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Arcane Symbols are a special Equipment given to 5th Job players, required to deal damage on monsters in Arcane River. Each symbol will start by giving 30 Arcane Power, as well as 300 of your main stat, or equivalent.

To view more information about leveling up symbols, click any of the area-themed symbols.

Picture and Name Requirements Initial Rewarding Quest Additional Symbols
Eqp Arcane Symbol
Arcane Symbol
Level 200 [Required] A Greater Power N/A
Eqp Arcane Symbol Vanishing Journey
Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey
Level 200 [Vanishing Journey] Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey [Daily Quest] Vanishing Journey Research

Erda Spectrum

Eqp Arcane Symbol Chu Chu Island
Arcane Symbol: Chu Chu Island
Level 200 [Chu Chu] Goodbye, Chu Chu Island [Daily Quest] Chu Chu's Finest Cuisine

Hungry Muto

Eqp Arcane Symbol Lachelein
Arcane Symbol: Lachelein
Level 200 [Lachelein] Nightmare Clocktower 4F [Daily Quest] A Night's Peace in Lachelein

Dream Defender

Eqp Arcane Symbol Arcana
Arcane Symbol: Arcana
Level 200 [Arcana] The Harmony of the Forest [Daily Quest] Peace in Arcana

Spirit Savior

Eqp Arcane Symbol Morass
Arcane Symbol: Morass
Level 200 [Morass] Her Purpose [Daily Quest] Save the Morass
Eqp Arcane Symbol Esfera
Arcane Symbol: Esfera
Level 200 [Esfera] Mirrors in Mirrors [Daily Quest] Esfera Research Orders
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