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Angelic Buster is a member of the Nova and is of the Pirate Branch. She is equipped with a Soul Shooter in her main slot and a Soul Ring in her shield slot.

Tear, originally born as a disgraced Nova due to the lack of a tail and magic, inherited the powers an ancient dragon named Eskalade who lays inside an ancient relic of Pantheon.

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Main Story

The Relic

Many decades after the fall of Heliseum, the Nova continued living in Pantheon, whose borders were safeguarded by the Protective Shield from the four Nova relics. Two children named Kyle and Velderoth became friends with a girl named Tear, who had been shunned by the Nova for having been born without magic or a tail. Together, they became the Heliseum Force and trained every day in order to become strong enough to take back their capital. Velderoth and Kyle soon became knights, bringing them one step closer to realizing their dream. One day, Kyle sensed that something was wrong at the East Sanctum while training. There, the three encountered strange priests whom they had never seen before approaching the relic. Velderoth decided get reinforcements and told Kyle and Tear to keep an eye on the priests, warning them not to play hero. While overhearing the priests, Tear quickly realized that they were planning to steal the relic and weaken the Protective Shield. Before the priests could take it, Tear charged ahead and grabbed the relic first, immediately falling unconscious upon touching it. As the priests advanced on Tear, Kyle suddenly felt a fiery power within himself and awakened as Kaiser. He launched a devastating attack upon the priests in his final form before falling unconscious. As the remaining priests approached Kyle in order to finish him off, an unconscious Tear tapped into the power of the relic, inadvertently allowing her to defeat them. By then, Velderoth had brought reinforcements, all of whom witnessed Kyle’s awakening and took the two children back to Pantheon.

Tear woke up in the infirmary and spoke with the knight Cartalion and the High Priestess Fenelle, who told her that she had been cursed by the relic. Upon learning that it was stuck to her arm, Tear realized that the Protective Shield had been permanently weakened because of her actions. Upset by the news, she ran off as a priest named Kylan went after her. He attempted to console her by saying how auspicious it was that the relic, which had never reacted to any other priest, clung so tightly to her. However, Tear merely sobbed that she had never asked for it to happen and ran off to the Heliseum Force hideout. Soon after, Kyle went to check up on Tear and asked how she was doing. Though Tear appeared happy, Kaiser could clearly tell that she had been crying. He learned that she was feeling guilty about having weakened the Protective Shield, though she told him not to worry about it, as she didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s day.

After telling Kaiser that she wanted some time alone, Tear decided to return to the East Sanctum in order to see whether returning the relic to its original location would release it from her arm. On her way there, a voice called from inside the relic and introduced itself as Eskalade, who offered to grant his powers to Tear through a contract. At the East Sanctum, he told her to look for a ring near the pedestal where the relic used to be. After she put it on, she underwent a transformation that turned her into a pretty pink superhero with a short skirt, and Eskalade explained that her magical transformation was necessary for her powers to reach maximum effect. Though she was upset at Eskalade’s perverted behavior, she begrudgingly accepted the arrangement, as it granted her the power she had always desired. Just then, Nefarious Priests arrived and saw that the relic was attached to her arm. Though they attempted to take it, Tear was easily able to defeat them. Eskalade then introduced himself as Eskalade Lorang, a great Nova warrior. He also told her that he would soon need Essence Stones to keep fueling his power. Reminding her to keep her identity secret, he told Tear that her hero name would be Angelic Buster.

Soon after, Tear returned to the hideout and found that Kyle had brought her flowers in order to cheer her up. She thanked him, but mentioned that she would have liked sparkling rocks instead. Soon after, Tear decided to see Cartalion in order to find something heroic to do. Cartalion was enamored by Angelic Buster’s lovely appearance and asked her to defeat the weak Sleepy Grobblers around Pantheon, telling her that he didn’t want her to get hurt. Tear easily defeated the Grobblers and told Cartalion that she wanted a challenge. Cartalion was impressed by her skills and promised to let her know once he had more work for her.

Helping the Nova

After she left, Tear realized that with her new powers, she could gather sparkling rocks for herself. On her way into the forest, she ran into Velderoth, who was stunned by her beauty. She asked if there was anything she could help him with, to which he stammered that she could take care of Limestone Tokkas. While hunting them, Tear was pleased to find a sparkling rock. After completing Velderoth’s mission, she ran into Selene, who asked her to bring food to Kylan, who had been skipping meals because of his work. Selene then told Tear that her cooking supplies had been disappearing and asked her to collect some Alert Grobbler Stalks in order to restock the missing ingredients. While hunting them, Eskalade told her to find Alert Grobbler Dewdrop Goo, which would make her voice more angelic. Though Tear hated how sticky it felt down her throat, the goo successfully made her voice more melodic. After bringing the stalks to Selene, she asked Tear to tell Cartalion that her ingredients were disappearing. Cartalion promised that he would look into it and told her that Kylan needed help in the Great Temple.

Kylan asked her to collect Laloong Horns for his research, after which she helped Fenelle gather Glow Glow Stones as catalysts for her spells. After bringing her the stones, Fenelle asked whether she was under the protection of an ancient Nova, as she had felt an ancient presence ever since meeting her. As Tear stuttered to explain, Fenelle smiled and apologized if it was meant to be a secret. She told Tear that she believed that an ancient Nova spirit dwelled within the relic she carried, but that only the chosen could access its power. She speculated that Tear was favored by the Nova spirit and added that she had always known that Tear was special. After she sent Tear to see Cartalion, Eskalade told her that he was upset that Fenelle had learned her identity, but Tear assured him that Fenelle was like a grandmother to her, and so she wouldn’t misuse the knowledge. After reaching Cartalion, he explained that the Grumpy Grobbler population had exploded, causing large amounts of pollen to cluster in their storehouses.

Theft of the Relics

After taking care of the Grumpy Grobblers, Tear began returning from her mission when Eskalade sensed Nefarious Priests nearby. After Tear defeated them, she discovered that the priests had stolen Selene’s missing ingredients. She immediately reported the incident to Cartalion, who told her that Kaiser had also reported strange behavior from the priests and explained that he didn’t have enough evidence to turn against them yet. However, he reassured her that he would have his scouts investigate and added that, as the East Sanctum had recently been attacked, she ought to investigate the North Sanctum, where he had recently dispatched Kaiser. Tear arrived at the North Sanctum and spoke to Anor, who began to shamelessly flirt with her and asked her to collect Kaloong Wings for him as a favor. After Tear returned with the Kaloong Wings, Anor thanked her and said that between her and Kaiser, all of his errands had been completed. He then told her that Kaiser had gone to the South Sanctum and suggested that she follow him. Tear arrived and found a wave of priests attacking at the South Sanctum. After defeating them, she learned from Christina that Kaiser had fought the first wave, and that he had gone to warn Cartalion. Tear immediately headed to the West Sanctum, as she knew that Ismail, who was guarding the relic, was as helpless as she was without her powers. At the West Sanctum, Tear arrived to find that not only was it completely deserted, but the relic was also missing. Eskalade sensed that the Nefarious Priests’ base was in the East Pantheon Forest and told Tear to head over there.

Tear fought through the defenses and encountered the priests’ leader speaking to a hologram of Magnus. Their leader reported that two of the relics had been lost, with one of them in their possession. Magnus was pleased and told him that he would prepare for his assault on Pantheon. After the call ended, Tear attacked the priests’ leader and defeated him, thus reclaiming the relic. On her way back, Tear also recovered the stores of Selene’s missing ingredients, which had been stolen by the priests. She successfully returned to Cartalion and gave him the relic, as well as the news of Magnus’ imminent assault.

Assault on Pantheon

As the Specters began invading Pantheon, Cartalion learned that there was a large force at the northern border. He contacted Tear and asked her to hold the northern border until Kaiser and the knights arrived. While Tear fought the Specters, Kaiser and the other knights returned from the eastern border and were quickly redirected to reinforce Tear in the north by Cartalion, who asked them to hold the line until the Protective Shield was fully recharged. With the enemy numbers on the eastern border thinning, Cartalion asked Tear to sweep up all the remaining Specters there. After a fierce struggle, Tear managed to repel the army, even before the Protective Shield came back up.

Cartalion was surprised at how weak Magnus’ army was, but nevertheless was pleased that the attack was finally over. However, Eskalade was dubious and suspected that the enemy assault was a feint to draw their attention away from Magnus’ true plan. He told Tear to check the western border, where she found that the Specters were preparing a summoning ritual. Tear immediately let Cartalion know what was happening, but just as Cartalion told her that he would come up with a plan, news reached them that a massive invasion army had appeared at the northern and southern borders. While Cartalion sent Kaiser to stop the ritual, he asked Tear to fight off the Specters at the northern border. After Kaiser successfully stopped the ritual, Cartalion thanked him profusely and asked him to check with Fenelle on the status of the Protective Shield. With the northern forces thinning, he also redirected Tear to defend the south until the Protective Shield came back up. As she rushed to the southern border, Fenelle asked Kaiser to buy them time to power up the shield by reinforcing Tear and the other knights in the south. Kaiser and Tear both fought to their limit, but even they were ultimately overwhelmed by the Specters. Just as they faltered, the Protective Shield was finally restored, immediately vaporizing all Specters inside Pantheon.

Turning the Tides

After the battle was over, Kaiser realized that the Protective Shield was a powerful weapon against the Specters and formulated a plan to lure the entire Specter army inside the borders, where they would then reactivate the Protective Shield and wipe out all of Magnus’ forces at once. He proposed his plan to Fenelle, who supported his idea, despite knowing the risks that it posed. After the plan was approved, Kylan gave Kaiser the Magic Amplifier device used to activate the shield and asked him to bring it to Cartalion. Cartalion told Kaiser that Captain Piston would take the Amplifier and drop it near the Specters’ summoning ritual square in order to bait them into using the Amplifier to power their summoning ritual, which would bring the entire army to Pantheon, at which point they would reactivate the Protective Shield and wipe them all out at once. He then summoned Tear and asked her to help them lay the trap at the southern border. As Magnus’ entire army was summoned to Pantheon, Tear lured them in through the southern border, where nearly all the Specters were vaporized upon the Protective Shield’s reactivation.

Having decimated Magnus’ forces, Cartalion excitedly told Kaiser and Tear that they finally had an opportunity to retake Heliseum. He then asked the pair to defeat the stronger Specters still inside the city, whose strength allowed them to resist the Protective Shield’s magic. After Kaiser and Tear cleaned up the remaining Specters, they were shocked to find Magnus inside the Protective Shield’s radius. Magnus praised Kaiser for his cunning plan, just as Velderoth arrived. Kaiser told Magnus that he had no power inside the Protective Shield and claimed that it was over. However, Magnus simply laughed and told Kaiser that he was nothing compared to his predecessor. As the three moved to attack, Magnus easily managed to defeat them, even while weakened by the Protective Shield’s magic. Just then, Cartalion arrived and immediately summoned reinforcements to capture Magnus. However, Magnus told Cartalion that he wasn’t in the mood for another fight and quickly retreated. After Cartalion took the three back to Pantheon, he told them how terrifying it was to witness Magnus’ immense power and noted that Magnus was in possession of a corrupted Kaiserium.

Velderoth's Betrayal

Kaiser was just as shaken and wondered how they could ever hope to take back Heliseum after witnessing Magnus’ power. He then returned to the Heliseum Hideout in order to check on Velderoth, who had been wounded by Magnus. There, he encountered Tear consoling Velderoth, who was shaking with fear. Velderoth began mocking Kaiser for losing to Magnus, claiming that he wasn’t a hero like the Nova believed. He also added that Kaiser had only beaten him in their hunting match because of his new powers, and that Kaiser had always been weaker than him before being chosen. He bitterly wondered why Kyle had been chosen as the next Kaiser, believing that it should have been himself because of his superior strength, adding that Kaiser had been handed out free power that he didn’t deserve. As Kaiser began to retort, Tear told him to leave Velderoth alone. Kaiser then asked if she was alright, as she had several bruises on her, but Tear lied and explained that she had merely tripped. As the two began to joke around together, Velderoth became even more furious at their casual attitude and decided that he was leaving the Heliseum Protector Vanguard, claiming that it was a worthless group in the end. Believing that he had no future in Pantheon, he stormed off and left the city in search of power.

A New World

Some time later, Beldar contacted Angelic Buster and told her that she had been tasked with accompanying Kaiser to the new world that lay beyond the Interdimensional Portal in the hopes of finding a Transcendent who could help them fight Darmoor. When Tear asked him about the Interdimensional Portal, Beldar explained how the portal was created when Darmoor stole Chronica’s power. As Tear was confused about the concept of the Transcendents, Beldar told her about the three Transcendents of Grandis, and that Chronica and Aeona were all but gone from their world. Tear asked how Grandis hadn’t yet been destroyed if Darmoor held such formidable power. Beldar agreed and said that it also puzzled the Nova scholars, though he suspected that a Transcendent stealing another’s powers would inflict weakness upon them and conjectured that it was a safeguard created by the Overseers. Tear was once again confused, and so an irritated Beldar explained how the Primordial God had created the three Overseers of Light, Life, and Time in order to watch over the Transcendents of the three worlds.

Having answered all of Tear’s questions, he told her to remain on standby while Kaiser reactivated the Interdimensional Portal. While waiting, Eskalade told her that he had found the last remnants of the Nefarious Priests in the Orange Forest. Tear then infiltrated their base and learned that not only had Magnus abandoned the priests, but he was also refusing to ask Darmoor for reinforcements. She also recovered more of Selene’s ingredients and returned them to her before reporting what she had learned to Cartalion. Meanwhile, Kaiser finished gathering the materials, which Kylan then used to reactivate the Interdimensional Portal. While Kaiser was summoned by Cartalion, Tear decided to go ahead and entered the portal on her own.

Nova Alliance

During her adventures in Maple World, Tear was contacted by Kaiser. After reuniting, she asked how his time in Maple World had been going, and so he explained that he had been busy training and getting stronger. He told her that she reminded him of another girl he knew who looked exactly the same as her. She tactfully changed the subject and asked if he had found any warriors to help the Nova. Kaiser explained that he had encountered the Maple Alliance, which the Council had decided to join. In exchange for helping the Alliance defeat the Black Mage and the Black Wings, the Alliance would help the Nova reclaim Heliseum. Tear was surprised at how mature Kaiser had become after learning that he had successfully negotiated an alliance. Kaiser then asked how she had been doing in Maple World, to which she merely said that she had been doing well. Kaiser told her that his heart felt warm, as though he was seeing a piece of home after meeting her.

He asked if she had made any allies, but she vaguely mentioned that she hadn’t made too many. Kaiser told her that she didn’t need to justify herself and added that he hoped that Tear was doing as well as she was. He explained that he kept thinking about how she was doing alone in Pantheon after Velderoth had left and wistfully said that he missed the old days together. Angelic Buster accidentally let slip that she also missed those days, to which Kaiser asked if she had a friend like Tear at home. She told him vaguely about Kyle and Velderoth, without specifying their names, prompting Kaiser to ask more about her life back in Pantheon. The two then spent many hours talking together about their time in Pantheon and Maple World. Kaiser later told her that she was a light for the Nova, and that he hoped to be as inspiring as her. Tear was touched at how considerate and mature Kaiser had become, and the two then went their separate ways.

Soon after, Francis contacted her and tried to recruit her into the Black Wings. However, Tear attacked Francis and told him that the Nova were allied with the Alliance.

As Tear continued to explore Maple World, she collected Essence Stones from Drakes, Wild Kargos, Lioners, Star Pixies, and White Fangs, much to Eskalade’s delight.

The Black Mage's Laboratory

Neinheart contacted Tear and explained that, at Kaiser’s request, he was giving her the report that the Alliance had compiled on the Black Mage’s laboratory in Magatia. Tear read through the report, but she was confused by some of the details. She asked Eskalade why the Overseers allowed people like the Black Mage and Gerand Darmoor to become Transcendents in the first place. Eskalade explained that Transcendents didn’t have to be good, but rather, they simply needed to bring balance to the domain they ruled. As an example, he cited the Black Mage and explained that he was fated to be defeated, which would allow the light to equalize itself. Tear asked why the Transcendents needed to get involved to begin with. Eskalade explained that Transcendents could either live forever or perish, but they were mandated to maintain a balance. Should one of the three domains begin to falter, so would the Transcendent that watched over it. Tear asked if that was why Darmoor had awakened as the Transcendent of Life during the Flora Civil War, but Eskalade said that he didn’t know who Darmoor was, as he only had knowledge of events that had occurred before he had been trapped inside the relic.

Tear then showed him the report that Kaiser had written up, which Eskalade found interesting. He told Tear that the main takeaway from the report was that Transcendents had a fascination for each other’s powers, which explained why Darmoor and the Black Mage had stolen the powers of their respective Transcendents of Time. Tear remembered Beldar's explanation on how the Interdimensional Portals began to appear after Darmoor used Chronica’s powers. Eskalade told her that when one Transcendent used another’s powers, there would be some sort of negative side-effect, which could range between something simple like a physical backlash to something as severe as a disruption of the spacetime continuum. He told Tear that they would need to seek out the World Tree or Aeona in order to use their Transcendent powers against the Black Mage and Darmoor and explained that, according to legend, Aeona was said to live in the Sanctum of Light, a place where only light could reach.

Soon after, Tear collected more Essence Stones from Triple Rumos, Neo Huroids, Chao, and Ephenia, finally satisfying Eskalade’s appetite.

Final Quest

Eskalade congratulated Tear on reaching full power and Tear thanked Eskalade for helping her, even in spite of his lechery. Eskalade then offered to form a final contract with her, which would create the ultimate dragon bond between them. He also confessed that her transformation had nothing to do with accessing his powers, but that he simply did it because he thought Tear looked attractive in her outfit. Tear simply laughed and told him that she had figured it out long ago, but that she had learned to accept it and even liked how cute she looked in her outfit. With that, they formed their final contract, allowing Tear to wield even greater power as Angelic Buster.

Information Broker Bureau

While reading through several documents about Grandis, Hoyoung read a document compiled by Angelic Buster, under the alias of Curious Girl AB, which detailed the history of the Flora, including the Flora Civil War and Darmoor's awakening as the Transcendent of Life. It also mentioned that around that time, the Anima had disappeared without a trace, with only the Nova in Pantheon fighting back against Darmoor's forces.

Meeting Adele

While investigating Adele after her recent appearance in Pantheon, the Nova discovered a helmet of the Knight of the Einherjar in their possession. Believing that it may help Adele in her search for her lost memories, Fenelle asked Angelic Buster to deliver it to her. At the Heliseum Force Hideout, Adele met Angelic Buster, who warned Adele that, though she was unsure whether Adele used to work for Gerand Darmoor, she would need to choose a side after recovering her memories and recommended that she pick the Nova over Darmoor. She also told Adele that her people had been brutally massacred by Darmoor, and that anyone who served him was her enemy, adding that she hoped that Fenelle wasn’t wrong about her.

Meeting Lara

As Lara made her way to Pantheon to use the Interdimensional Portal, she was greeted by Kyle and Tear at the outskirts, who had been sent by Fenelle. They then escorted her to the Great Temple, where Fenelle judged her worthiness to use the Interdimensional Portal.

Heliseum Reclamation HQ

Pushing Forward

Angelic Buster learned from Beldar that Kaiser had gone to the Heliseum Reclamation HQ, and so she decided to go after him. On the way, she encountered Tiron, who told her that a Specter ambush had led to many of their troops being killed. Though Kaiser had fought them off, Tiron said that there were more Specters arriving through the back in order to cut them off. As she fought off the Specters, Edea followed her out of concern, but was impressed by her power and asked her to meet at the Commander Barracks. There, Edea told her that they needed to break the enemy’s defensive stranglehold and asked her to defeat the Specter Battle Hounds. She defeated the hounds and brought back their horns as proof to Piston, who thanked her and asked her to defeat the Specter Shieldbearers. After taking them down, she returned back to Piston, who then asked her to help Harpoon. Harpoon told her that Kaiser had been helping them with their food shortage and asked if she would help clear up the supply routes. To help him out, she defeated the Red and Blue Speeyors along the route. Next, she helped him steal shields from the Specter Shieldbearers for their troops.

The Blue Dragon Cannon

With the supply route problem fixed, she went to report to Piston and asked where Kaiser was. Piston explained that Kaiser had gone to Pantheon with the Blue Dragon Cannon. She returned to Pantheon and met with Cartalion, who told her that they were experiencing problems with the weapon. Beldar then approached her and asked her to deal with the once peaceful Dinogoths, who had grown violent since the Specters began destroying their home. After she returned, Beldar informed her that Kaiser had already left for Heliseum with the Blue Dragon Cannon. She went after him and managed to catch up with him. Kaiser told her that the Specters were behaving oddly, and that he suspected that they learned that the Blue Dragon Cannon was being moved. Though she offered to team up with him to deal with them, Kaiser asked her to ensure that the cannon reached Edea while he covered her.

She brought the cannon to Edea and explained the situation to her. Edea asked her to help Tiron scout for potential targets for the weapon while Kaiser finished dealing with the Specters. When she met Tiron, he explained that he had been chased off by Specter Battle Hounds while spying on the enemy. In sympathy, she went to defeat the Specter Battle Hounds on his behalf. After returning, she realized that Tiron was too young to be in such a dangerous occupation and decided to take over scouting duties for him. She snuck into enemy territory and discovered the location of their base, which she reported to Edea. However, Edea told her that Kaiser had already fired the cannon on the coordinates that Tiron had provided. Believing that Tiron had gotten the coordinates incorrect while running for his life, she decided to fire the cannon using the coordinates she found. She then excitedly told Edea that she had fired on the Specter base, but Edea looked at the coordinates and angrily told her that they had nothing to do with the Specter base. She then ordered Angelic Buster to check with Tiron to find out what exactly they had blown up. However, Tiron told her that she had fired in the middle of a secret Specter supply base and hit a powder keg, completely obliterating the base. She reported the news to Edea, who forgave Angelic Buster and then asked her to hunt down the fleeing Specters who were attempting to escape the cannon volley.

Eurenth and the Shadowdealers

After returning from her mission, Edea told her that, with the Specters in disarray, it was the perfect time for training and asked her to see Eurenth, who she described as a great sage of Grandis. After arriving at Eurenth’s hut, she was subjected to his leering gaze, which also allowed him to learn Tear’s true identity. He explained that his ability to see the heart of things was what had allowed him to become a great sage. Eskalade was dubious about his skills, believing him to be a fraud, but Eurenth was able to perceive Eskalade’s soul inside the relic. After Angelic Buster introduced them, they began speaking about the old days and bonded over their taste in young women. Eurenth then agreed to train her to efficiently use Eskalade’s full power. He turned her over to his pet Popo, who began training her concentration by asking her to hunt Dinorams and bringing back their claws as proof. After training, Eurenth had Angelic Buster do the laundry while he and Eskalade went over potential redesigns for her outfit, which featured a shorter skirt length. Having finished her training, Eurenth gave her a D-03 Transmitter and told her to go to the Secret Merchant Meet-Up spot in order to learn from the Shadowdealers. She spoke to Romero, who told her that she would need to stock up on products in order to become a Shadowdealer. He first had her collect Tamer’s Whips from Specter Tamers. Next, he told her to collect Inkwell Coins, though she had no idea how to obtain them. Suddenly, her D-03 Transmitter rang and Tonero spoke to her, explaining that Romero had been tricking her into helping him and instead suggested that she team up with him in exchange for fair compensation. He then had her collect Dinodon Sharp Fangs and gave her a Merchant Crew Gold Pouch, which he explained was tradable with any Shadowdealer.

As he left, Gallero called her on the transmitter and explained that he had information about Tonero and Romero in exchange for the Gold Pouch she had. He explained that the two brothers used to be best friends until the gap between their sales records started to widen, causing Romero to begin scheming in order to escape being number two. She noted that they sounded just like Kyle and Velderoth and decided that she would try to fix their relationship. Gallero suggested that they interrupt Tonero’s supply chain in order to help Romero catch up. In order to do so, she defeated Dinodons, thus preventing the sale of their Sharp Fangs. Next, Gallero gave her a Merchant Crew Gold Pouch in order to buy the bad stock that Romero had. On her way, she realized that she had lost the gold pouch and spent some time hunting it down from the nearby monsters. With the gold, she was able to buy back Romero’s bad stock. Hoping that she had helped reconcile their differences, she called Tonero, who accused her of manipulating him for money. She attempted to explain, but he told her that she would only be able to make it up to him in exchange for Dinoram Claws. After bringing Tonero his claws, Romero called her and accused her of teaming with Tonero to ruin him.

After she explained the situation with Gallero, Romero concluded that Gallero was using his feud with Tonero in order to get to the top. After conferring with Tonero, he got back to her and explained that Gallero was using her in order to take the top spot, but this realization had helped him reunite with Tonero. They then asked her to help them defeat Gallero by defeating Specter Miners and stealing their Sparkling Specter Stone before Gallero did. Next, Tonero asked her to see Eurenth, who also agreed to help them, by collecting an Illusory Gold Pouch and trading it with Gallero. When she went to collect it from Eurenth, however, he demanded that she call him “your most darling and handsome Eurenth” in exchange for the pouch. After she reluctantly did it, she traded the pouch with Gallero, who initially laughed at her foolishness, though he soon realized that the money had faded. For helping reconcile them and taking down Gallero, Tonero made her an honorary member of the Shadowdealers.

Taking Downtown Heliseum

After helping Tonero, Angelic Buster went to see Edea, who told her that preparations for the full-scale assault on the central regions were nearly complete. Edea asked her to help by defeating the Specter Laborers and reclaiming the ore they stole. She also helped Maroon stock up on Blue Speeyor Fur Coats and Animal Oil. After returning, Edea told her that Tiron had been abducted by the Specters. Angelic Buster went to investigate the last place he had been spotted fighting, where she defeated the Specter Battle Hounds in the area. Though she was unable to find any trace of Tiron, Edea informed her that Kaiser had rescued him while she had been away. Edea then asked her to help Maroon get Tiron back into fighting shape, as he seemed shell-shocked. Maroon asked her to collect Battle Hound Broken Horns so that he could make him a hearty meal. With the horns, Maroon created a rather disgusting meal and asked her to deliver it to Tiron, who graciously ate it in spite of its taste.

Next, she met with Edea, who briefed her on a trap that they intended to lure the enemy into. With Kaiser luring them in the trap, she asked Angelic Buster to sweep in from behind and trap them in a pincer attack. Having herded them all to the valley, Edea shot a powerful lightning spell that obliterated the Specter army. Next, she defeated the fleeing Specters as part of the Nova counterattack. After returning back to base, Edea told her that she had found a weakness in the Specters’ ranks, explaining that, besides a few commanders, most Specters were unintelligent. Because of this, Edea believed they could pressure them into a trap. Soon after, the Nova were able to push forward to Downtown Heliseum.

Gathering Information

Edea told Angelic Buster that she had sent Kaiser to find Eurenth and gather intelligence on the castle interior, and so Edea asked her to speak with Piston in the meantime. Piston asked her to defeat the Specter Miners and Specter Shieldbearers in the city. Next, he asked her to bring Dinogoth Shoulder Meat, Dinodon Fangs, and Yellow Speeyor Torn Fur Coats for Harpoon and Maroon. She then decided to visit Eurenth, as she hoped that Kaiser would be there as well. However, Eurenth told her that she had just missed Kaiser, though he gave her the same information about Victor and Treglow that he had provided to Kaiser. In exchange for a written letter with the intelligence about Victor and Treglow, she gave Dinoram Tenderloins to Popo, as Eurenth never fed it, and brought Yellow Speeyor Fur Coats to Eurenth. Eurenth then realized while she had been finding fur coats for him that he had already sent Kaiser with the letter. Annoyed, she returned to Edea, who told her that something major was happening at the castle gate. There, she witnessed Kaiser facing off against Velderoth. After their battle, she went to speak with Edea, who told her that it was likely that Velderoth had been made the third Guardian of Heliseum. She also explained that they needed to find a way to break into the castle and asked her to contact the Shadowdealers.

Angelic Buster spoke with Romero, who told her that they were planning to distribute antidotes for Treglow’s chemical traps and asked her to collect Specter’s Deadly Poison from Guerilla Specters. Next, she went to help Tonero, who told her that Romero was foolishly trying to create an antidote with only the poison. He explained that they would need a component of the antibody that resisted the poison and asked her to hunt Hard Back Horns from Power Specters, which were immune to Specter poison. Tonero then began researching the chemical agents and learned that Treglow was using a chemical which couldn’t be obtained in Grandis, realizing that it was the reason why no one had been able to make a successful antidote. He suspected that Magnus had brought it back from Maple World. He also discovered that there was a flower called the Coated Hyssop Flower carried by Specters in the central region and asked her to collect them. On her way there, Piston also asked her to eliminate the Specter Tamers, Specter Miners, and Specter Shieldbearers in the central regions. She brought the flowers to Tonero, who began to use them to make his antidote. He told her that Romero had allegedly succeeded in making the antidote with only the poison and asked her to pay him a visit. Romero asked her to drink the antidote in order to test it out. She also brought Specter’s Deadly Poison to Tonero in order for him to make the cure for the flatulence it caused.

Soon after, Edea told her that Kaiser had given them a direct path to launch a counterattack and asked her to defeat the Power Specters and Specter Engineers. Next, she spoke with Tiron, who asked her to intercept some of the Specter messages. She returned with the intercepted messages, though Tiron found that they were encrypted. They brought the messages to Edea, who managed to decrypt them and learned that the Specters were planning to seize the Central Region and trap Kaiser. To counter them, Edea planned to use Angelic Buster, who seemed to be a wild card, and had her attack the Specters from behind in order to scatter their ranks. Though they managed to succeed, Piston was badly wounded. She visited him in the clinic, where he asked her to perform a show for him with Edea. She returned to Edea and spent three hours persuading her to go on stage together. After Edea agreed, Angelic Buster helped Harpoon and Maroon set the stage for them by collecting Sparking Specter Stones for decoration and Specter Wooden Shields and Specter Wrenches to build the stage. With the stage and decorations ready, Angelic Buster and Edea gave a largely successful performance.

Meeting Ark

Angelic Buster later met Ark at Eurenth's hut, where he told her how Kaiser had recruited him to join the Heliseum Reclamation HQ. She told him that she was grateful for more allies, as it had taken a lot of people to help breach the city. He asked her who else had helped retake Heliseum, to which she replied that she had only heard of the Maple Alliance, the Hero of Justice, and another who looked similar to Ark. Realizing that it was likely a Verdant Flora, Ark asked if she knew where they were. She pointed him to the City Center, where he encountered Illium.

Black Heaven

As Angelic Buster was about to board the Lumiere, she ran into Kaiser. After exchanging greetings, he explained that he had gone back to Pantheon in order to see Tear before the mission, but found that she was out. He asked Angelic Buster if she had gone to see anyone, to which she explained that she had a close friend, though her friend wouldn’t recognize her in her current form. Kaiser asked how someone couldn’t recognize the same person even with different hair and clothes, claiming that it only happened in comics. Both she and Eskalade silently sighed at his cluelessness before she changed the subject and asked if he was disappointed that Tear wasn’t there. Kaiser told her that it was fine, as he had left something for her at their hideout. She asked if it was a sparkling rock, which got Kaiser’s attention, as only he and Tear knew about how he collected shiny rocks for her. He then noticed that Angelic Buster’s voice even sounded like Tear and concluded that she and Tear were secretly friends, believing that it explained why they had so much in common, much to her relief and annoyance.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Fenelle for Angelic Buster.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Angelic Buster is "Descendent of Dragons".


At Eurenth’s hut, Angelic Buster ran into Kaiser. He told her that he was just leaving, as he had been looking for Tear and believed that he had just missed her. Angelic Buster internally cursed herself for not having come sooner. Kaiser then asked what she was doing there. Angelic Buster lied and said that she was looking for Tear as well, since she hadn’t seen her in a while. Kaiser told her that Tear was hard to track down, and that he worried about her. Angelic Buster told him not to, as Tear was doing great. He pointed out that she had just said that she hadn’t met Tear in a while, which she brushed off by saying that even two days felt like an eternity for close friends. Kaiser decided to head out and asked her to say hello to Tear for him. As he began to leave, Angelic Buster felt bad and called after him, making up that Tear had asked her to tell him something in the hopes that it would get him to stay. Thinking of an excuse to keep talking, she told him that Tear had wanted to thank him for the sparkling rock at the Heliseum Hideout. Kaiser asked if she had said anything else, to which Angelic Buster said that Tear had been touched by the gesture. He asked if she seemed happy, and appeared even more sad after Angelic Buster said that she was. He told her that it used to be the case that Tear would start crying after he would give her gifts and said that he loved the way that she smiled when she was teary-eyed with joy. He then told Angelic Buster that she was right about him not having to worry, as it sounded like Tear was doing fine on her own, and that she didn’t need him anymore. As he turned to leave, Angelic Buster called after him again and told him to keep waiting, as Tear might come by again. Kaiser told her that he didn’t need to, as it was enough for him to know that Tear was okay.

As he turned to leave, Angelic Buster called after him again and told him to keep waiting, as Tear might come by again. Kaiser told her that he didn’t need to, as it was enough for him to know that Tear was okay. After he left, Angelic Buster went to see Eurenth, who noted that she seemed to have a lot on her mind. She told Eurenth that talking with Kaiser had reminded her of how weak she used to be, and how she would cry over everything. However, she added that Kaiser didn’t seem to mind it, and that he had even given her good advice once when she had been really upset, that no matter how dark and stormy it might get, the sun always came to chase the clouds away. Eurenth asked her what she was going to do next, since she had become a real hero. She replied that she was going to make her own celebratory rainbow at the end of a centuries-long storm in order to boost the people’s spirits as Angelic Buster.


The Soul Shooter is a dragon-shaped arm cannon that the Angelic Buster uses. It can target multiple enemies and blast them with ease. The Soul Ring is a special ring that holds on to the power of Eskalade, it enables Tear to enter her Angelic Buster Form and use her skills.

Job Advancements

For the second, third, and fourth job advancements, simply reach level 30, 60, and 100, respectively, then accept Eskalade's quest (on the left corner of the screen) to advance.



  • Similarly to Mihile, Angelic Buster is gender-locked and can only be played as female.
  • Angelic Buster is the fourth class who is not a human, the first being Mercedes, followed by Demon and Kaiser, and is preceded by Zero, Cadena, Illium, Ark, Adele, Kain, and Lara.
  • Angelic Buster's disguised appearance may have been heavily inspired by the Japanese Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, as both appear as idols and have similar hairstyles.
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  1. Also provides the voice(s) of Cygnus, Sanaan, Hilla (Tenebris and Grand Athenaeum), Ain, Juli, Freya, Bowman (Female), Pathfinder (Female), Pirate (Female), and Cannoneer (Female).
  2. Also provides the voice(s) of Seren and Joy.
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