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Alchemy is one of the five professions in Maplestory. It requires herbalism.

Alchemists can make potions and pills of various types, including Recovery Potions, Buff Potions, and Transformation Potions, and increasing extraction capacity. Alchemists can extract up to 10 equipment, Rebirth Flames, Cubes, or Scrolls from the item menu, while others can only extract up to 5 equipment, without the ability to extract flames or scrolls. However, Alchemists can craft Extractors for other players to use, allowing them to extract up to 10 items at once. Potions and pills must be made with oils and flowers obtained by using the Herbalism profession. Ally teaches Alchemy if the Herbalism profession has been learned.

Once Alchemists reach Master and Meister Craftsman rank, they are able to craft special potions and Bags, as well as being able to extract Scrolls, Flames, and Cubes.

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Use Health Potion (1000) Level 1 - 4 Use Strength Potion VII Level 5 - 8 Use Boss Rush Boost Potion Level 9 - Meister

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