance of Amorian Challenge
Entrance of Amorian Challenge

Once ready, each party member can use their Entrance Ticket to go to the Pre-Entry map, where everyone must gather before entering. Once everyone is in the map, have the leader talk to Amos to enter the Party Quest.

Stage 1

Map Stage 1 - Magik Mirror
Stage 1 - Magik Mirror

For the first stage, the party leader needs to talk to Amos, causing 3 portals to appear. The correct portal is randomized each time, so pick one until you get transported to the middle area of the map. There will be signs leading males to the right portal and females to the left portal. Both sides will contain monsters that must be defeated; the left portal will contain Indigo Eyes and Magik Fiarry As, while the right portal will contain Crystal Boars and Magik Fiarry As.

Once all the monsters are defeated, have the party leader talk to The Glimmer Man in the center of the map to summon Magik Fierry B, which will fly around the map and drop a Wing Hammer once defeated. Whoever picks up the hammer will need to drop it on the Magik Mirror above the center of the map, causing it shatter and drop a Magik Mirror Shard. Have the party leader deliver it to The Glimmer Man to clear the stage. The party will be rewarded 2,000 EXP, and everyone will need to talk to Amos to advance to the next stage.

Stage 2

Map Stage 2 - Heart Strings (Day)
Map Stage 2 - Heart Strings (Evening)
Map Stage 2 - Heart Strings (Night)
Stage 2 - Heart Strings

The second stage will have three ropes hanging from a Sun, Star, and Moon in the sky. The correct number of people must cling onto each rope (five total among all three ropes) in order to advance. The three portals on the bottom must be used to reach these ropes (press Up on the portal, then jump and hold the Up arrow to cling onto the corresponding rope). This stage's layout and background changes depending on the time of day, whether it's daytime, evening, or nighttime (based on server time). The party leader will be given a total of 7 attempts, with clues as to how many ropes have the correct number of people on them. If all 7 attempts are used up, a swarm of monsters will be summoned, and the correct combination, as well as those 7 attempts will be reset.

The recommended strategy is to have all five party members start on the left rope and then gradually call out the number of people on each order (i.e. 500 means 5 people will be on the left rope and 0 people on the middle or right ropes, and 104 means 1 person on the left rope, 0 on the middle rope, and 4 people on the right rope). Once the correct combination is found, the party will be rewarded 4,000 EXP and will be able to advance to the next stage.

Stage 3

Map Stage 3 - Twisted Switcher
Stage 3 - Twisted Switcher

The third stage will have 9 platforms, of which 5 will be part of the correct combination. The platforms are mixed with letters and numbers, as follows:

  • Top Platforms: A 2 B 3
  • Bottom Platforms: C 6 D 9 5

For each failed guess, a swarm of Crystal Boars and Slimes (one of 4 types) will be summoned. While the Crystal Boars only serve as a disruption, as they can knock certain players back, the number of Slimes that spawn will indicate the number of correct plaforms.

The recommended strategy is to have 4 party members stay on the top of the map and have one person cover all the platforms on the bottom. Once all the Slimes have been counted for each platform, have the rest of the party move to the appropriate Bottom Platforms, and figure out which Top Platforms are correct. Once the correct combination is found, the party will be rewarded 6,000 EXP and will be able to advance to the next stage.

Stage 4

Map Stage 4 - Last Man Standing
Stage 4 - Last Man Standing

The fourth stage will require the party to gather a total of 50 Cupid Code Pieces from the Curse Eyes, Zombie Lupins, and Toy Trojans nearby. The recommended strategy is to have 5 party members gather 10 Pieces each, and give them to the party leader. The party will be rewarded 8,000 EXP and will advance to the next stage.

Stage 5

Map Stage 5 - Fluttering Hearts
Stage 5 - Fluttering Hearts

(Image is reduced, click for full size of the Minimap)

The fifth stage will require the entire party to run to the right side of the map, while being swarmed by Bloctopi, Skeledogs, Black Ratz, and flying Wraiths and getting hit by Lava Plumes, all of which deal very little damage. Not far behind are a swarm of Rombots that deal 10,000 damage per hit. While running to the right side, the party must destroy various Gates using normal attacks. At the very end, the entire party must jump onto the elevated platform to reach Amos. Once the entire party makes it to the end, the party will be rewarded 9,000 EXP and will be able to advance to the next stage by talking to Amos.

Stage 6

Map Stage 6 - Love Hurts
Stage 6 - Love Hurts

At the start of the sixth stage, the party will be on the top left of the map, and Amos will require the entire party to be present in order to start the stage proper.

The party will then fight Geist Balrog, who spawns in 3 phases: a Jr. Balrog form, then a Crimson Balrog form, and finally its Geist Balrog form. Once defeated, it will drop a Geist Fang, which the party leader must give to Amos to advance to the Bonus Stage. This stage will reward 11,000 EXP. If there are 3 males and 3 females in the party, they must talk to Amos to advance to the couples' Bonus Stage. Otherwise, the party will automatically be sent to the normal Bonus Stage.

Stage 7 - Bonus (Couples)

Map Stage 7 - Amos' Vault for Couples
Stage 7 - Amos' Vault for Couples

This stage serves as a Bonus Stage only if there are 3 married couples in the party. If there are 3 males and 3 females in the party that do not consist of 3 married couples, Amos will initially send the party here, but will then send the party to the normal Bonus Stage afterward.

In this stage, 3 married couples are split into teams to see who can obtain 35 Cupid Code Pieces first from monsters that are summoned upon hitting boxes. Each couple will receive 4,000 EXP upon completion, while the couple that finishes first will be granted an opportunity to gain an additional reward. However, only one spouse can obtain the prize, with the other sacrificing their chance (honoring the tale of Elias and Cecelia). The most notable rewards from this stage are the various Legendary Elias Capes for males and Cecelia Cloaks for females.

Stage 7 - Bonus

Map Stage 7 - Amos' Vault
Stage 7 - Amos' Vault

This stage serves as the normal Bonus Stage. The party has 60 seconds to hit as many boxes as possible, obtaining various rewards, most notably Onyx Apples.


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