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Cadena is a Nova Thief who uses a Chain as her primary weapon and a Warp Forge as her secondary weapon.


Cadena was a part of Heliseum's royal family until Magnus and his forces invaded her home and killed her family. Scared, she tried to hide from the Specters and was almost confronted, until she was saved by Piston and deposited into the care of Gen, leader of the Shadow Merchants. Due to her injuries, she was administered a strong medicine that left her comatose. After multiple decades, Cadena awakened, learning of Magnus' success and discarding her status as a princess by ripping out her horns, wings, and tail. Seeking revenge, she abandoned her own name and adopted "Cadena" as the new name and started training with the Shadow Merchants.



  • Cadena is Spanish for chain, which suits her as Chain is her main weapon.
  • Despite appearing to look the part, Cadena is not actually a human, as her Nova horns, wings, and tail were removed. This makes her the eighth class that is not human, suceeding Mercedes, Demon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Xenon, Beast Tamer, and Zero, followed by Illium and Ark.
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  2. He shares voice actors with Dual Blade (Chaos Trailer), Mechanic (Chaos Trailer), Magnus (Nova Cadena Animated Trailer), Mr. Hazard, Carlisle and Havoc.
  3. She shares voice actors with Shade (Female), Edea (The Holy City of Cernium) and Avril.
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