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Moonbeam and friends find Shade unconscious

The Anima is one of the three major races of Grandis out of many races. They are a tribe of human-like beings with ears and tails resembling animals.

Some Anima of Vulpes are also known as Pointy-Ear Foxes. They live in Fox Point Village, located in Vulpes, a continent in Grandis, and aid Shade with quests early on. Notable pointy-ear foxes include Moonbeam, who helps Shade by giving him her spirit to use to defend himself.

The new class Hoyoung is an Anima.

He became a private investigator and Kaling orders he can help another private investigator. He meets his senior private investigator, Farasi and greets her.

Farasi also an Anima. She tells Hoyoung about how Anima generally live in seclusion, when they do venture out of their towns, they usually hide their animal features, and she turns out, she's Anima herself, she originally came from the sea, she even showed him the ears she had carefully styled her hair to cover. She says if he really want to walk around in broad daylight as he is, she won't stop him, just know that having his ears and tail visible might cause him some trouble that he could've otherwise avoided. Hoyoung uses his magic and makes his ears and tail invisible then reappear, and he calls this one 'Shapeshift'.

After Hoyoung solves the problem in Cheong-woon Valley, he can visit Willow to learn about Grandis's foreshadowings.

  • An Anima I Encountered

It's generally understood that the Anima aren't fond of fighting.

But I did encounter a noble exception--an Anima performing as a gladiator in a coliseum.

Their skill in taunting their opponent and making a fool of them showed that not only were they a skilled combatant, they actually enjoyed it.

Of course, they were concealing their features, so I couldn't tell which animal they took their lineage from.

But there was no mistaking their wild movements. Only someone with the keen senses of an animal could pull off those kinds of athletics.


  • Continental Naming Difference:
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