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Accessory Crafting

Accessory Crafting is one of the five professions of Maplestory. It requires Mining.

Accessory Crafters can craft accessories such as Earrings and Belts. Accessory Crafters use gems, plates, and Abrasives to craft. Accessory Crafters and Smiths can extract up to 5 items from the item menu (unless an Extractor is used), while Alchemists can extract up to 10. Intaglio teaches Accessory Crafting if the Mining profession has been learned.

Once Accessory Crafters reach Master Craftsman rank, they are able to craft Rebirth Flames and Meister accessories, as well as being able to extract Scrolls, Flames, and Cubes.

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Eqp Defense Ring I Level 1 - 4 Eqp Swift Deadshot Ring I Level 5 - 8 Use Powerful Rebirth Flame Level 9 - Meister

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