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Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey
Eqp Arcane Symbol Vanishing Journey
REQ Level 200
REQ Job Any
Extra Stats Level 1:
Arcane Power: +30
Main Stat: +300
HP (Demon Avenger only): +5250
STR, DEX, and LUK (Xenon only): +117

Every additional level adds:
Arcane Power: +10
Main Stat: +100
HP (Demon Avenger only): +1750
STR, DEX, and LUK (Xenon only): +39
Number of Upgrades None
Tradeability Untradeable
Dropped by
Rewarded from Initial Symbol:
[Vanishing Journey] Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey
Additional Symbols:
[Daily Quest] Vanishing Journey Research
Erda Spectrum
Sold for Cannot be sold
Notes To level up your Arcane Symbol, fuse additional Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey until you can level up, and pay a meso fee. Note, the amount needed for each additional level up is NOT cumulative, meaning the amount needed after you level up resets to 0
Level 1→2: 12 Symbols, 9,500,000 mesos
Level 2→3: 15 Symbols, 16,630,000 mesos
Level 3→4: 20 Symbols, 23,760,000 mesos
Level 4→5: 27 Symbols, 30,890,000 mesos
Level 5→6: 36 Symbols, 38,020,000 mesos
Level 6→7: 47 Symbols, 45,150,000 mesos
Level 7→8: 60 Symbols, 52,280,000 mesos
Level 8→9: 75 Symbols, 59,410,000 mesos
Level 9→10: 92 Symbols, 66,540,000 mesos
Level 10→11: 111 Symbols, 73,670,000 mesos
Level 11→12: 132 Symbols, 80,800,000 mesos
Level 12→13: 155 Symbols, 87,930,000 mesos
Level 13→14: 180 Symbols, 95,060,000 mesos
Level 14→15: 207 Symbols, 102,190,000 mesos
Level 15→16: 236 Symbols, 109,320,000 mesos
Level 16→17: 267 Symbols, 116,450,000 mesos
Level 17→18: 300 Symbols, 123,580,000 mesos
Level 18→19: 335 Symbols, 130,710,000 mesos
Level 19→20: 372 Symbols, 137,840,000 mesos
If you wish to transfer your Arcane Symbol to another character, visit Arcane Catalyst to see the requirements.
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