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Aurora is an organization that researches and protects the light.


Corrupt White Mage 2

White Mage falling into darkness

Black Mage

Black Mage
The Transcendent of Light

Aurora was ironically founded by the Black Mage, the source of all evil around the Maple World. Soon after the foundation of Aurora, the Black Mage, who was then known as the White Mage, was given the title the "Transcendent of Light" as he was the leader of Aurora. However, he was then corrupted and gave up the light in search of the ultimate darkness.

Before the Black Mage's corruption, Aurora was located in the Forest of Peace, a thickly wooded area in perpetual night. The Forest of Peace is implied to be located on Victoria Island, and appears in Chapter 1 of the Grand Athanaeum quests. The White Mage had selected the dark Forest of Peace to do his research because he believed that "the ultimate light can only be found in the ultimate darkness".

The known Aurora members include Luminous, the last surviving member who is the light that the White Mage gave up when he left Aurora; Vieren and Mars, whom are both dead after the day of which White Mage fell into the darkness, though the spirit of Vieren remains in Harmony, the current hideout of Aurora of which only Luminous can enter, to guide on Luminous; and Lucia, who had died for Luminous though she was later reincarnated into the young lovable girl who sheltered Luminous, Lania.

Known Members

NPC Luminous
NPC Vieren
NPC Mars
Lead Researcher

Former Members

NPC White Mage
White Mage
Founder of Aurora
NPC Lania
Reincarnation of Lucia

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