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Arrows are a special type of ammunition used with Bowman classes. There are two main categories of arrows: Bows and Crossbows, which only work with their respective weapons.

Arrows for Bow

Picture and Name Level Requirement Attack Boost Max Per Slot
Use Arrow for Bow
Arrow for Bow
None None 9999
Use Bronze Arrow for Bow
Bronze Arrow for Bow
None 1 9999
Use Steel Arrow for Bow
Steel Arrow for Bow
None 2 9999
Use Red Arrow for Bow
Red Arrow for Bow
None 4 9999
Use Diamond Arrow for Bow
Diamond Arrow for Bow
None 4 9999
Use Quality Arrow for Bow
Quality Arrow for Bow
40 3 9999
Use Strong Arrow for Bow
Strong Arrow for Bow
70 4 9999
Use Sharp Arrow for Bow
Sharp Arrow for Bow
100 5 9999
Use Sharp Arrow for Bow
White Gold Medium Arrows
100 6 9999
Use Titanium Arrow for Bow
Titanium Arrow for Bow
130 6 9999
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