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Prince Big Headward is a hair stylist in Henesys. He gives players random but luxurious haircuts with Royal Hair Coupons which can be bought in Cash Shop.

In the future when Henesys was attacked, the hair salon was destroyed and Headward had to take on guard duty at Henesys's entrance. Ever since the attack, he hasn't been able do to his hair and even grows depressed when looking at it or thinking about it.

In FriendStory, his counterpart is named Hugh Head.


Big Headward
NPC Big Headward
Function Prince
Quests involved Excessively Charming
Location Henesys Hair Salon

Quick Move

Big Headward
NPC Big Headward
Function Rinz the Assistant
Location None

Henesys Ruins

Big Headward
NPC Big Headward (Henesys Ruins)
Quests involved
Location Henesys Ruins


  1. He shares voice actors with Mihile(Job), Eckhart, Von Leon, Neinheart (Cygnus Returns video), Stan, Ericsson and Gelimer (Black Heaven animation).
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