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Afrien was an Onyx Dragon that was the partner of Freud. Evan meets him in the storyline, where he tells Evan about Freud. Afrien also appears in Evan's dream, explaining that Evan has a pact with him and Freud. A weakened Afrien also appears in Mercedes' intro, weakened from the Black Mage. In the Silent Crusade, Afrien tells an adventurer to bring him the last Onyx Dragon Egg, where it will travel with Freud when he wakes up.

Afrien also appears in the Heroes of Maple storyline being corrupted by Damien, where he sacrificed himself to destroy the cave in which he was imprisoned in, in an attempt to take Damien down with him. He safely teleports Evan, Aran and Shade to safety where they mourn Afrien.



  1. He shares voice actors with Aran (Male), and Demon (Male, Heroes of Maple).
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