Cadena is a Nova Thief who uses a Chain as her primary weapon and a Warp Forge as her secondary weapon.


Fall of Heliseum

Under Darmoor's orders, Magnus took the Specter army and sacked the Nova capital of Heliseum. During the battle, every member of the Nova royal family was killed except for the princess, who was rescued by the General of the Nova army. As she had been wounded from Magnus’ attack, the General brought her to Gen, the Savage Terminal branch leader of the Shadowdealers, a trade organization that specialized in black market merchandise. Gen treated her injuries with a special medicine, but the side effects of such a strong medicine put her into a coma for many decades.

Main Story

Cadena the Shadowdealer

When the princess finally woke up, she was shocked to learn from Gen that her family had been killed and her city taken by Magnus. Gen explained to her that he had only saved her because he had owed a debt to the Nova General, but with her awakening, his obligation had been fulfilled, and so he told her that she would need to learn to fend for herself. Vowing never to be weak again, the princess chose to reinvent herself by taking on the new name of Cadena and wielding chains as her new weapon. Because her horns, wings, and tail got in the way of her chains, she decided to cut them off and let her pain serve as a reminder that she would never be helpless again, after which she decided to climb to the top of the Shadowdealers’ chain of command.

One day, Cadena woke up screaming from a nightmare about Magnus’ attack on Heliseum and decided to go outside for some air. There, she found a group of Hoodlums loitering around and decided to entertain herself by stealing their money. The angry Hoodlums immediately picked a fight with Cadena, who easily defeated them and returned back to the hideout for an important meeting. Gen reprimanded her for fighting without profit, which was one of the Shadowdealer rules. He made her review the rulebook, after which he quizzed her on the rules and maxims. Satisfied with her performance, he then gave her medicine in order to treat her wounds from the fight. As Cadena drank the medicine, the bitter taste reminded her of the day she awoke from her coma.

After taking her medicine, she reported back to Gen, who taught her several new moves that would aid her on her first few missions. He then told her to go see the Papyrus Brothers, who would assign her first mission. The Papyrus Brothers acknowledged that Cadena was already one of the strongest people in the branch, but pointed out that she lacked real-world experience. Because of this, they told her that her first mission was to repair the hideout and ordered her to bring Cast Iron Plates from the nearby Hedgehogs. After replacing the old plates, the Papyrus Brothers told her that the toxic air in Savage Terminal had likely caused the original iron to corrode. Believing that the Mutant Hedgehogs were releasing the toxic gas, they asked Cadena to defeat the Mutant Hedgehogs and bring back their nails. With the nails, the Papyrus Brothers were able to finish repairing the base, but they were still concerned about the rising number of Mutant Hedgehogs and asked her to thin their numbers, as well as to bring back their fur for analysis. Cadena brought the fur to Coney, a new member who was intellectual enough to serve as the Shadowdealers’ subject matter expert.

For her next mission, Cadena was tasked with collecting ingredients for dinner. Cadena first collected Nutria hind legs and then decided to take a break. While buying a snack at the Black Market, she was pickpocketed by an orphan named Anzu. Cadena chased him down and took back her money. As reparation, she decided that he would be her servant and forced him to collect the rest of the ingredients she needed for dinner. The Papyrus Brothers congratulated her for completing all her missions and began preparing dinner. As they needed to finish their own missions, the brothers told her that Gen would soon contact her with her next orders. Soon after, Gen radioed her and explained that he had gone off-world for a meeting at the Shadowdealer Headquarters. In the meantime, he asked her to collect overdue debts from some of their patrons. In his ledger, Cadena found that Gusto from the Black Market, Corbo at the Mountain of Trash, and Antuin from the Pawn Shop at Brigand’s Row still had unpaid debts. She also noticed that Antuin’s name had been emphasized in the ledger.

Collecting Dues

She first went to meet Gusto, who told her that someone from the Shadowdealers had already come to see him, though he paid her nevertheless, believing that Gen’s records were always reliable. Next, she met with Corbo, who told her that there were rumors circulating of people impersonating Shadowdealers in order to steal payments and asked her to warn Gen. Finally, she went to see Antuin, who told her that he had no money to pay her. Frustrated, Cadena told him to give whatever money he had stored in his vault. Antuin explained that there was something valuable in the vault which he could use to pay off his debt, but added that he didn’t know the passcode to open it. Cadena wondered whether this was the reason why Gen had emphasized Antuin’s name in his ledger and radioed Coney to come over and open the vault. Though he was nervous to be in Cadena’s formidable presence, Coney stammered that the Shadowdealer Code prevented him from helping Cadena for free and offered to help her in exchange for her helping him with his own mission.

Cadena agreed and brought back Still Fluid from the Ooze Wastes, which Coney needed for an experiment that he was conducting on the Papyrus Brothers’ orders. After Cadena brought back the fluid, Coney told her that he had figured out the passcode, but that there was a strong adhesive keeping the safe shut. While he worked on melting the adhesive, he asked her to collect Unburning Flames from Flame Wastes for his experiment. After Cadena returned, Coney told her that he had successfully removed the adhesive and asked her to pound open the door, as he was too weak to open it. Cadena broke open the vault door with ease and Coney told her that their deal had been concluded before leaving. Antuin then scraped together the money from inside the vault, which was coincidentally the exact amount as his debt to Gen. Just as she was about to leave, Anzu, the orphan who had pickpocketed her, arrived and demanded to know why the safe was open, reminding Antuin, his grandfather, of his promise not to touch the safe, which belonged to his father. Swearing to never forgive his grandfather, Anzu ran off, leaving Antuin to apologize for Anzu’s behavior, explaining that it was likely due to losing his parents in an accident. Unable to shake her feeling of guilt, Cadena decided to repair the safe with Soft Scrap Iron from the Scrap Iron Wastes.

Under New Leadership

Just then, the Papyrus Brothers radioed her and explained that their trading partner, Corbo, had sent a distress signal, and with Gen off-world for an important meeting, they needed to deal with it immediately. After tracing Corbo’s signal, they determined that she was at the Brawl ‘n’ Bash Club and asked Cadena to extract her. At the club, Cadena rescued Corbo, who explained that she had been kidnapped by the same people whom she had told Cadena were pretending to be Shadowdealers, and that they had demanded her to pay them taxes. Cadena confronted one of the kidnappers, who merely laughed and told her that their boss, Mr. Hazard, was the owner of the club, and that he had also replaced Gen as the Savage Terminal branch leader, meaning that all Shadowdealers, including Cadena, now worked for him. Because of this, they explained that they also outranked Cadena, and so she was to follow their orders. Cadena scoffed that there was no way that she would listen to them if she never listened to Gen to begin with. She then began fighting off hordes of Hazard’s lackeys herself until the Papyrus Brothers arrived to back her up. After seeing the enemy’s numbers, however, the brothers determined that it would be best to retreat. Before they could escape, Mr. Hazard himself arrived and released a toxic gas which immobilized the group. He reminded them that infighting between Shadowdealers was against the rules and explained that he and Gen had come to an understanding. He decided to overlook their infraction and told them that he would see them again, disappearing soon after.

The Papyrus Brothers recognized Hazard as the second-in-command to the leader of the Shadowdealers and explained that it was said that he sowed chaos in his wake, and that the planets he visited all fell to ruin. The Papyrus Brothers arranged for Corbo to be escorted to safety and soon received a message from Gen, who had returned from the meeting. Back at the hideout, Gen explained that Mr. Hazard had told them that Savage Terminal was under a threat of attack, and so he had successfully petitioned the Shadowdealer High Council that he be allowed to take over the branch in order to protect its members. Though he didn’t like the arrangement any more than they did, Gen emphasized that they all needed to cooperate with Hazard and his cronies until the situation deescalated. He also told Cadena that, based on how things were going, there wasn’t much for her to gain by staying, and so he gave her permission to leave if she so desired. However, Cadena refused and reminded Gen that she still had things to learn from him first. Gen was pleased by her loyalty and gave her a special mission to investigate Mr. Hazard, suspecting that he had a spy within their branch, as there was no other way that he could have taken over so easily. He told her to come to the Back Alley late that night, where a fellow Shadowdealer would fill her in on the details. With that, he taught her the new skills she had wanted to learn from him.

Infiltrating Hazard's Lair

That night, Cadena went to the Back Alley, where she found a disguised Coney. He gave her a robe to conceal her appearance and told her that their objective was to infiltrate the Brawl ‘n’ Bash Club. He explained that all the strange events were connected to the club, as Hazard had built his hideout there and installed the emitters for the toxic gas which had immobilized them, adding that even the monsters in the area had mutated to varying degrees based on their proximity to the club. The pair arrived at the club entrance, where they pretended that they had come for advance registration for the Coliseum Arena, bringing Wriggling Tails from the Specter Stray Dogs as payment. While they were investigating, the security guards noticed that they were poking around and decided to pick a fight with them. After Cadena defeated the guards, Coney realized that there was something at the other side of the club and told Cadena to covertly infiltrate the area. She managed to sneak over to the other side, where she defeated the guards patrolling the interior. Coney then discovered reagents, which he believed were connected to the Mutant Hedgehogs, whose toxic gas had been corroding the metal in their hideout. While gathering the reagents, they came across a Popoh bird, which had been captured in order to be experimented on. Feeling bad for it, Cadena released it and allowed it to escape. She and Coney then grabbed as many reagents as they could before returning to the Back Alley, where Gen was waiting for them. They then explained that Mr. Hazard had been injecting the reagents into the local creatures. Gen told Coney to return to the hideout and analyze the agents.

After Coney left, Gen told Cadena that he had looked through Hazard’s trade log and determined that a suspicious trade would be taking place later that night. He asked her to spy on the trade in order to determine who the vendors were. Using a reagent Gen had given her, Cadena transformed into one of Hazard’s cronies and told Hazard’s group that the order had been cancelled. Just as they were about to leave, a Lab Tech bot from the Angler Company arrived to deliver the shipment. The cronies quickly realized that Cadena was lying and moved to attack. She transformed back into herself and defeated the cronies, forcing them to retreat and allowing her to take the shipment from the bot, which had been broken in the fight. She discovered that the shipment was a document called Report X-9, but as the rest of it was written in strange letters, she decided to bring it to Gen. At the Back Alley, Gen was unhappy that she had resorted to force, as it would mean that Mr. Hazard would soon learn about the altercation. Nevertheless, he took the report from her and called Coney to decipher the code it was written in. Coney realized that it was double-coded and managed break through the first layer of encryption. However, he was concerned about the second layer, which had a particular phrase constantly repeating. After some time, he decrypted the phrase and learned that it referred to the reagent which he and Cadena had found at the club. He told Cadena that they needed to both decipher the code and figure out the mystery of the reagent at once, and so he asked her to help with the reagent while he continued decrypting. He then instructed her to bring Mutant Nutria Blood samples, believing that they were the key to figuring out the reagent.

The Heliogene Device

Using the samples Cadena brought him, Coney was able to complete his investigation. He explained that Report X-9 was a blueprint for a bioweapon called the Heliogene Device. Based on the schematics, it appeared to be a bomb made from a type of bioenergy, and Coney realized that it was likely what the animal experiments were for. Gen concluded that Hazard’s scheme was to sell dangerous weapons to the warmongers of the galaxy. Coney told them that the good news was that they knew why Hazard had picked Savage Terminal, as according to Report X-9, the weapon parts needed were scattered all over Savage Terminal, with the report showing exactly where they could find each part, meaning that they had a chance to prevent the Heliogene Device from being built if they could get the parts first. Cadena asked why they had to stop it in the first place, as she assumed that Hazard would leave after he finished building it, and so Coney explained that creating the Heliogene Device would destroy Savage Terminal. When the device was detonated, it would release a powerful poisonous gas, similar to the poison gas released by the reagent lifeforms, but on a much stronger level. Gen realized that Mr. Hazard had been planning to destroy them all along, and that the competing crew was just a ruse to cover the bigger operation. They decided to gather their team and invade Mr. Hazard’s hideout with full force while Cadena gathered the remaining weapon parts to use as proof of Hazard’s atrocities.

Coney told her that the weapon parts were located at the Shaded Dump Site, Stray Dog Alley, and the Pawnshop. Cadena obtained the first two easily and headed towards Brigand’s Row. At the Pawnshop, neither Antuin nor Anzu were there, and unlike the first two sites, she couldn’t find the part easily. She began searching around the safe, where she found some sort of blueprint and a family photo. In the garbage bin, she found a pile of half-written notes from Anzu, thanking Cadena for fixing the safe. On the floor, she found crack marks, indicating that there had been a fight. Still unable to find the part after searching, she decided to radio Coney. Before she could, however, Coney radioed her first and explained that he had discovered that the last piece of the weapon was actually a living person. He told her that the crew was preparing to invade Mr. Hazard’s hideout and asked if Antuin and Anzu were at the Pawnshop, as he was worried about the report mentioning their shop specifically. Cadena had a bad feeling and decided to return to the hideout, which she found empty.

Just then, the radio rang and she picked up, expecting it to be Coney, but she was surprised to find that it was one of Hazard’s lackeys, who explained that they had captured Coney and the rest of the crew. He told her that the rest of her branch was going to be killed for betraying Hazard, but added that she could still survive if she brought them the weapon parts. Cadena immediately rushed to the Brawl ‘n’ Bash Club. As she prepared to fight her way through, Gen and the Papyrus Brothers arrived to back her up, having defeated their captors. Gen told her to sneak through the back in order to stop Hazard while they covered her. Just then, the Popoh bird which she had freed appeared and led her through a secret entrance to Hazard’s lair.

Confronting Hazard

Cadena fought her way through the guards and rescued Coney, who was tied up at the entrance of Mr. Hazard’s lair. Coney thanked her for rescuing him and ran back to support the rest of the crew fighting Hazard’s cronies. Cadena thanked the Popoh bird and warned it to escape before the situation grew dangerous. She then entered Hazard’s lair, where she found Antuin and Anzu hooked up to the Heliogene Device. Antuin asked whether she had come to rescue then, but Cadena replied that her only objective was to take down Mr. Hazard. Antuin begged her to at least save his grandson before Hazard’s cronies returned. He told Cadena that the machine drained one’s life force, but Anzu was just a boy who had many more years of living yet to do. Just then, Mr. Hazard arrived and demanded that Cadena hand over the rest of the parts. When Cadena refused, Hazard put on a gas mask and told her that he would simply take them by force. He then turned up the Life Force Conductor to drain Antuin and Anzu’s lifeforce faster and laughed that once the battery was fully charged, the weapon would be ready and he would be rich. He then used reagent in order to grow much larger and began to fight Cadena. After a vicious battle, Cadena was able to defeat him. She demanded that he leave Savage Terminal immediately, but Hazard merely scoffed at her thinking that he had been defeated.

He then activated the toxic gas emitters to paralyze her, and as she fell, her emblem of the Nova royal family fell out of her pocket. Mr. Hazard was amused to learn that Cadena was a member of the Nova royal family and told her that the High Flora would love to hear the news. He attempted to blackmail her by promising to keep the news to himself if she were to give him the weapon parts. To his surprise, however, Cadena merely laughed and got up, explaining that he didn’t understand what he had just done. Rather than finding something to hold over her, he had ensured that she would go to any lengths to stop him from telling anyone her secret. She then damaged the Heliogene Device, causing a large explosion that freed Antuin and Anzu. Together, they escaped, with Cadena leaving Mr. Hazard for the Shadowdealer High Council to deal with.

Encounter with Magnus

In the aftermath of the battle, Hazard’s treachery was laid bare to the Council. Though no one knew what happened to him afterwards, his reign of terror over Savage Terminal was finally over. After the incident, some fled the moon in fear. However, Cadena knew that others would replace them in time. With Hazard’s absence, Gen found himself at the top of a large and lucrative trade empire, although most of the money had gone into repairing the hideout and paying for his crew’s medical bills. Meanwhile, the people of Savage Terminal had given Cadena the title ‘Hero of Justice’, much to her annoyance. Some time later, Cadena went to the Pawnshop while on a mission to deliver a package to Antuin and Anzu. Anzu thanked her for rescuing him and asked her to teach him how to use chains once he had recovered, to which Cadena reminded him that he owed her for saving him, plus interest. Cadena then gave Antuin the package she had been sent to deliver and returned to the hideout. There, Gen gave her the details of her next mission. He explained that Mr. Hazard had been dealing with many partners that the Shadowdealers didn’t approve of. The High Flora, in particular, were rumored to be some of his best customers, to whom he had given Vision Bomb tech. He told Cadena that she was to break into Hazard’s old office and get his papers to confirm the rumors of his clients. He then introduced a special new recruit with whom Cadena would be completing the mission, which turned out to be the Popoh bird.

After clearing out the remaining guards, she entered Hazard’s office and found a blank piece of purple paper hidden away. Upon examining it, she realized that the purple color was saturated over words, making it difficult to remove. She radioed Coney, who suspected that the color had come from the poison gas and suggested using the Poison Remover that Hazard’s cronies were carrying. Using the remover, Cadena discovered that the page revealed the identities of Hazard’s secret trading partners, along with a log of when and where he had met them. She returned to Gen, who was pleased by her success and told her that the Shadowdealer High Council was impressed by her actions, meaning that she ought to expect bigger and more dangerous missions. He also told her that she would be taking over managing one of Mr. Hazard’s contacts and referred her to the Papyrus Brothers for more information. They assigned her a trade in East Pantheon and gave her the shipment to deliver, instructing her to pick up the payment she would find there. On the day of the trade, she made her way to the trade site and found a large pouch of payment. Just as she placed the shipment on the ground, she began feeling as though she were being watched. Suddenly, the ground began to quake and dozens of Specters appeared. Cadena fought off droves of them, but there seemed to be no end. Just then, Magnus appeared and asked her why she was attacking his minions when he had come to trade. Cadena immediately recognized him as the man from her nightmares, the same one who had destroyed her life decades ago. She immediately charged at him, but Magnus easily defeated her, knocking her unconscious.

A New World

Cadena woke up at the hideout, where she found Gen tending to her wounds. He explained that he had followed her after hearing about her trade at Pantheon. He berated her for acting foolishly and told her that it was only through luck that he had been able to get her out safely. However, he suspected that Magnus may have figured out her true identity and advised her to leave Grandis for some time, as it would be safer for her not to be around any potential spies in the hideout. He also added that she had outgrown the Shadowdealers, and that training on her own was the best way for her to grow stronger, especially in a new world where she had no reason to hold back or fear getting noticed. Cadena was shocked by Gen’s words and told him that she needed time to think about it. After some reflection, she realized that Gen was right, as being defeated by Magnus so easily, even after she had made so much progress, made her realize that she had a long way to go. She then felt a throbbing ache on her shoulder and wondered briefly if Magnus had done it, before remembering that it was the old pain from her cutting her wings, horn, and tail off. The pain helped her remember the oath she had made to herself to get stronger, with her self-inflicted injuries serving as a permanent reminder of her commitment.

After telling Gen that she would follow his advice, he directed her to the Great Temple at Pantheon, where she was to go through the Interdimensional Portal. He told her that the Heliseum branch of the Shadowdealers would be in touch soon in order to help her out. Soon after, a Shadowdealer named Romero radioed her and explained that he had made all the necessary arrangements for her passage to the Great Temple. She traveled to Pantheon and entered the Great Temple, where she met Fenelle. Fenelle felt as though Cadena seemed familiar and asked if they had met before. Cadena realized that the priests would sometimes come to visit the castle and wondered if Fenelle recognized her from then. However, Fenelle then said that she must have confused Cadena for someone else. She told Cadena that the Shadowdealers had vouched for her strength, but that she wished to test Cadena’s strength since they didn’t know what dangers awaited them in the new world. She asked Cadena to see Beldar and Cartalion, who would each conduct a test of strength. After passing Beldar’s test to collect Onyx Stonegar Magic Stones and Cartalion’s test to defeat Gravi Stonegars, Cadena received permission to use the Interdimensional Portal.

Before Fenelle could show her how to use the portal, Cadena felt a sudden rush of homesickness and ran back to Savage Terminal to say goodbye to Gen. Though he made fun of Cadena for her sentimentality, Gen told her to take care while in the new world and explained that he would tell the other Shadowdealers that he had sent her on a special mission in order to cover up her absence. With that, she returned to the Great Temple, where Fenelle instructed her on how to use the portal. She also mentioned that Cadena could use the Interdimensional Portal in the Six Path Crossway to return. With that, Cadena began her journey in Maple World.

Third Job Advancement

During her travels, she honed much more of her power and eventually returned to Gen, who taught her the last of everything he knew, though he warned her that she would soon need to create new skills for herself if she wanted to become truly strong.

Fourth Job Advancement

Cadena eventually heeded Gen’s words and successfully developed her own new techniques in order to surpass his teachings.

Final Quest

Through her vigorous training, Cadena felt her power getting stronger. However, she felt as though there were still powers inside her that were yet to be unlocked. By concentrating on her past experiences, new power flooded her body as she felt herself grow stronger through everything she had been through.

Meeting Ark

After escaping Verdel, Ark decided to explore Savage Terminal in order to learn more information about Grandis in order to help him recover his memories. In the Black Market, he found Market Hoodlums attacking Coney. Ark intervened and fought off the Hoodlums. As thanks for helping him, Coney began to explain the situation with the High Flora and the appearance of the Interdimensional Portal. Just then, Cadena arrived and confronted Ark about attacking Coney. Coney clarified that Ark had actually saved him, but Cadena still looked at Ark suspiciously and took Coney back to their hideout.

Information Broker Bureau

While reading through several documents about Grandis, Hoyoung read a document compiled by Cadena, under the alias of Brawler C, which contained details on Maple World, as well as rumors that the Black Mage would soon break free of his seal.

Meeting Kain

Kain arrived in Savage Terminal while following Amos' directions to meet Coney. He soon encountered a group of Market Hoodlums holding Coney hostage, having learned that Kain would be arriving from Amos’ letter to Coney, which they had intercepted. Kain managed to defeat all the Hoodlums, just as Cadena arrived to rescue Coney. Kain immediately felt a strange sense of kinship with Cadena when he saw her. Cadena took him to the Shadowdealers’ hideout and introduced him to Gen.

Meeting Adele

While searching for her lost memories, Adele was contacted by her allies, Brook and Laddie, who told her that they had recovered an old banner of the God-King she once served. Adele went to Savage Terminal to pick it up, where she encountered Cadena and Coney. Recognizing her as a High Flora, Cadena refused to deal with Adele and left Coney to complete the transaction himself.

Meeting Lara

Lara arrived in Savage Terminal and met with Coney, who introduced her to Cadena. When Lara presented a letter of introduction, Cadena grew furious and used her chain to tear it up, telling Coney that the letter was a contract with Mr. Hazard. Suddenly Gen arrived and diffused the situation. After Cadena stormed off, Gen apologized for her behavior and explained what had happened with Hazard and the Heliogene Device.

Heliseum Reclamation HQ

Pushing Forward

Cadena received a message from Gen asking her to meet in the Back Alley. There, he told her of an opportunity to settle her grudge with Magnus and explained that the Nova were planning to launch an attack on Heliseum. After expressing her interest, Gen told her that he would contact the Heliseum branch of the Shadowdealers and gave her a D-03 Transmitter. He told her to speak with Beldar in Pantheon and reminded her, above all, to never to reveal her true identity. At Pantheon, Beldar told her to meet with Tiron at the Transitional Dimensional Door, who would guide her to the commanders. There, Tiron told her that Specters had attacked the base, and that Edea and Piston were trapped inside. Cadena fought through the Specter forces and reached Edea and Piston. Edea was impressed by her unorthodox tactics, but wondered about Cadena, since she didn’t seem like a Nova. Cadena explained that her story was complex, but that she was committed to taking down Magnus. Edea welcomed her to the land of dragons and asked for her help in aiding the Heliseum Reclamation HQ. Piston first asked her to defeat the Specter Battle Hounds, who were largely responsible for finding their base. Next, Edea asked her to attack the Specter Shieldbearers in order to secure their routes. With their front lines stabilized, Edea asked her to help Harpoon get supplies. Harpoon asked her to obtain Dinogoth Shoulder Meat for the soldiers. To help get strong wood for armor, Cadena suggested that they obtain some from the Specter Shieldbearers. Next, Harpoon told her that the supply route was too far away, and that the enemy camp was slowing them down. Cadena offered to destroy the enemy camp in order to open up their supply lines. With the enemy forced to retreat, Harpoon told Cadena that they would be able to open up a new supply route.

The Blue Dragon Cannon

Piston congratulated her on her work and explained that they were planning to use the Blue Dragon Cannon in order to attack the Specters. He told her that they had reached a setback while constructing it and asked her to help Cartalion, as he knew that Cadena was experienced with weapons. Cartalion and Beldar asked her to collect Animal Oil from the Red Speeyors in order to help the weapon run. After bringing the oil, Beldar told her that the ancient schematics were too faint to read, and so they weren’t sure of what to do in order to finish construction. Unsure of what to do herself, Cadena decided to call the Heliseum branch of the Shadowdealers since Gen had told her to contact them if she ran into trouble. At the Secret Merchant Meet-Up spot, she used the D-03 Transmitter to contact Romero, who arrived and gave her the updated schematics. When Cadena asked about payment, Romero explained that the Heliseum branch had an understanding with Gen, who had saved them a while back. She brought the schematics back to Beldar, who excitedly showed it to Cartalion. With the new schematics, they were able to finish constructing the Blue Dragon Cannon. While construction on the weapon was happening, Cadena contacted Coney and asked him to meet her at the Back Alley so that he could help her add the Blue Dragon Cannon to her arsenal. Coney took the schematics and set to work on adding the extra modifications Cadena asked for.

Meeting Eurenth

At the Heliseum Reclamation HQ, Edea told Cadena that the Blue Dragon Cannon had been largely successful in helping them with their counterattack. With their next move being retaking the city center, she asked Cadena to gather intelligence for their next move. She asked Cadena to speak with Eurenth and learn what he knew about the region. At Eurenth’s hut, Eurenth found Cadena to be familiar, but he nevertheless told her to leave him alone. Even after being threatened, Eurenth refused to speak, and so Cadena decided to call the Shadowdealers. Tonero met her at the meet-up spot and told her that Eurenth may speak to her if she gave him a gift. Cadena gathered Yellow Speeyor Fur Coats and brought them to Eurenth, who simply took the gift and fell asleep. Frustrated, Cadena returned to Tonero, who suggested that she gather Dinodon Ribs for Eurenth’s pet Popo. Cadena gathered the ribs and brought them to Eurenth, who ate them all himself without sharing them with her or Popo. Cadena once again returned to Tonero, who decided to pull his failsafe - a limited edition, hand-stamped figurine of Angelic Buster, though Tonero secretly told her that the hand-stamp was from a Yellow Speeyor, making it a counterfeit. After bringing it to him, Eurenth began scribbling like a madman and gave her the letter to give to Edea.

Royal Passageway

With Eurenth’s intelligence, Edea was able to devise a plan to draw the Specters to one spot, where they would finish them off with a single blow. While Kaiser drew the enemy out and Angelic Buster provided rear support, Edea tasked Cadena with disrupting their communications with explosives. However, she explained that the enemy used explosive signals to quickly dispatch orders, which was why there were explosives piled up throughout Heliseum’s forests. Edea wanted to take advantage of those explosives, but since they were spaced too far apart, there was no way to detonate them all at once without alerting the enemy. However, Cadena formulated a plan to deal with it using her royal crest. She went to the Nova royal family’s secret passageway near the barracks at the Twisted Forest Border, where she placed the crest into a rock, which lit up and revealed a passageway. As she entered the passageway, Cadena reminisced about how she used to hide in the passageway when she wanted time alone. She recalled that the adults would use them to travel under cover, and that she never expected that the passageway would be used for a siege. She also remembered that there were three entrances to the secret passageway, all of which passed through the forests of Heliseum. She first went to the Forest of Choices and detonated the explosives before quickly moving to the Specter Mine Zone and the Specter Forward Base. Having detonated all the explosives, she returned to the battlefield and joined in the fight. With her aid, Edea was able to destroy all the Specters with a powerful lightning spell. Pressing their advantage, they pushed out the enemies in the central region in order to make it their new base of operations.

Secret Tunnel

Having taken the downtown market, Cadena spoke with Piston, who asked her to rendezvous with Tiron. Tiron told her that they would be working together to defeat the rest of the enemies in the western district. They first took down the Guerrilla Specters in the Downtown District. As Cadena moved to the next area, she found scribbles on the wall that spelled out “leaving home”. They then fought off the Specter Engineers, where she found another scribble of two dragons, an adult and a child, with the words “where the moon and stars dance”. Finally, they reached the last area and fought off the Power Specters. There, she found a doodle of someone wearing a crown and a small, happy dragon, with the words “sleep with a smile” written on it. After Tiron left, Cadena suddenly recalled the location hinted by the drawings and headed to a secret tunnel that she had discovered as a little girl, which she would retreat into whenever she got in trouble. She wondered why the drawings still remained, feeling as though someone had wanted her to find them.

Inside the secret tunnel, she found a box filled with old memorabilia, such as a slingshot, a wooden sword, a bouquet, and a letter. She recalled how she had gotten the bouquet and written the letter to her mother as a surprise, which she remembered had been the day before Magnus sacked Heliseum. As the scent of the flower filled her nose, she turned away, reminding herself of her oath to never look back. Just then, Edea messaged her to return immediately. She told Cadena that they had played into the enemy’s hands, and that the Specters had set up a trap for Kaiser. While Angelic Buster held the rear, she asked Cadena to strike at the enemy’s flank. Cadena successfully helped push back the enemy, though Edea told her that Piston was injured. Cadena went to speak with him at the Pantheon clinic, where he told her about the concert Angelic Buster and Edea were performing. At the concert, Cadena also performed tricks such as knife juggling. After the concert was over, Edea told her that she would contact Cadena once the seal on the castle was broken.

Reunion with Ark

After helping retake Heliseum Downtown, Ark met with Cadena and introduced himself, reminding her that they had met before in Savage Terminal. He explained his situation to her, and though she still didn’t fully trust him, she acknowledged that his actions to help the Heliseum Reclamation HQ, as well as having saved Coney during their first encounter, was enough to make her believe that, at the very least, he wasn’t a follower of Magnus. As they talked, Cadena told him about how Mr. Hazard had nearly destroyed Savage Terminal while making a weapon for Magnus.

Defeating Magnus

The Alliance was eventually able to push forward and defeat the Heliseum Guardians before taking the fight the Magnus. After Magnus was forced to retreat, Cadena tearfully left flowers on the throne for her family, telling herself that even if her family were to somehow come back, things would never be the same, and that she would never be who she was before. She resolved to stay on the path she had committed herself to, and to one day make sense of why she was the only one who survived.

Black Heaven

The day before the operation, Cadena met Gen in the Back Alley. There, she told him that she was moving on and wanted to say goodbye. Gen asked if she was still determined to go and Cadena replied by saying that there were enemies to fight wherever she went, and that she believed that she could help people this way. She told Gen to consider it as the Shadowdealers expanding their territory, as there was a lot of potential in Maple World. Gen told her that it seemed like she could take care of herself, given her recent battles, and wished her luck, reminding her to take care, since he couldn’t save her a third time. Just then, Coney arrived with the Papyrus Brothers and the Popoh bird. Coney asked Cadena why she hadn’t told them about her leaving, as they were supposed to have each other’s backs. Regardless, he told Cadena that she would do great in the battle, as she was the hero of the day. Cadena simply laughed and said she was just looking for a worthy opponent, to which Coney said that it didn't seem as though she had found one yet. With that, the Shadowdealers bid Cadena farewell.

The day of the operation, Cadena ran into Kain and asked him whether he had any friends to meet up with before the battle. Kain curtly told her no, which annoyed Cadena. She reminded him to pull his weight, to which Kain told her to do the same. As he walked away, an irritated Cadena thought to herself that she knew that she didn’t like the look of him.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as her parents for Cadena.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Cadena is "Descendent of Dragons".


Cadena returned back to Gen’s hideout, where she reunited with Gen and Coney. Gen asked Cadena how her time in Maple World had been, as the look in her eyes made it seem that she had finally reached the level of strength she wanted. Cadena told him that, though she wasn’t as strong as she wanted to be, she was finally able to protect herself. Gen told her not to be humble, as he had heard about her role in defeating the Black Mage. Though he wanted to praise her, he reminded Cadena that she had only taken care of the problem in Maple World, and that Darmoor's threat to Grandis would result in things being much worse than they had been in Maple World. Cadena told him that it was to be expected, as the people of Grandis weren’t as united as the people of Maple World. To solve this, Gen suggested that Cadena reveal herself as the princess of the Nova in order to rally forces into fighting back against the High Flora, as well as to organize an alliance similar to the one on Maple World. Cadena told him that she had already torn off her wings, tail, horns, and even her old name and lost all connections to the royal bloodline. She also joked that leadership wasn’t her strong suit, and that she was content to leave it to Kaiser as the Nova Guardian while she took care of the business side like a true Shadowdealer. She then told Gen that she was planning to see the leader of the Shadowdealers. Gen warned her that it could be dangerous, but she replied that nothing excited her as much as playing with danger.



  • Cadena is Spanish for chain, which suits her as Chain is her main weapon.
  • Despite appearing to look the part, Cadena is not actually a human, as her Nova horns, wings, and tail were removed. This makes her the eighth class that is not human, suceeding Mercedes, Demon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Xenon, Beast Tamer, and Zero, followed by Illium and Ark.
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