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Moonbeam and friends find Shade unconscious

The Anima (KR:Hangul: 아니마 romaja: Anima), are a tribe of human-like beings with ears and tails resembling animals.

Some Animas of Vulpes are also known as Pointy-Ear Foxes. They live in Fox Point Village (KR:Hangul: 뾰족귀 여우마을 romaja: Ppyojokgwi yeoumaeul lit. Pointy Ear Fox Village), located in Vulpes, a continent in Grandis, and aid Shade with quests early on. Notable pointy-ear foxes include Moonbeam, who helps Shade by giving him her spirit to use to defend himself.

The new class Ho Young is an Anima, as well as the overseas class Beast Tamer.

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