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Cannoneer is a special branch of the Explorer Pirate class. Cannoneer is created separately and has a separate tutorial and job advancements. Their second job is Cannoneer, their third job is Cannon Trooper, and their fourth job is Cannon Master.

As Special Explorers, Cannoneers have their own storyline and also follow the regular Explorer storyline as well.


Main Story

The Cannoneer was just a regular Beginner sailing on a ship to Victoria Island to choose a job path, until a Jr. Balrog appeared and attacked the vessel. The crew was unable to fight back and eventually the Jr. Balrog attacked the soon-to-be Explorer. Possibly the only known Beginner to survive a direct attack from the Jr. Balrog itself, the Beginner was knocked far into the water and nearly drowned. Fortunately, a monkey rescued and brought the Cannoneer to Coco Island. After getting acquainted with the monkey, the Beginner meets intellectual mastermind Cutter, a Pirate and weapons designer from Nautilus. He had created a special secret weapon on orders of his captain, Kyrin, but during an at-sea test run, his ship was wrecked and he found himself marooned on the island.

While searching for food, the Beginner comes across an ignition device that could serve as a prototype of the weapon Cutter was designing, a massive cannon that could launch them straight to the Nautilus. After utilizing it, the Beginner, Cutter, and unbeknownst to them, the monkey, were launched towards the Nautilus. Soon afterwards, the Beginner wakes up under the deck of the Nautilus, meeting Captain Kyrin soon thereafter. Vehemently recommended by Cutter, expressing interest in joining the Nautilus' ranks, and sincerely gripping the interest of its captain, the Explorer is titled a Cannoneer by Kyrin's order. The now-Cannoneer and Monkey were now officially recruited and legitimized as Explorer Pirates.

Black Heaven

The morning of the operation, the Cannoneer told Monkey that they had been fighting together for a long time, and that he knew that they would always remain best friends. However, as he couldn’t promise their safety on the mission, he offered to leave Monkey behind if it wanted. However, Monkey shrieked at the Cannoneer, who interpreted it as Monkey wanting to stay. When Monkey shrieked even more, the Cannoneer laughed that he was just kidding and told Monkey that he couldn’t fight without it anyways. He then decided to test their luck before heading off by rolling a die, which landed on 1, much to his dismay.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as the Monkey for Cannoneer.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Cannoneer is "Explorer of Legend".


Aboard the Nautilus, the Cannoneer met with Kyrin, who was surprised to find them standing quietly while waiting for her. She told them that their awed silence reminded her of her first sailing adventure, where she and her crewmates spent ages listening to their captain wax philosophical about the pirate life. She added that being a pirate hadn’t always been as glamorous as it was in the present day, as technology had been much more rudimentary. However, she had been determined to be out on the open seas and recalled how she had felt true freedom the first time she had stepped foot on the Nautilus. Because of that, she vowed to do whatever it took to protect that freedom. With that, she decided to set sail for their next destination as Monkey cheered.

Class Specifics

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The Cannoneer job branch, unlike other Pirates, has its own tutorial, where it starts on Coco Island, as well as its own 1st job skills. Using Hand Cannons as primary weapons and Powder Kegs as secondary weapons, Cannoneers have slow but strong attacks which revolve around firing cannonballs (without the use of Bullets).

Cannoneers, unlike other Explorer Pirates, do not gain a job specialty skill in 2nd job. Their attacks allow them to fire cannonballs at enemies from afar, with a few support boosts such as Monkey Wave, which increases Critical Damage temporarily upon firing at full power, and Barrel Roulette, which applies a random buff and grants extra damage to your attacks. The monkey also assists with Monkey Magic, a party buff which increases HP, MP, Speed, Jump, and All Stats, as well as Monkey Fury, a skill that fires a cannonball that debuffs enemies and increases damage taken. Additional monkeys aid in battle with Monkey Militia, two monkeys sitting in mini-cannons.

Like the other Explorer Pirates, Cannoneers gain access to Nautilus Strike in 4th job. Cannoneer also receives Buckshot as a Level 140 Hyper, which triples their attack count while reducing their damage to 45% (does not apply to summon skills).

Job Advancements

1st Job Advancement

Complete the tutorial quests and talk to Kyrin in the Navigation Room, who will advance the player to a special Pirate. The player will be given an HP and MP boost, as well as a basic Hand Cannon weapon.

2nd Job Advancement

After saving Maple Island with the help of a Mysterious Voice, the player will reach Level 30 and talk to Athena Pierce, who will send the player back to the Navigation Room to talk with Kyrin. She will then advance the player from a Pirate to a Cannpneer.

3rd Job Advancement

At Level 60, the player will receive a lightbulb above their head. Talk to Camila in Henesys, who will then send the player to Six Path Crossway, where Rondo will be. After knocking his hat off, go to the bottom of the Six Path Crossway and grab the Old Wisconsin hat. Return to Rondo, and use the Interdimensional Portal to travel to Pantheon and talk to Cartalion. Rondo will inquire about finding other Anima like him, and Cartalion will warn not to travel past Pantheon's borders due to the Specter Invasion, sending the player and Rondo to the East Pantheon Border. After defeating 50 Specters, Rondo will give up and thank the player for trying to help.

After talking to Rondo, the player will be given words of encouragement from the Mysterious Voice, granting a new kind of power. The player will be prompted to return to Kyrin once again, who will teleport the player to the Chief's Residence in El Nath to speak with Pedro. He will then advance the player from a Cannoneer to a Cannon Trooper.

4th Job Advancement

At Level 100, the player will receive a lightbulb on the side from Athena Pierce, asking the Explorers to check on the various towns in Victoria Island. The player first plans to go to Perion and Ellinia, but Tess offers to travel there in exchange for the player traveling to the Nautilus. The player talks to Kyrin, who mentions meeting Tess and finding him suspiciously more advanced than other Explorers, while also feeling a strange cloudy energy from him that weakened her.

The player confronts Tess, who reveals that he's secretly Kyrin's older brother. He explains that centuries ago, his father Destonen encountered a follower of the Black Mage named Kirston, who placed a curse on his family's bloodline that would only disappear when the Black Mage was killed. After Destonen explained the curse to Athena Pierce and Tess, he died shortly after and the curse passed on to Tess and Kyrin, causing them to both become weak whenever they were in close proximity. Tess, realizing the danger, decided to leave Ellin Forest and not formally introduce himself to Kyrin until Black Mage was defeated.

After talking to Tess, the player will be given more words of encouragement from the Mysterious Voice, granting a new kind of power. The player will be prompted to return to Pedro once again, who will teleport the player to the Forest of the Priest in Leafre to speak with Samuel. He will then advance the player from a Cannon Trooper to a Cannon Master.

5th Job Advancement

For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page.




  • The Cannoneer's canon gender is male, although it is possible to create a female Cannoneer.
  • There is a plot hole introduced with the Cannoneer sharing his own storyline with the regular Explorer storyline. In his own story, the Cannoneer crashes on Coco Island before he can make it to Maple Island. However, this conflicts with the Explorer storyline dialogue, in which the Cannoneer acts like a resident of Maple Island.
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