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Aran (KR:아란) is one of the six Heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is the sole Warrior of the group. Aran uses many ice and combination attacks against her foes with a Polearm, while using a Mass as the secondary weapon.


Hundreds of years ago, the Black Mage attempted to conquer all of Maple World. The citizens tried to resist, but had no way to fight back. However, there was one hope: the six Heroes. Aran gathered with the other heroes following the activation of the beacon at the Dragon Master's tower in El Nath by Ryude.

Before the final battle of the Heroes against the Black Mage, Aran was wounded and left behind to recover while the other heroes stormed the Temple of Time. Upon awakening, she learning that Athena Pierce was evacuating the survivors of Leafre in order to keep them safe. At her request, Aran rescued a child lost in the burning forest before heading to the Temple of Time to catch up with the other Heroes. There, Aran single-handedly held off the Black Mage's forces, allowing the other Heroes to face the Black Mage himself.

After a fierce and violent battle, the Black Mage was sealed away. However, he did manage to lay one final curse on the Heroes, which encased them in ice and erased Aran's memory. After Aran was cursed, Maha sealed the hero in a remote cave in Rien to slow down the curse.

Centuries later, Aran awoke in Rien and met Lilin, the last member of the Rien clan who believed in the hero's return. Thanks to Lilin, Aran slowly began to regain her memories. In order to regain her strength, Lilin had Aran work with Tru, an information dealer in Lith Harbor. Her information gathering assignments brought her in contact with the Black Wings, who were after the Seal Stones. Despite Aran's efforts, the Black Wings were able to recover nearly all the Seal Stones. Nevertheless, she was able to protect the Seal Stone of Victoria Island and the Seal Stone of Ereve. Her actions to save the latter, in particular, got Neinheart's attention. As Lilin's brother, Neinheart was aware of the Rien clan's prophecy about Aran and invited her to Ereve in order to join Empress Cygnus' new Alliance, where she was formally recognized as a true Hero.

Heroes of Maple

During the Black Heaven arc, she befriended Shade "again" and became sparring partners. When they were training, they received news of Lilin being kidnapped by the Demon Army. She brought alongside Shade and witnessed Evan's actions in Slumbering Dragon Island. She broke the ice wall and fought several troops in the Demon Army, with Shade as a backup to save Lilin. They eventually met Afrien and she briefly fought Damien, being knocked back by his blade. The trio managed to escape the ice cave.

Due to Maha taking damage from Damien's previous attack, she had to catch up with Evan later. After Maha was healed, she and Shade fought the Demon Army from the other side of the Abraxas Sanctum, taking them a long time to reach the heroes. The group eventually escapeed the Demon Army when Evan started up the airship and took them to Seoul.

She, along with Evan and Mir, stayed behind in the Abraxas and discussed Shade's curse, which was a hindrance for him to accompany the heroes. However, they were under attack by Damien's forces, who were aiming to delay the heroes by destroying the airship. Fortunately, they managed to escape and meet up with the other heroes on one of the skyscrapers, with Shade using a inter-dimension communication system to contact with them from the Maple World.

In the credits, she was shown laughing at the missing section of the mural depicting the heroes sealing the Black Mage, much to Shade's embarrassment.

Gathering of Heroes

Aran was present at the Alliance meeting where Neinheart revealed the Black Mage's plan to remake the three worlds. She participated in the battle at Tenebris, which resulted in the defeat of the Black Mage. If the player character is Aran, she is the Adversary who kills the Black Mage.



  • Aran's opening cutscene has many continuity errors / retcons:
    • The cutscene says the Black Mage's curse wiped out the memories of all the heroes. Only Aran was affected by this.
    • Only five heroes are shown. There are actually six.
      • This continuity error leads to the question as to whether Shade's storyline is true. Aran never came into the room where the Black Mage was being sealed until after Shade had sacrificed himself, so the picture above isn't accurate.
  • Aran was depicted male in the class's initial release. Aran was later shown as female in the Age of Battle trailer, which became canon.
    • Both genders of Aran can be found in-game; a male Aran can be found in Leafre of Past while a female Aran appears in the Conference Room of the Alliance, and in Phantom's, Luminous's, and Shade's storyline.
      • In the Explorer Warrior's storyline quest, the player talks to Lilin about Aran, who asks about Aran's gender. This choice determines the gender of Aran that appears in the same quest.
  • An interesting dynamic between her and Shade's stories is that while Aran lost her memories of everyone she knew, everyone Shade knew lost their memories of him.
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  1. Also provides the voice(s) of Lotus, Mir, and Alicia (Main body).
  2. Also provides the voice(s) of Demon (Male), and Afrien.
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