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Ark is a member of the High Flora race. He is a Pirate-type class who uses a Knuckle as a primary weapon and Abyssal Path as a secondary weapon.


War for Peace

Gerand Darmoor seen in Ark's storyline

During the Flora Civil War, Gerand Darmoor made grand speeches to young High Floras in order to draft them into battle, calling their fight a 'War for Peace'. One of them was a young man named Ark, who was inspired by Darmoor's speech and enlisted in military school. There, he met another boy named Albaire, and the two became inseparable. They made a promise to always protect each other, and after graduation, they were both promoted to Second Lieutenants and sent to Verdel as part of the High Flora's campaign in the Western Front, where only elite troops went.

The previous race of Verdel, being massacred.

Under the leadership of General Brigadier Limbo, Ark and Albaire fought against the native species on Verdel. However, Ark soon grew disillusioned with the war, realizing that the so-called War for Peace was nothing more than a massacre. While eavesdropping on a private meeting, he was horrified to see that Limbo had the power to transform into a Specter. Ark found out that Limbo had learned of the enemy's plan to launch a surprise attack on the High Flora base. Before he could warn the enemy that the Flora were ready for them, Ark was caught by Limbo. As Ark had revealed himself to be a traitor, Limbo decided to conduct a ritual that would transform Ark into a Specter. However, Albaire found out about the ritual and, though he disagreed with Ark's betrayal, he did everything he could to stop the ritual because of the promise they both made to protect each other. With the ritual interrupted, Ark's transformation into a Specter was disrupted, resulting in

Ark realizing the true purpose of the war.

a large vortex forming that nearly obliterated the moon's entire surface. As a result, the High Flora evacuated and abandoned their plans for the Western Front, leaving Ark to remain unconscious for many years.

Main Story

Ark trying to resist the Specter ritual.

Joining the Caravan

On the moon of Verdel, three nomads named Salvo, Zippy, and Ferret were searching for useful material buried in the sand. Suddenly, they discovered an unconscious Ark lying in the desert and took him back to their refuge. Several days later, Ark awoke and found himself tied to a rock. He noticed that his Flora wings had been shorted out, and that his left arm was large and monstrous. He noted that the camp was around twenty people in size and briefly considered breaking his bindings and making a run for it. However, he decided to try to reason with his captors first. Just then, Salvo arrived and discovered that Ark had woken up, announcing to the whole camp that the ‘monster' had awoken. Ark was surprised that they considered him a monster, and the caravan, in turn, was surprised that he could talk. However, they noted that his arm looked just like the other monsters who had attacked them previously. Ark tried to convince them that he meant no harm and asked them to untie him. The nomads asked him to prove that he wasn't a monster by explaining who he was and why his arm was like that. However, Ark had no memory of who he was, and so he couldn't explain anything to them other than the fact that the only memory he possessed was of a nightmare in which a voice had called him Ark, which he assumed to be his name. Zippy, the leader of the caravan, believed Ark and asked if everyone thought that he should be released. However, some of the others were still suspicious of Ark. As the nomads debated amongst themselves, Ark wondered whether he ought to follow his original plan and make a break for it.

Just then, an alarm began to sound as the ground started rumbling. Zippy warned the nomads that the monsters had returned and told everyone to prepare to defend the camp. Just then, a horde of Specters charged into the refuge. Zippy apologized to Ark for the misunderstanding and released him so that he could escape. Ark and the other nomads managed to evacuate to the outskirts of the refuge, where Zippy reassured everyone that they could build another shelter.

They asked Ark what he planned to do now that he was free and invited him to join them. Just then, they realized that one of the children was still missing. Ark decided that the people of the caravan were good, and since they didn't consider him a monster anymore, he thought that it would be a good idea to travel with them until he learned more about who he was. With the Specters closing in, Ark decided that he would find the missing child while the rest of the caravan escaped. He arrived at the camp and rescued the child, Mar. Just then, Specters appeared and surrounded them. With his muscle memory from his time as a soldier, Ark managed to thin their numbers down. As he fought, he felt a dark power taking hold of his body. He felt unable to resist and was torn between a desire to protect the innocent and a thirst for carnage. Nevertheless, he was successfully able to retrieve the child and brought it back to the caravan.

A few days later, the nomads were in the process of rebuilding their shelter. Ark had fallen unconscious and awoke in the camp, unable to recall anything that had happened after the strange power had overtaken him. After waking up, Zippy gave him a tour of the new shelter and thanked him for his help, offering to pay him back however he could. Ark asked him if there was a way off Verdel, but Zippy told him that he wasn't sure either. He explained that he and the others weren't on Verdel by choice and explained that they were nomads on a search for paradise until one day, when their ship was pulled into Verdel by a strange vortex. Upon waking up, they found themselves trapped without their ship in the wastelands. Determined to survive, they scavenged for parts and food in order to create their shelter. Zippy hoped that, in time, they

would be able to recover their ship and resume their search for paradise. He explained that Ferret was always looking for

ways to track their ship's signal. Ark then told Zippy that he had decided to stay and help the nomads. Zippy apologetically told him that they hadn't even found a way to pay him back for saving Mar, though he added that they needed the help. Ark laughed and told him that helping each other benefited them all. Zippy then asked him to help find medical supplies to treat the wounded and told him to collect Dried Tree Husks from the Desert Mushes south of camp. After bringing Zippy the husks, Ark went to speak with Salvo about how he could help with gathering food, who asked him to collect meat from the Ferocious Desert Mushes. Next, he spoke with Ferret and collected Crumbled Rocks from the Sand Tortoises in order to create armor and rebuild the shelter. After bringing them back, Ferret asked him to put the extra material in storage.

Finding the Transport

As he finished putting the rocks in storage, he noticed Mar trying to sneak out of the shelter. He tried to tell Mar to stay in the shelter, but the boy simply laughed and continued on his way. Ark decided to follow him in order to make sure that he wouldn't be in danger and chased him south of the shelter, when Mar stopped and asked him to collect Crushed Crystals from the Crystal Sand Tortoises for a secret project. After collecting them, Mar led Ark to his secret hideout, where he showed Ark all the shiny objects he had gathered. Next to the shiny objects, Ark discovered an enormous crystal hollowed out with technological parts installed inside. He immediately realized that he had seen the crystal before. Suddenly, he was overtaken by one of his memories. He recalled the day when he and Albaire had been assigned to the Western Front after graduating from the academy, where they stood before the same hollowed-out crystal, which he recalled was actually a spaceship. Ark was telling Albaire about how they would be real soldiers once the mission was over, but Albaire pointed out that they were already real soldiers, having pledged their lives for the peace of Grandis. Just then, General Brigadier Limbo told them that they were ready to move out. Ark and Albaire began talking amongst themselves about how Limbo had done much good and hoped that they could be like him one day, with Ark marveling at how they had already been assigned to such an important base. Snapping back to reality, Ark realized that the one who had attacked him in his nightmare was Albaire. He then returned to the crystal several times afterwards, but he was unable to recall anything more from his past. However, he was certain that there was a way to escape Verdel using the broken crystal, provided that they could repair it.

Soon after, Ark told Zippy that the crystal was linked to a transport, and that they could likely activate it by finding its broken pieces. Zippy was glad to hear the good news, as it would give hope to the caravan. Ark, Zippy, and Ferret went to the crystal, where Zippy showed Ferret the hollowed out section of the crystal and explained that the ship would work if they could find the crystal energy shards that fit into it. Ferret tuned in to the crystal's signal, allowing him to find complementary signals that would reveal the locations of the shards. Zippy decided to form a recovery team composed of Digs, Grit, Ferret, Salvo, and Ark. Back at the refuge, Zippy told Ark that he would gather rations, weapons, and armor from the other caravanners and asked Ark to help Ferret and Salvo in the meantime. Ferret told Ark that it would be inevitable that they would get separated, and so he explained that he wanted to make a signal device. He told Ark that he needed to make a new one for him, as well as to repair his own, and asked him to find Decent Crystals from the Crystal Hermit Crabs north of the refuge. After collecting them, he gave them to Ferret and then went to see Salvo, who asked Ark to find Exploding Eyeballs from Bomber Hermit Crabs in order to make demolitions.

Finding the Crystals

Ark then went to check in with Zippy, who told him that Ferret had pinpointed the crystals' locations. They decided to find the piece at the location closest to the refuge first in order to get an idea of what they were dealing with, and so Ark and Ferret went out beyond the refuge in order to find the shard. As the arrived at the location of the first shard, Ark noticed a tall structure in the distance and felt something nagging at the back of his mind, though he couldn't recall what it was. Just then, Ferret dug up the first shard and the pair brought it back to the refuge. With the first piece recovered, the recovery team made their way to the refuge border, where Zippy and the other nomads sent them off. Ferret planned out their trip and explained that they would first recover the second piece that was closest to them, after which they would grab the final piece before circling back around to the transport.

Soon after they began the expedition, they found themselves in a sandstorm, which interfered with Ferret's signals. Ferret believed that the nearby Gale Foxes were causing the sandstorm and asked Ark to take care of them. After defeating the foxes, the group made their way further in, when they were stopped by an even bigger sandstorm caused by Ferocious Gale Foxes. After fighting past the foxes, they pushed forward and soon found the signal coming directly below them. Salvo used his demolitions to reveal the second piece, but the strength of his bombs caused the ground to cave in. The team and the buried crystal fell into a large cavern system beneath the sand. Ark and Ferret found themselves separated from the rest of the group, but Ark revealed that he had managed to grab the second piece. They made their way deeper into the cavern in order to find the rest of the group and found themselves surrounded by Sand Helm monsters.

As Ark hunted the monsters in order to clear the way, he felt a sense of familiarity about the creatures. After moving forward, they reunited with Digs and Grit, who had found the exit directly above them. Before leaving, Ferret told them that they needed to first find Salvo and asked Ark to defeat the Sand Armor monsters blocking the way. They moved forward and found Salvo before heading towards the exit. However, Ferret noted that something was off about the signal. Ark was suddenly consumed by a memory of the High Flora army striking down the native species of Verdel, whom Ark recognized as the Sand Helm and Sand Armor monsters. Ark recalled how he had become disillusioned with the battle, realizing it was little more than a massacre. He then recalled Albaire feeling shocked when Ark had confided to him that he wanted to desert. Albaire told Ark that nothing great came without sacrifice and told him to get it together, reminding him that their actions were for the greater good.

Ark forced himself to return to reality and told his worried comrades that he was fine. As they left in search of the final piece, Ark felt his memory growing clearer and his old feelings rushing back, recalling all the atrocities he had committed in the name of peace. The team then made their way back up and traveled to the third signal, where they found themselves at the remnants of a base, which Ark realized was the tall structure he had spotted while searching for the first shard. Salvo used a controlled explosion to reveal the third crystal, just as Ark recalled that the structure was the same High Flora base he had once been stationed at. Surveying the ruins, he felt a sense of disillusionment at what the ‘War for Peace' truly looked like. Suddenly, he had a memory of himself spying on a meeting, in which Limbo was told by a lieutenant of the enemy's plan to attack their base that night. Limbo told the lieutenant that he had done well to report it. He then said that there was incredible knowledge contained in the Abyssal Source, revealing that he could transform into a Specter at will. Ark recalled how he had been shocked to see Limbo's true form, and that he had resolved to warn the enemy that the High Flora were prepared for their attack.

Apostle Meeting

Back in the present, a meeting was taking place at the Aboris Royal Palace between Gerand Darmoor and his Apostles. Limbo reported that everything was proceeding according to schedule. One of the Apostles admitted that they found the situation entertaining, as the vortex from the failed Specter ritual had finally dissipated, and that their scouts had reported that there would be little resistance from Verdel's current inhabitants. They noted that it was good news considering that Limbo's last attack on the planet had been a failure. Limbo told them that one of his colonels would soon arrive on Verdel in order to ensure that everything went smoothly.

The Specter Within

Back on Verdel, Ark told the others that he had remembered that the spaceship near the refuge drew power, which was why the Specters had been drawn towards it, as they wanted more of the same power. He then realized that that the people of the caravan, who were in close proximity to the spaceship, were in danger. Salvo wondered whether they could outrun the Specters and power the spaceship for their escape, but Ark replied that it would take too long to get the power source running and instead suggested that they split up into two teams. While he, Salvo, and Digs set up a defense line, Ferret could take the crystals in order to start the ship. Ferret then began running towards the ship as Ark struggled to hold off the Specters.

As Ark continued fighting, he found himself losing control and transformed into his Specter form. He then heard a voice that told him that something important must be happening if Ark had finally realized that he needed the Specter power. Ark recognized the voice as that of the Specter inhabiting his body. The Specter told Ark that he could trust it to take control. However, Ark resisted and told it that he could never trust it. The Specter asked if Ark wanted to save his friends and explained that he didn't have much of a choice if he did, to which Ark resolved that he would use its power while retaining full control of himself. After learning to control the Specter power, he rushed to reinforce his friends.

Reunion with Albaire

Meanwhile, the defensive line was breaking down as Salvo and Digs were forced back by the arrival of High Flora soldiers. Ark fought through the Flora forces and saved his friends from Albaire, who had just arrived on the scene. Ark confronted Albaire, who had been promoted to Colonel, and told him that the War for Peace was a lie. Albaire asked why it mattered, to which Ark replied that it mattered to the people of Verdel. Albaire told Ark that it was sad to see him like this, as he had hoped that Ark would have changed his mind after his first betrayal. He then ordered Ark to step aside, claiming that he hadn't come for him. When Ark refused to move, Albaire told him to reconsider siding with the ‘barbarians' out of a misplaced sense of pity, telling him that he could still walk away if he didn't interfere with his mission. Ark asked what mission Albaire was referring to, to which Albaire explained that it was the same mission they always had to remake the galaxy in the High Flora image, adding that, unlike Ark, he didn't turn on what he believed in. When Ark told him that he was committing a massacre, Albaire dismissed him and said that it wasn't his problem if the other races refused to accept the superiority of the High Flora. Ark asked what had happened to their shared dream of bringing peace to Grandis, demanding to know how many innocents needed to die in the name of his mission.

The two then engaged in a fierce battle, but Ark noted that Albaire hadn't opened his wings at all throughout the fight, meaning that he was only using a small fraction of his power. Nevertheless, Albaire soundly defeated Ark, even after he transformed into his Specter state. As Albaire walked away, he told Ark to accept that he was weak, and that his grand ideals couldn't save anyone, warning him once more not to get in the High Flora's way again. As Ark began to lose consciousness, he recalled the memory of when he and Albaire had graduated military school.

Ark had told Albaire that they could finally bring peace to Grandis, though he confided that he was afraid, and that he even had nightmares. Albaire then told Ark that he had made a promise to protect those who mattered to him, which included Ark. He swore to Ark that he would always be there to protect him, even if Ark was the worst soldier on the battlefield. Ark laughed that Albaire wouldn't even make it to Colonel without his help, to which Albaire said that it was a good thing that Ark wouldn't abandon him. Though Ark had thought that Albaire was joking at the time, Ark realized that Albaire truly did protect him, finally remembering how Albaire had interrupted the Specter ritual, despite how he couldn't understand why Ark had betrayed him. As Albaire walked away, Ark asked what had happened to him. Albaire replied that that he wasn't the one who had changed, to which Ark pointed out that the Albaire he remembered had wanted to protect people. Albaire merely shrugged and supposed that the War for Peace was a lie, just as Ark had said. Ark was filled with regret, wondering whether things would have been different if he had just spoken to Albaire first before choosing to betray the Flora. As Albaire disappeared in the sandstorm, Ark remembered their promise to always protect each other.

Escaping Verdel

Verdel crumbling

Back at the ship, Ferret had Zippy gather the caravan, explaining that he had lost contact with the recovery team. Ferret then activated the power source, just as Ark was discovered and brought back the ship, when suddenly, the life energy began draining out of Verdel's surface. The caravan barely managed to take off, though they were successfully able to fly straight to Savage Terminal. Some time after landing, Ark awoke and the others told him how they had barely managed to escape Verdel, as the moon's entire life energy was being drawn out. Ark realized that the High Flora's mission had been to extract even more power, causing him to wonder what purpose it served. The caravan then told him that they were happy to stay in Savage Terminal and asked Ark what he planned to do. Ark explained that he had a new mission, and that he had decided to gather more information before leaving. However, he offered to help the caravan before he left. Zippy asked for a way to hide the power crystal, as it was drawing monsters towards them, and so Ark brought them scrap metal in order to disguise the crystal. He also brought Wiggling Tails from Mutant Nutrias at Salvo's request in order to ensure that the caravan had enough rations. Ferret then boosted Ark's communication device so that they could speak regardless of distance. They then said their goodbyes and Ark went his separate way.

Meanwhile at Aboris, another meeting was taking place. One of the Apostles asked if the plan for the Western Front had finally been completed, noting that there had been interference this time as well, with only minimal power to show for it. They added that the first time the ritual had been disrupted, it had destroyed the planet's entire surface, and with the second failure being nearly as disastrous, they felt that it was time to cut their losses. However, Limbo was pleased to know that Ark was still alive after so long.

On Savage Terminal, Ark decided to head into the Black Market in order to find information about Grandis. There, he found a group of Market Hoodlums attacking Coney. Ark intervened and fought off the Hoodlums. Coney then thanked him and asked how he could repay Ark back, citing the Shadowdealer code to always ensure that favors were repaid. Ark asked about the High Flora's activities, causing Coney to suddenly look down at his feet. He stammered that all he knew about the High Flora was that they had taken over most of Grandis. Ark realized that Coney was troubled by the topic, and so he decided to instead ask Coney about the status of the war, to which Coney explained that there hadn't been a real war since Grandis fell to the High Flora centuries ago. Coney also told Ark about the Nova and their plan to retake Heliseum, for which they were recruiting people from Maple World. Just then, Cadena arrived and confronted Ark about attacking Coney. Coney clarified that Ark had actually saved him, but Cadena still looked at Ark suspiciously and took Coney back to their hideout.

The Interdimensional Portal

Ark then decided to investigate the Interdimensional Portal and traveled to Pantheon, where he was surprised to see how peaceful it was, as he was expecting an active battlefield. Suddenly, he felt his power being drained and collapsed on the ground. He was awoken by Kaiser, who was alarmed by Ark's ears and arm. He, along with Cartalion, Beldar, and Fenelle, took Ark to the edge of the Protective Shield, where they began to question him. Beldar noted that Ark had Flora ears, but no magic wings, and suspected that he was related to the last group of Flora children who had come to Pantheon recently. Cartalion pointed out that Ark's arm was definitely Specter, noting that he had been weakened by the Protective Shield, which was intended to keep Specters out, and wondered whether Ark was in league with Magnus. Kaiser countered that Ark would have known about the Protective Shield if that were true, which Fenelle agreed with. Ark then explained that he was a deserter of the High Flora army, and that he now fought against them. Though he explained his situation, Beldar still didn't trust him, but Fenelle told them that Ark's auratic vibration was tranquil, and that she sensed that he had a strong will to do good. With Fenelle's approval, the group agreed to allow Ark to travel through the Interdimensional Portal and left Kaiser to escort him there. Along the way, Ark asked several questions about the portal, Magnus, and the other dimension, which Kaiser graciously answered. After traveling through the Interdimensional Portal, Ark met with Chief Stan in Henesys, who directed him to see Athena Pierce. She welcomed him as a new traveler and suggested that he help people around Maple World during his travels, giving him a few requests to choose from.

Third Job Advancement

Some time later, Ark felt the Specter's power crawling through his body, causing him to lose consciousness. He awoke in the Abyss, where the Specter welcomed him back. Ark was surprised, as he had thought that the Specter had vanished after he had overpowered it in Verdel, but the Specter explained that it was a part of him, and so it would never go away. Ark asked what the Specter was, to which it began explaining about the Abyss, which was the source of all knowledge in the world. Though it was difficult to access, there were paths available to those determined to seek it out, claiming that Ark was one of those people. Ark told the Specter that he couldn't remember the Abyss, to which the Specter explained that Ark had been able to remember very little after waking up, as it was the price for gaining the knowledge of the Abyss. However, it told Ark that he was special, as he had been able to escape the Abyss, rather than having his body and soul taken, which would have completely transformed him into a Specter. Because the process had failed, the Specter explained that it shared Ark's body, rather than fully consuming him. It explained that a normal Specter never truly died, as it merely returned to the Abyss. However, because it shared Ark's body, the Specter revealed that it would die as soon as Ark did. As he refused to give it control and continued throwing himself into dangerous situations, the Specter explained that it was in its own interest to keep him alive, revealing that it was the reason why it had just brought him to the Abyss, as it intended to give him more power. After Ark regained consciousness in the real world, more of the memory of his failed transformation began to return, along with the cost of seeing what lay in the Abyss. He wondered if the Specter had called him a special case because Albaire had interrupted the ritual, though he had no way of knowing for sure.

Strange Energy in Sleepywood

Some time later, Ark felt a strange energy in Sleepywood and decided to investigate. There, he met Kaiser, who told him that he had already investigated the area and found no traces of the High Flora. Ark then discussed with Kaiser about the looming threat facing Maple World. Kaiser told Ark that though he hadn't found any traces of the High Flora, his trip hadn't been a waste and told Ark that he would contact him soon.

Joining the Alliance

As Ark grew stronger, Athena Pierce reached out to him and invited him to join the Maple Alliance. He then traveled to Ereve in order to meet with Neinheart and Cygnus, who formally welcomed him into the Alliance.

The Black Mage's Laboratory

Ark soon received a letter from Francis, who invited him to join the Black Wings. Ark went to meet him at the Verne Mine and asked him how many others he had sent the invitation to. Francis explained that he had only asked him and another girl with pink pigtails, though he regretted that the Alliance had gotten to her first. Ark then hit Francis, explaining that something had instinctively made him do so, and refused Francis' offer. As he left the Verne Mine, Ark mused that Francis didn't seem truly evil and hoped that he would one day change.

Just then, he met Angelic Buster, whom he recognized as the same girl that Francis had described. After exchanging greetings, she gave him a report from Kaiser that detailed Maple World's Transcendents. Ark read through the report and learned that the Black Mage had stolen the Transcendent of Time's powers, resulting in the creation of the Interdimensional Portal. Ark realized that the portal's appearance meant that the Black Mage's seal was weakening. He also read that Transcendents who stole another's power were weakened and realized that Darmoor must have known the risks, which made his decision to steal Chronica's powers more confusing. He then wondered if Darmoor planned to invade Maple World during a time of peace with the stolen power.

Fourth Job Advancement

Ark felt the growing influence of the Specter inside him and decided to confront it in the Abyss. The Specter greeted him and asked if his visit meant that Ark had agreed to wield its full power. However, Ark ignored it and instead asked why he was only half-Specter. The Specter told him that there had been complications during his corruption, as someone outside the Abyss had interfered. It also added that there was a problem with Ark's soul, which couldn't be consumed like others, almost as though it had an impurity. It explained that Ark's soul had protected him from its influence, which had resulted in his half-Specter state. It then imparted more of its power to Ark before awakening him back to reality. Ark was satisfied to know why he was only half-Specter, but realized that he needed to figure out what was wrong with his soul, as the Specter inside him wasn't content to merely co-exist with him.

Final Quest

As Ark returned to full power, he felt the Specter's power flowing through his arm. The pain knocked him unconscious and transported him to the Abyss. There, the Specter asked whether Ark had enjoyed using its power, claiming that he was much stronger because of it. It explained that the intoxication of the bloodlust on the battlefield was what sustained it. Ark asked why the Specter had summoned him. The Specter told him that, as they were one, it grew stronger when Ark's power grew. Because of this, the Specter finally believed that it was ready to confront him so that it could seize control of his body in order to prevent Ark from endangering both their lives by forcing them into dangerous situations. Ark then faced off against the Specter and managed to best it. The Specter was surprised by Ark's strong will and decided to back off, though it promised to return the next time Ark's will wavered. As Ark returned from the Abyss, he felt a new power and a vague memory returning to him, though he couldn't fully recall the details.

Meeting Adele

Adele began to track down Ark, following her meeting with Illium in which she learned that a High Flora was on Maple World. She met Ark at the Temple of Time and asked him why he had come to Maple World, to which Ark explained that he wanted to investigate why Gerand Darmoor wanted to link Maple World and Grandis, believing that he wanted something that he could only find in Maple World. He then shared his experience as a High Flora soldier on Verdel and how his betrayal had resulted in the Specter ritual that transformed his arm. Ark's story of desertion helped Adele recall her memory of her own refusal to follow the God-King into battle, who threw her into prison. She told Ark that she would like to visit Verdel, but Ark explained that the entire surface had been destroyed, though he would reach out to her if he found a way to return.

Soon after, Ark contacted her and explained that he had obtained coordinates for Verdel from an old friend. Together, they arrived on the ruined surface of the moon and made their way to the High Flora military installation, where Adele recalled how some of the Knights of the Einherjar had freed her from her prison, just as Veronica had said, and asked her to join them in their revolt against the God-King. She also remembered how she had refused to betray her liege and cut them down, rushing to his defense. Adele then realized that she never betrayed her oath until the very end.

Heliseum Reclamation HQ

Kaiser contacted Ark to let him know about the good news he had mentioned during their encounter in Sleepywood and asked him to come to Pantheon. He reassured Ark that the barrier wouldn't affect him as much since was stronger, though he warned that Ark would still feel weaker. In Pantheon, Kaiser told him that he had convinced the Council to allow Ark to join the Heliseum Reclamation HQ, though he added that not everyone had agreed. Even though he knew that Ark didn't have bad intentions, Kaiser explained that he still needed proof that the Nova would be safe since it was his responsibility as the Guardian. However, he claimed that Ark's lack of hesitation to help those in trouble served as proof enough to him. He also told Ark that, though he couldn't tell him before, the people who arrived in Pantheon earlier were Verdant Flora, and that Ark may encounter them soon. Ark was hesitant about the news, as he was worried how the Verdant Flora would take his presence as a High Flora. Nevertheless, he went to Pantheon and met Beldar, who directed him to meet Tiron. Tiron told him of a surprise attack by the Specters and asked Ark to help.

After helping retake Heliseum Downtown, Ark met with Cadena and introduced himself, reminding her that they had met before in Savage Terminal. He explained his situation to her, and though she still didn't fully trust him, she acknowledged that his actions to help the Heliseum Reclamation HQ, as well as having saved Coney during their first encounter, was enough to make her believe that, at the very least, he wasn't a follower of Magnus. As they talked, Cadena told him about how Mr. Hazard had nearly destroyed Savage Terminal while making a weapon for Magnus. After Cadena left, Ark realized that the High Flora's reach had made it to Savage Terminal. At Eurenth's hut, Ark met Angelic Buster and told her about how Kaiser had recommended him to join the Heliseum Reclamation HQ. She told him that she was grateful for more allies, as it had taken a lot of people to help breach the city. He asked her who else had helped retake Heliseum, to which she replied that she had only heard of the Maple Alliance, the Hero of Justice, and another who looked similar to Ark. Realizing that it was likely a Verdant Flora, Ark asked if she knew where they were. She pointed him to the City Center, where he encountered Illium. Though nervous, Ark shared his story while Illium occasionally asked questions politely. He also listened to Illium's story about the Verdant Flora, and how Darmoor had recently discovered their home. Illium told Ark that it had been his master's dying wish that the High Flora be stopped and hoped that they would meet again.

Black Heaven

As Ark prepared to head back into battle, he was happy to feel the return of his determination to protect others. His thoughts turned to the caravan and how they considered him a friend. He hoped that they had found the paradise they were searching for. Recalling how Salvo had told him to follow his heart, he returned back to Savage Terminal and used the communication device they had given him. He was able to contact Salvo, Ferret, and Zippy, who told him that they were near the area. The entire caravan came to greet Ark and spent hours talking. Ark learned that they had yet to find their paradise, though they promised to let him know once they did. After saying their goodbyes, Ark was happy that they were doing well, and that, between them and his friends from Maple World, he had much to protect.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as the inner Specter for Ark. Unlike most interactions for classes, the Specter does not provide motivation, but instead offers to take control from Ark, which he rejects.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Ark is "Mystic of a Different World".


As Ark slept, he had a dream of his cadet days with Albaire. Albaire checked on Ark, who was still in bed, and told him that he was going to be late for training. He then noted that Ark looked pale and sweaty and asked if he was sick. After checking his temperature, Albaire realized that Ark didn't have a fever, but he decided to go get help. Ark then called out for Albaire, begging him not to leave. Albaire laughed that he would only be gone for a minute, but Ark told him to promise that he wouldn't leave, no matter what. Albaire grinned and asked why he would ever leave Ark.

Suddenly, Albaire's eyes turned red and he began to speak in the Specter's voice. He told Ark that they were in it together, and that he would always be with him. He then began to mock Ark for harboring hope, even at his lowest point. Ark suddenly found himself in the Abyss, where the Specter scoffed that it hurt to know that he would rather spend time dreaming about his traitorous friend. Ark demanded to know why the Specter was interfering with his dreams, to which it explained that he had left it no choice, as he had blocked it out every other time. The Specter told Ark that the days he yearned for were long gone, and that the Specter was the only thing that Ark had left. It told Ark that he couldn't survive without its power, and that his victory against the Black Mage was proof of that. Ark refuted its claim, saying that it wasn't even close to the reason why the Alliance had won. He added that, though he was stuck with the Specter, he didn't have to like the situation and told it to stop trying to convince him otherwise, as he would keep fighting, even if he didn't have its power. The Specter merely laughed and said that Ark would come around eventually, jokingly calling him a friend.


Ark is a soldier who is always morally bent on doing the right thing, a motivation which has stuck with him to the present day even after surviving the ritual that left him as a half Specter. Witnessing the massacre of many Grandis races left Ark in disbelief over the true purpose of the High Flora's fight for peace and left him piteous towards the other races of Grandis. This would also disgust him to the point of speaking out against his superiors, an outspoken nature of which led to him being a called a traitor and captured.

Since obtaining the Specter that was sealed within him, Ark has had to show extreme caution not to fall for its alluring attempts to take over his body. He always feels that the Specter had no good intentions, which is confirmed in his final quest when the Specter reveals it had got his help in building up enough power to take his body for itself, though he does manage to fight off the attempts and avoids falling for its malicious lies.



  • Ark is the second playable character to have heterochromia. The first being Luminous.
  • Interestingly, his Flora/Specter modes are similar to Luminous' Light/Dark system (but acts like Buccaneer's Energy Charge).
  • Ark is the tenth class who is not a human, succeeding Mercedes, the Demon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Xenon, Zero, Beast Tamer, Cadena, and Illium.
  • There is a minor inconsistency while playing Ark. Although his Specter claw and energy is canonically on his left arm, it can appear on his right arm when looking right, and vice versa. This was most likely intentional to prevent more sprite work involving the character.
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