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Beast Tamer, also known as Chase, is a Magician of the Beast Tamer class, and is accompanied by several animal creatures. Living in the region of Arboren, Chase always dreamed of being a heroine ever since being inspired by the five legendary Heroes. After meeting the Critter Champs: Arby the cat, Lai the snow leopard, Fort the bear, and Eka the hawk, Chase now travels with her furry and feathered companions, and together, they strive to help all the residents of Maple World!


Main Story

Meeting Arby

In Canopy Town of Arboren, a young girl named Chase dreamed of becoming just like the legendary Heroes of Maple, whom she idolized greatly. As a child, her Granny Rosanna would tell her stories of the five heroes who had sealed away the Black Mage, which had inspired her dreams of becoming a hero. One day, while she was singing about her dream, she overheard commotion and immediately rushed over, believing that it was an opportunity for her to be a hero. However, she realized that it was only Ms. Hilga, who had fallen into a hole that Chase had dug as a prank. Granny Rosanna scolded Chase for the prank that she had pulled on Ms. Hilga and told her to apologize immediately, adding that a true hero was never afraid to apologize. Chase gave a sincere apology to Ms. Hilga and asked for forgiveness. Though exasperated, Ms. Hilga noted that Chase was still young and forgave her, though she warned Chase not to do it again. She then told Chase that she had notice Bran crying and asked whether Chase knew anything about it. When Chase began giving a shifty answer, Ms. Hilga chided Chase for treating her friends poorly and told her to apologize to him. Once again, Chase apologized to Bran and promised never to pull another prank on him again. Bran then asked her why she was so obsessed with becoming a hero, and whether she was even cut out to be one. Chase proudly noted that she was going to become a legend like the Heroes of Maple, though Bran merely laughed. Frustrated, Chase asked Bran what she could do to prove herself to him. Bran dared her to go inside Wolf Forest on her own, where even the adults feared to enter.

Chase proceeded into the forest alone, where she discovered a cat stuck inside a cage. The cat asked Chase to help her break free from the cage, with Chase excitedly noting that talking cats were the sort of thing that true heroes stumbled across. The cat introduced herself as Arby and explained that she had been stuck inside the cage for days without food. After breaking open the cage, Chase asked Arby whether there was anything else that she could do, to which Arby told Chase that she had lost her bell in a nearby tree and asked Chase to fetch it. After Chase got the bell, Arby thanked her and introduced herself as a member of the Critter Champs. She explained that even though they were just starting out, the Critter Champs would soon be famous enough that all of Maple World would be singing their praises. Suddenly, a pack of wolves arrived and began circling the hill that the pair were on. Chase lamented that she didn’t have a weapon to fight, though Arby pointed out that she could use a tree branch. Chase then heroically leapt down and defeated the wolves. She returned to Arby, who was impressed by Chase’s skills. Arby then elaborated on the Critter Champs, explaining that they were four members on an adventure to become great heroes. Chase excitedly told Arby that she was also on a mission to become as great as the Heroes of Maple. As the two began fangirling over the Heroes, Arby suddenly invited Chase to become a member of the Critter Champs as their fifth member, which would make them just like the five Heroes. Chase pointed out that she wasn’t a critter, offended when Arby noted that she had animal features. Nevertheless, she agreed to join after considering it. Arby then told Chase to head back to Arboren while she gathered together the other members.

The Guardian Contract

Chase returned back to the village, only to find that a horde of Kobolds were attacking. As several Kobolds advanced on her, a snow leopard rushed in and defeated them. The panther greeted Chase and explained that Arby had told him about her, introducing himself as Lai. He then presented a Guardian Contract to Chase and asked her to sign it, explaining that it would allow her to tap into the power of the Critter Champs for her own use. After fist-bumping to complete the contract, Chase channeled Lai’s powers and used him to defeat the Kobolds attacking the village. Though they defeated the first wave, Lai smelled another wave of armored Kobolds invading and noted that they were much stronger. Nevertheless, Chase and Lai worked together to defeat the entire horde. Before they could celebrate their victory, Lai smelled yet another group of even stronger Kobolds and told Chase that it would be better for him to handle it alone. However, he quickly discovered that he was unable to pierce through their armor with his soft paws and decided to leave it to another Critter Champ. Just then, a large bear stumbled in and introduced himself as Fort. He then threw a massive punch that sent a Kobold flying into the air. Lai told Fort to perform the Guardian Contract with Chase so that she could use his power to defeat the Kobolds. The two then bumped fists, after which Chase used Fort’s power to fight the Kobolds, though another wave quickly appeared. Realizing that the enemy wasn’t planning to stop, Lai suggested evacuating the town by having them climb up the trees. Chase then rallied the townspeople and had them evacuate, after which Lai told her to head to safety as well.

After climbing up the tree, Chase asked what their next move was, as they couldn’t stay up there forever. Fort suggested lowering the watchtower door in order to block the entrance to the town. Chase told him that it was a good idea, except that there were too many Kobolds for them to reach the lever. Just as Chase wished that she could fly, Bran toppled over the edge of the tree and began falling. Suddenly, a large hawk dove down and grabbed Bran, setting him back up on the tree. Fort and Lai greeted the hawk, whose name was Eka, though Chase noted that Lai was acting strangely. Eka demanded to know where the hero that Arby had mentioned was, to which Lai timidly pointed at Chase. Eka was thoroughly unimpressed by Chase and was surprised to know that both Fort and Lai had signed the Guardian Contract with her. She reminded them that they had been waiting for a century to find the perfect master to sign the contract with, chiding them for wasting it on a child. Chase then told Eka that they first needed to save the town. Lai agreed and told Eka that the only way to do so was by signing the contract and flying Chase to the watchtower.

Though Eka reluctantly agreed, she made it clear to Chase that she didn’t approve of her. After the two signed the Guardian Contract, Chase told Eka to fly her to the watchtower, to which Lai nervously told Chase to watch how she spoke, as Eka refused to take orders from anyone. Though irritated, Eka agreed to do as Chase said just once, though she told Chase not to get used to it. After flying Chase to the watchtower, Eka told Chase that she was sealing her power away, as Chase was too weak to use it in her current state. Chase then pulled the lever, shutting the gate to the town. With the remaining Kobolds trapped inside, Chase and the other warriors of the village climbed down and prepared to fight off the enemy. Just then, Arby arrived and told Chase to quickly sign the Guardian Contract with her. After bumping fists, Chase used Arby’s powers to boost the strength of the warriors, allowing them to easily defeat the Kobolds. Suddenly, Chase found herself losing consciousness as the other Critter Champs rushed to catch her.

Helping Stump Town

Three days later, Chase awoke and learned from the Critter Champs that she had fallen unconscious after being overwhelmed by their powers. Chase then decided that it was time for her to begin her hero’s journey and began to say her farewells. She went to say goodbye to Granny Rosanna, who was sad to see her granddaughter go, though she accepted it when Chase pointed out that she had been the one to inspire Chase to become a hero. Chase promised to visit the townspeople, who all cheered her on her journey. Granny Rosanna then put a whistle around Chase’s neck, explaining that she had made it while Chase had been unconscious. After heading out of town, Eka chided Chase for sleeping for three days, ignoring Arby’s reminder that she had been by Chase’s side the entire time without sleep. Arby then told Chase that she and Eka were temporarily leaving for the spirit realm, as their powers were too strong for Chase to handle. She explained that Fort and Lai would also be coming with them until summoned, as Chase would quickly tire out if they remained with her all the time. Chase then made her way to Stump Town, where she met with Woodrock, the chief of the town. Chase began warning him that there was a great threat approaching, but Woodrock dismissed her words, claiming that she had fallen victim to Bluffing Tom’s lies.

In order to prove her words, Chase set out into the forest and defeated the nearby Kobolds, bring back one of their wooden clubs. However, Woodrock claimed that she had merely purchased it from the store, and so Chase decided to speak with Bluffing Tom. Tom noted that she was powerful to have obtained a Kobold’s club and suggested that she bring back Kobold swords as proof that he was telling the truth. She then brought the swords to Woodrock, who merely dismissed them as kitchen knives. With no other choice, Tom told Chase to collect Spear Kobold’s Claws. Chase fought several Rotting Kobolds, but was unable to find their claws. She decided to venture deeper into the forest and obtained the claws from the Kobold Pokers. After she presented the claws to Woodrock, he immediately accepted them as bear claws and asked Chase to bring him more. As Chase began to head out, she found Tom stopping his grandmother and his father from leaving the town, warning them that Kobolds were in the forest. However, his grandparents chided him for lying before heading out. Chase then proceeded to collect more claws and brought them to Woodrock, outraged when he declared that he would use them to decorate his room. However, Woodrock reassured her that even if Tom was telling the truth, there was no way for the Kobolds to enter the town.

Defeating King Kobold

After telling Tom what had happened, Chase decided to deal with the Kobolds herself. After defeating the Kobold Pokers and finding a Kobold den nearby, Chase returned to let Woodrock know, who urgently told her that he had seen the Kobolds while tracking down several people who hadn’t returned from the forest. He then begged Chase to find Tom’s family, adding that he should have listened to her. Chase discovered Tom’s grandmother, his father, and Tom himself, who claimed that he had fought through the Kobolds while searching for his family, though Chase knew that he was bluffing, true to his name. After returning back to town, Chase told Woodrock about the Kobold den. As she headed out to infiltrate it, Tom asked her to collect Red Pouches from the Kobold Shooters there, as one of them had stolen something from him in the forest and placed it in their pouch. However, even after Chase obtained the pouches, Tom was unable to find his missing item inside, and so he asked her to collect Blue Pouches from the Kobold Zappers. After Chase brought back the pouches, Tom discovered his mother’s handkerchief. He explained that his mother had been missing for a while, and that he had been out searching for her when he had run into the Kobolds, though no one had believed him. However, he was confident that the Kobolds had kidnapped his mother and asked Chase to rescue her, believing that she would be in the deepest part of the den. Chase entered the den and soon found Tom’s mother locked in a cell. After freeing her, the pair quickly returned back to town. Chase then began asking her about the Kobolds in the prison, to which she explained that she had only seen King Kobold at the end of the prison.

Realizing that eliminating the king would rid them of their leadership, Chase let Woodrock know about what she had learned. Woodrock asked her to eliminate the king, but when Chase arrived at the entrance of his room, she found it blocked, along with an overpowering stench. She returned back to Woodrock, who explained that the legends said that Kobolds were protected by a strange power and asked her to speak with Tom’s mother about it. Tom’s mother explained that she believed that the Kobolds used special smells for their powers and asked Chase to collect Kobold items so that she could prepare a special scent that would allow Chase to enter the throne room. Chase collected Spear Kobold’s Claws, Red Pouches, and Blue Pouches, with which Tom’s mother prepared Kobold Musk. Chase then applied the musk and entered the throne room, defeating King Kobold before returning back to town. After Chase reported her victory, Woodrock proclaimed her a true hero and apologized for not believing her. He added that she reminded him of the legend of the Heroes who had defeated the Black Mage, causing Chase to gleefully note that she looked up to them. Woodrock explained that someone on Victoria Island would likely know how to get in touch with the Heroes and suggested heading to the harbor outside town in order to get there.

Traveling to Victoria Island

Chase headed to the harbor when she met three suspicious individuals. One of them, a woman named Vicky, asked Chase whether they were on Victoria Island, to which Chase innocently replied that they were in Arboren. The woman chided Victor, one of the men that she was traveling with, telling him that they weren’t on Victoria Island after all. As Victor retorted that it was what he had been trying to tell her all along, the other man, Vincent, asked him why he hadn’t spoken up about it earlier. When Chase asked if they were also heading to Victoria Island, Vicky invited her to join them, explaining that they were treasure hunters. She then turned to her companions and whispered that Chase seemed highly gullible. After the ferry came, Vicky attempted to take advantage of Chase by explaining that there was a tax to board the boat, which she claimed belonged to her. Chase offered to pay with Spear Kobold’s Claws, which Vicky accepted, believing them to be valuable. Chase collected the claws and brought them back to Vicky, who was disgusted by their rotting stench. Nevertheless, she allowed Chase to climb aboard. Soon after setting sail, the boat was attacked by a Grosso Polpo.

Suddenly, Lai appeared and asked Chase what was happening. Vicky immediately noticed the talking snow leopard and realized that they could make a profit off of capturing them. Fort soon joined them and the two Critter Champs quickly made short work of the kraken with Chase’s guidance. Soon after, the boat was picked up by the Nautilus, with Chase and Vicky being brought aboard to see Kyrin. After learning that Chase was on her way to Victoria Island in order to meet the Heroes, Kyrin asked whether Chase knew of Evan, the successor of Freud. Chase excitedly told her that she had memorized all of the Dragon Master’s trivia. Laughing, Kyrin suggested that she visit Henesys, as it was Evan’s hometown. In Henesys, Chase was thrilled to run into Evan and told him about her dreams of becoming a hero. Evan laughed and noted that she very well could become one, as he certainly hadn’t been one when he had started. He then told Chase about all the major events that had happened, such as the five Heroes, the Black Mage, Empress Cygnus, and the arrival of the Sengoku Warriors. He then promised to let Empress Cygnus know about her and noted that he looked forward to the day that they could stand shoulder to shoulder.

A True Hero

Chase continued growing stronger and soon unlocked the power of Arby and Eka. Eventually, Chase's heroic exploits reached the ears of Empress Cygnus, who called Chase to Ereve and made her an official member of the Maple Alliance, with Neinheart, the Chief Knights, the five Heroes, and the Critter Champs in attendance of the official ceremony.

Stellar Detectives

After Tutu, the beloved mascot and mystical frog of Arboren was kidnapped, the village called on local hero Chase to rescue him. Calling herself Detective Chase, the hero of Arboren's investigations soon led her to encounter Hayato, Kanna, and Zen, who were searching for missing animals of their own, as well as the bounty hunter Jett, who was searching for PULSAR, a group of space pirates that were kidnapping rare animals. Declaring themselves the Stellar Detectives, Chase and the others successfully defeated PULSAR and rescued the missing animals, although the Space Pirate Commander wiped their memories. Chase left her diary, which contained records of their actions, in the bag of a traveler who was helping the Stellar Detectives, so that they could retrace her steps. Eventually, Chase and the others regained their memories and vowed to stop PULSAR.

Black Heaven

The day before the Black Heaven operation, Chase and the Critter Champs returned home to Arboren, as Chase wanted to meet her friends and family from Canopy Town before the battle. The town was overjoyed to see Chase after so long and greeted her as a hero. Chase was surprised to see everyone prepared for her arrival and asked her grandmother how everyone knew that she was coming. Granny Rosanna explained that Eka occasionally flew in and told the town about her adventures, though Eka had warned them to keep it a secret. Eka was irritated with Rosanna divulging how much she secretly cared about Chase and dismissed Chase’s gratitude. After saying her farewells, Chase had Eka fly her straight to Ereve for the Lumiere’s launch.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Eka for Beast Tamer, although the other Critter Champs are said to be there in the background as well.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Beast Tamer is "Hero of Nature".


After the battle with the Black Mage, Chase and the Critter Champs returned home to Arboren, where she visited the people of Stump Town and the people of her hometown, Canopy Town, who had traveled there to meet her. After a large celebration and a sumptuous feast, Chase said her farewells and headed to the port. There, she told the Critter Champs how relieved she was that Arboren was as peaceful as ever. Arby joked that she wouldn’t call the extravagant party a sign of peace, though she added that it wasn’t every day that a true hero like her came through. Lai concurred and told Chase that only a true hero could have brought Maple World back from the brink of darkness. Chase then confessed that after having met so many great people and facing down the greatest threat that Maple World had ever seen, she had realized that she could never be like the legendary Heroes of Maple because they had done everything by themselves, while she had learned that no one could save the world on their own, as it was a team effort. She then told the Critter Champs that they were the real heroes and fondly called them her friends. Eka then corrected her, admitting that Chase was just as important to the team as them. Arby then asked Chase whether she remembered the day when they had first met. She explained that ever since Chase had freed her from her cage, she had always known that Chase would be a real hero. Chase grinned and told the Critter Champs that they were right. She then swore as the hero of Maple World that she would always protect its people, adding that she could only do so with the Critter Champs’ help. The Critter Champs eagerly agreed as they all looked ahead for their next big adventure.



  • Chase was originally said to be an Anima upon her release. However, this was changed upon Hoyoung's release, at which point her class category was changed from "Anima" to "Beast Tamer". In the Explorer storyline, Rondo is implied to be an Anima who was raised in Maple World as an orphan. As Chase was brought up in Arboren, and the townspeople appear to be Halflingers, it is possible that Chase may also be an Anima who was raised in Maple World like Rondo.
  • An enormous chunk of Chase's storyline was cut from the game after she meets Evan. Chase's final quest, in which she becomes a member of the Alliance, references events from her cut content.
  • Despite her becoming a member of the Alliance within the story, Chase and Zero are the only classes who don't receive the Will of the Alliance skill or the Alliance medal.


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