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Cards are the exclusive secondary weapons of Phantom, used in conjunction with Canes. Most of these can be purchased from Neville in towns, while certain Cards are obtained from Events or Princess No.

Picture and Name Requirements Effects
Eqp Carte Magique
Carte Magique
Level 10 None
Eqp Carte Fantasmatique
Carte Fantasmatique
Level 30 None
Eqp Carte Magnifique
Carte Magnifique
Level 60 None
Eqp Carte Finale
Carte Finale
Level 100 None
Eqp Black Carte
Black Carte
Level 100 DEX: +8
LUK: +8
Eqp Maple Treasure Carte
Maple Treasure Carte
Level 110 DEX: +9
LUK: +9
Eqp Princess No's Carte
Princess No's Carte
Level 140 DEX: +14
LUK: +14
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Dragon EquipmentPet EquipmentTotem

One-Handed SwordOne-Handed AxeOne-Handed Blunt WeaponDesperado
WandStaffShining RodScepterPsy-limiterLucent GauntletDaggerCane
ChainWhip BladeSoul Shooter


Two-Handed SwordTwo-Handed AxeTwo-Handed Blunt WeaponSpear
PolearmKatanaArm CannonFanBowCrossbowDual Bowguns
ClawKnuckleGunHand Cannon


ShieldMagic ArrowSoul RingMagic BookCharmMassArrowheadJewelFist
Soul ShieldCardMedallionArrow FletchingWrist BandDocumentKodachi
Core ControllerDemon AegisOrbRosaryBow ThimbleFar SightMagic Marble
Martial FistFox MarbleKataraDragon EssenceIron ChainDagger Scabbard
Powder KegWhistleChess PieceChargeWarp ForgeLucent WingsMagnumAbyssal Path

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