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Adele, short for Adelaide, is a member of the High Flora race. She is a Warrior-type class who uses a Bladecaster as a primary weapon and Bladebinder as a secondary weapon.


The Knights of the Einherjar

In her youth, Adelaide was a squire alongside a girl named Veronica. The two girls had the same sword instructor and trained to become knights. During one instance of their training, Adelaide knocked Veronica down while fighting, but when she tried to help Veronica up, their instructor chastised her for showing empathy to the opponent. Veronica angrily told Adelaide not to be a show-off.

Some time later, both Adelaide and Veronica became Knights of the Einherjar, the personal guard of the God-King of the Flora. At their knighting ceremony, the God-King presented a token to each of the knights, modeled after the Einherjar, the gate to the royal palace, and told them that above all else, their duty was to protect the Einherjar. During one of their missions, Adelaide and Veronica had been tasked with hunting down a traitorous Knight. Though he begged for mercy, Adelaide struck him down without hesitation. Veronica was impressed by how coldly she had behaved, but Adelaide merely told her that she had fulfilled her duty as a knight, with no thought of vengeance.

Fall of the God-King

Several years into his reign, the God-King inexplicably underwent a dramatic change of personality. In his belligerence, he attempted to incite a war against the other races of Grandis, claiming that it was the responsibility of the Flora to show the way to such 'savages'. Adelaide watched in shock as the God-King denounced the other races of Grandis as savages, claiming that it was their responsibility to show the way. Struggling between her loyalty to the God-King and her own morality in waging an unjust war, Adelaide informed her liege that she could not follow him into battle. Furious, the God-King threw Adelaide into prison.

During this time, Prince Gerand Darmoor convinced a faction of the knights to help him murder his father, claiming that it was the only way to stop the God-King from launching his genocide. In prison, Veronica visited Adelaide and gleefully mocked how she had fallen. However, she told Adelaide that she was giving a chance to help her escape prison and told her to expect company that night. That evening, the knights loyal to Darmoor freed Adelaide from prison, hoping that she would help them. However, Adelaide cut them down as traitors and rushed to defend her liege. As the rebellion began, Adele denounced the the traitors for having betrayed everything that the knights stood for. However, she and her knights soon fell in battle and the God-King was killed. Veronica then declared Adele a traitor for the crime of betraying the new God-King, Gerand Darmoor, and imprisoned her into the Void, where she spent centuries trapped as the magic of the Void carved her soul into a hundred and eight pieces. Over time, she felt her memories slip away bit by bit as she feared that soon, her entirety would vanish completely.

Main Story

Escaping the Void

On the moon of Ristonia, a young man named Jerome was being chased by the Count’s guards. As he found himself surrounded, Jerome denounced the knights’ honor, claiming that their only allegiance was to the highest bidder. Just as the guards advanced on him, he made a desperate wish for help to the knight statue at the fountain square. In the darkness of the Void, his voice rang out and a golden light shined through, shattering Adelaide’s chains and freeing her from the Void. She appeared before Jerome, who marveled that she was just like the knights from the old stories. When he asked her to save him, Adelaide claimed that she didn’t know him, as he wasn’t in the few memories that she had left. Just as the guards were about to attack, however, Adelaide heard a voice from the knight statue proclaim that her calling was to protect the crown and urged her to pull forth her blade. She then recalled her ability to wield swords from the Aether, pulling one out and defeating the guards before she and Jerome escaped.

As they hid, Adelaide heard the guards refer to Jerome as a petty thief, yelling out that it would be better for him to turn himself in and pay for his sins. When Adelaide confronted him, Jerome stuttered that she hadn’t heard his side of the story yet. He added that he couldn’t afford to get caught and told her that she would also get arrested with him if they surrendered. She conceded that the guards would consider her to be his accomplice, and that it wouldn’t do to get caught while her memories were in a haze. Jerome told her to split up once he created a diversion and asked her to meet him at the fountain on the bell’s fifth toll. After they escaped, Adelaide hid in a deserted plaza and recalled that the knight statue at the fountain had a voice which seemed to know her, just as she felt old power flowing into her. As she wanted answers immediately, Adelaide decided to go after Jerome instead of waiting for the designated time. She found him attempting to break into a building when he suddenly lost his footing. As he began falling, Adelaide shot a rope attached to an aether blade onto the building, allowing Jerome to grab onto it as he fell. She then watched him climb into the building through the window, though he quickly left. Jerome was surprised to see her and defended his actions by explaining that he was returning a stolen item to its rightful owner. Suddenly, they heard a voice from the building marveling at the return of their family heirloom. Jerome explained that the family heirloom had been stolen by corrupt nobles.

He then asked if Adelaide would serve as his knight in order to help him return the rule of justice to Ristonia. Adelaide told him that she didn’t have time to get involved in other people’s business, as she needed to discover who she was and why she ended up in Ristonia. Jerome offered to help her find her memories, explaining that she could help him drive out the corrupt nobles while she traveled around the city to look for clues about her past. He told her that it had been nearly a decade since the nobles filled the power vacuum after the king passed away, with the royal family collapsing soon after. While the nobles lived in opulence, they exploited the citizens through not only raising taxes, but also slashing wages and protections for laborers. However, Jerome explained that it was the legendary knights who legitimized the king’s claim to power, as he was just a man without their backing. Though Adelaide protested his insistence that she would serve him, Jerome took her lack of denial as confirmation. They disguised themselves in robes and began to retreat to Jerome’s base.

On the way, Adelaide began to explain what was left in her memories. Jerome was surprised at how little they had to go on, but he promised that he would ask his friends to look into it, as they were masters of investigation. Adelaide then agreed to help him, but only until she regained her memories. Jerome asked how she could be so cold, as she had the power to save an entire kingdom. He then remembered that he had meant to give her something and bestowed a knight’s token necklace, which he described as a family heirloom, and told her that she could sell it for a handsome price if she decided that she couldn’t trust him. He then realized that he never asked for her name. Adelaide told him her name, but Jerome said that it was too long to shout out in the middle of an emergency, and so he decided to call her Adele against her protests. He also told her that since his name was long as well, she could call him Jerome for short. At the fountain, he swore that he would use her power for the purpose of saving Ristonia. Adele decided to play along until she got her bearings. After swearing their oath, Jerome welcomed her to Ristonia, Grandis’ capital of art and culture.

On the way back to his hideout, they found the way blocked by the back alley cats. After defeating them, they arrived at the hideout of the Uprising, a revolution that Jerome created in order to overthrow the corrupt nobles. There, one of the revolutionaries told Jerome that someone had been tearing their fliers that denounced the nobles. Jerome told them not to worry, as they now had the support of a legendary knight. Adele was less than impressed by their small rag-tag militia, but she decided to entertain Jerome nevertheless. Jerome explained that his goal was to become the king of Ristonia and restore the kingdom to its former glory. He aimed to do so by eliminating the greedy nobles who plagued the people, mainly Count Cedric. He told Adele that, before the royal family collapsed, Cedric was low-ranking royalty who had risen to become the most powerful of the nobles. As he was telling his story, Adele saw a flash of light and began to warn him. Jerome looked up to see a small creature floating about. He told Adele that the creature was named Boo, and that he had the power to transform into different kinds of objects. He then raised a toast for Adele joining their ranks.

As the Uprising celebrated, Count Cedric marveled at his own beauty from within his residence. His manservant, Simon, was less than impressed by his master’s soliloquy, reminding him that there was much to be done. Cedric told Simon that he trusted him to take care of those trivial matters on his own. Simon explained that he had taken care of them by staying up all night, but that this particular matter was something that only Cedric himself could address. He gave Cedric a document and asked for his signature, to which Cedric made it known how sick and tired he was of giving signatures. Simon added that he had managed to find three of the rare paintings that Cedric had asked for, but told him that the rest would be difficult to track down. Suddenly, the Count’s guards arrived and reported that they had encountered a suspicious individual who had the power to wield floating blades. Cedric immediately recognized her as a legendary knight and asked Simon to investigate the matter for him.

Investigating the Count

The next day, Jerome found that Adele had been standing all night at the fountain square. She then saw two men beginning to play the bass and violin and decided to investigate, believing that they were weapons. Jerome laughed and asked if she had ever seen an instrument before. He told her that she would have the chance to get used to modern life by helping him with his missions, explaining that the musicians could help them get information about Count Cedric. At Adele’s confusion, Jerome told her that it was said that if one wanted to hear the latest gossip, they only needed to listen to the music on the streets. Adele watched as Jerome went to speak with the musicians for a few moments before returning. He told her that they had lost their motivation because they hadn’t been getting any tips, likely because the people walking the streets had been taxed dry, and so Adele defeated Town Square Pot monsters in order to get Ristonian Silvers to pay the musicians. After tipping the musicians, they played a song that revealed Count Cedric’s obsession with the royal arts festival. Jerome told Adele that the festival was an event where artwork from all across Grandis was exhibited, with the highlight of the festival being the artwork presented by the Ristonia royal family. Jerome wondered why Cedric was so obsessed with the festival while his kingdom collapsed around him, speculating that there could be some ulterior motive beyond just showing off.

After learning all they could from the musicians, Jerome decided to look through the newspapers. As he struggled to explain newspapers to Adele, she allowed him to continue, even though she knew what they were, as she found his flustered gesticulations entertaining. Jerome noticed her laughing and asked her what she was laughing at, to which Adele explained that she had a tickle in her throat. Jerome didn’t believe her, but he told her that, whatever the reason, it was nice to hear her laugh. After Adele collected the Ristonian Dispatch from the Monstrous News Machines, Jerome was disappointed to see that it was filled with unflinchingly positive propaganda for the count. However, Jerome did notice that there was an advertisement about an old painting, and though it didn’t reveal the author’s identity, it had a peculiar description of the painting. Jerome noted that it only described the back side of the painting, meaning that they didn’t know what the front looked like. He also realized that the address on the advertisement for inquiries was Cedric’s old residence, in order to ensure that the general public couldn’t trace the advertisement back to him. Jerome found it suspicious that someone in Cedric’s position should feel the need to cover up something as mundane as buying a painting, and so he decided to visit some acquaintances whom he believed might know more about the painting. As he wanted to go alone, he asked Boo to show Adele around the city in the meantime.

Boo signaled Adele to follow him by dashing away. As she chased after him, several of the residents noticed that a hooded figure, who was really Count Cedric in disguise, was tearing down Jerome’s fliers that criticized him. The residents confronted Cedric and asked if he was one of the Count’s bootlickers, and Cedric used the experience to reaffirm his belief that the reason he was hated was because the people of Ristonia were jealous of his beauty. Suddenly, Adele arrived and found the residents accosting Cedric, who was still in disguise. Unwilling to get caught up in another chase like last time, she decided to scare off the men with a few strokes of her blades. Cedric instantly recognized Adele as the legendary knight from his guards’ report. After the men were scared off, Adele left and ignored Cedric’s requests for her name. Cedric then interpreted what had happened to mean that his legendary knight had finally appeared in his moment of distress. Just then, Simon arrived and chastised Cedric for leaving the house and needlessly tearing down Jerome’s fliers, thus putting himself in danger. As Cedric was escorted back home, he swore to prevent Adele from leaving him again.

Back at the hideout, Adele returned with Boo, where Jerome introduced her to his colleagues, Brook and Laddie. He told her that they were experts in acquiring information, and so he had asked them to look into her past. Based on the information she had provided, they concluded that she could only be talking about the Flora Civil War, which happened centuries ago. While they continued to look through old manuscripts about the war, they also managed to learn about the painting that Cedric was looking for. They explained that the painting was stored in the basement of an antiques store, and that they had also found a way inside. However, they told Adele that she and Jerome would need to investigate the painting that very evening, as it was scheduled for sale the next morning. Jerome told Adele that he knew that some of their actions might not sit right with her, but he assured her that it was all for saving their kingdom, as he could never forgive himself for not doing everything in his power to save Ristonia. He asked if she would still be willing to break into the shop with him, to which Adele accepted.

That night, they broke into the basement and found the painting Cedric was after, which appeared as though it had been ripped by hand from a larger work. Jerome suspected that someone intended to reunite it with the rest of the original work, which was likely why Cedric’s advertisement didn’t mention anything on the front of the painting, as he may not have even known what was on it. Jerome realized that they wouldn’t be able to learn any more until the painting was reassembled, and so he placed a tracking device on the back of the canvas. As Jerome moved to put the painting back in its frame, he sneezed from the dust and fell backwards, causing a sword to fall down. Adele found the sword to be oddly familiar and recognized it as a practice sword. She was then flooded with a memory of her youth, where she recalled sparring with a girl. As Adele reached out to help the girl up, their sword instructor chastised her for showing empathy towards her opponent. As the girl got up, tears in her eyes, she told Adele not to be a show-off, venom dripping from her words. Adele then heard Jerome trying to wake her up. He asked her if she was alright, as she was clutching the training sword tightly. After Adele told Jerome about the memory she had remembered, Jerome suggested that they return back to the hideout.

Infiltrating Cedric's Residence

A few days later, a hooded Jerome met a hooded Adele in front of the fountain, where he told her that he hadn’t had any luck browsing the antique shop or the royal archives for any objects that might help Adele regain her memory. Despite their lack of fortune, Adele could still feel that there was energy somewhere in Ristonia that matched that of the training sword, and so she was certain that it was hidden somewhere nearby. Jerome then realized that they hadn’t yet checked Cedric’s residence and believed that a relic of the Flora Civil War might be in his extravagant collection. They returned to the hideout, where Brook and Laddie greeted them and reported that they had finished their investigation. They explained that the tracking device that Jerome had placed on the painting seemed to be indicating that it was in Cedric’s residence. Laddie added that all the advertisements for the paintings had disappeared from the local papers, likely meaning that Cedric had found all the pieces he was after. Laddie then told them that Cedric’s residence was once an outbuilding of the royal palace, where the king used to store his cherished artworks, sculptures, and other baubles. It was also rumored that the king had constructed a secret treasure vault somewhere inside the outbuilding. Regarding infiltrating the residence, Brook told them that a known secret passage located on the west side of the square was said to lead to the residence, though no one had ever been able to get it open.

Based on their intelligence, Jerome formulated his plan of infiltration. He told Adele that they should enter through the secret passageway, as there was no other way to get in without raising an alarm with the tight security. Though Brook was hesitant, as the passageway had never been opened, Jerome was adamant, claiming that it would ensure that the Count would never expect it. He told them that he, Adele, and Boo would infiltrate the residence, while Brook and Laddie would have a special assignment. Jerome, Boo, and Adele then headed to a manhole near the Western Square, where they struggled in vain to open it. They soon noticed an inscription written on the cover: “The knights pledge to their liege their final breath, only at that last gasp is their watch ended. Only thence are they carried beyond by the waters of dusk.” Jerome quickly realized that it was a riddle referring to the fountain with the knights’ statue, but he realized that they had missed their chance, as it had already turned on and off earlier. Adele thought it was unlikely that the passage would only open at a specific time and noticed that below the inscription was a raised illustration of the female knight from the fountain, with her spear looking as though it could be rotated. Adele turned the spear towards the direction of dusk, causing the manhole to open. The trio climbed down the passageway and soon found another passage covered in moss. Adele climbed up alone and threw down a rope for Jerome. They continued on to find a space filled with flame monsters. They ducked into another passageway to avoid the monsters and soon reached an abandoned corridor, where Jerome noted that they were directly below Cedric’s residence. He suspected that the secret passageways had been built for the royal family and their servants long ago and supposed that the entrance to the outbuilding had to be nearby.

After some searching, they came across three doors covered in brambles. Adele thought about cutting the brambles with her sword, but feared that the debris may hit Jerome, and so she gathered embers from the Torchlighter monsters in the previous passageway and used them to burn down the brambles. Jerome tried the middle door first and found that it was locked, and that it had two keyholes. They then entered the left door, where they found several old chests. Inside the chests were bats that Adele cut down, after which they discovered the first key. They then entered the right door, where they discovered more chests. As Jerome and Adele split up to look for clues, Adele opened a chest and discovered an old glove, the same kind worn by a knight of the royal family. Upon touching it, she was consumed by a memory of her hunting down and executing a former Knight of Einherjar, whom she accused of abusing his station as a knight and dishonoring the God-King. As Adele put her blade to the traitor’s throat, the knight saw Veronica nearby and pleaded with her for mercy, claiming that they were friends. Veronica told him that it was not up to her, but rather it was the platoon leader’s duty to mete out judgement. With no hesitation, emotion, or thought of mercy, Adele swiftly brought down her sword and killed the traitor. Veronica noted that Adele had coldly passed judgement without a second thought, but Adele told her that she had merely fulfilled her duty as a knight, with no thought of vengeance. Meanwhile, Jerome found the key and came over to Adele, who was standing frozen in thought. She was shocked by the memory at the realization that she had carried out an order to kill someone. Though she knew that she was carrying out justice, she still felt a strange sense of guilt about telling Jerome what she had seen, and so she refrained from mentioning it.

Jerome told her that he found the key and asked her if she was alright, but Adele dismissed his concerns and told him that, even if she weren’t, she wouldn’t allow it to get in the way of her mission. They then returned to the corridor and used the two keys to open the middle door, which led to a treasure room filled with gold, jewels, and even the king’s crown. Suddenly, the ground rumbled as the door sealed itself shut. Jerome noticed that a nearby hatch was the only way out, but realized that it was locked. After searching the treasure room, he picked up the crown and read the inscription on it: “Those who would seek the crown must learn to sacrifice the few for the many. Art thou worthy of the throne?” He told Adele that based on what he had read about the royal family, the hatch was a revolving door designed to let a single person through and never open again. Adele thought that, since Boo could transform into an object, Jerome could slip outside with Boo, leaving her to use her full power to tear down the door. Jerome told Adele that if he were to become king, he would need to sacrifice for the greater good. However, he refused to go along with the choice laid out before him, claiming that a king led, not followed. He placed several jewels in the hatch, keeping it stuck halfway, allowing the trio to escape together. Adele was impressed and began considering that Jerome was indeed a worthy heir to the crown.

After going through the hatch, they found themselves inside the Count’s residence. Because of the high security, Jerome instructed Boo to sneak past the servants by taking the form of random objects along the way in order to get to the other side of the house and cause a distraction. With Boo’s aid, they were able to make it to the Count’s study, where they hid behind the curtains and lay in wait. There, they overheard Simon telling Cedric that, based on the restored painting, a key was needed to awaken the Ancient God. Cedric mused that there wasn’t much time left until the arts festival, but hoped that it would give them an opportunity, as he believed that there would likely be a High Flora officer in attendance. He instructed Simon to continue searching for the key in the meantime. Simon asked if his plan was wise, as according to the painting’s interpretation, meddling with the power of the Ancient Gods would bring about a great calamity in Ristonia, the kind which would destroy the entire kingdom. Cedric dismissed his concerns, claiming that he was only handing the key to the High Flora, and whether they chose to awaken it was none of his business. He vowed that he would do whatever it took to secure his standing, as he could never survive living as a peasant. Adele wondered who the Ancient God could be and why they were awakening it if it meant Ristonia’s doom. She also wondered who they intended to turn the key over to. (A/N: I mentioned that they wanted to give the key to the High Flora, but they don’t specifically name drop them in the conversation, which is why Adele wonders this.)

Suddenly, Boo transformed back into his usual form, unable to hold it any longer. Simon and Cedric immediately discovered them and called for security. Jerome gave Brook the emergency signal and, moments later, flares were sent up from a nearby building. Adele immediately grabbed Jerome and jumped out the window to the opposite rooftop. Jerome, flustered at being carried bridal style by Adele, told her to put him down. At his insistence, Adele put him down, but ordered him to stay behind her at all times. Adele then fought her way past the guards, escorting Jerome safely to a faraway rooftop. Suddenly, she felt faint and passed out, as though she had returned back into the Void. She awoke on a boat with Jerome, who explained that he snuck past the guards while carrying her and sailed away. Adele was dazed, wondering if her time in Ristonia was an illusion and she was still trapped in the Void. Jerome asked Adele what she was thinking and told her that she sometimes seemed as though she were a thousand miles away, as though he and everything else weren’t real. However, he insisted that he was real and told her that, though he knew that it was hard for her to have awoken centuries after her time, he would still be there for her and suggested that she was always free to make a home in Ristonia. He then laughed and asked if he was being too sentimental, though he assured her that, though she carried a large weight on her shoulders, she was not alone. Seeing Adele smile for the first time, Jerome hoped that she would have more to smile about in the future.

The Arts Festival

A few days later, Brook and Laddie returned to the hideout and told Jerome that they had been unable to find the key. However, they did find a strange article in the newspaper about the arts festival, in which Cedric revealed in an interview that he had discovered a work that would reveal shocking secrets from the kingdom’s past. Knowing that Cedric planned to sell the key, Jerome vowed to stop him. Brook and Laddie told them that they had managed to obtain a pair of invitations to the festival and explained that it was a masquerade ball. While they prepared to infiltrate the event, Cedric marveled at the thought of the legendary knight being in his home to Simon. He concluded that Adele was being forced to aid Jerome, whom he called a ruffian. Simon, however, told Cedric that he had personally investigated Jerome and discovered that he was the last prince of Ristonia. Cedric was taken aback, as he believed that there was no one left with blood ties to the throne. Realizing that Jerome would likely try to steal his crown, Cedric told Simon to hasten his efforts in finding the key.

On the day of the arts festival, Jerome, Boo, and Adele made their way to Cedric’s residence. Adele was feeling distracted by her vision of the Void, terrified at the thought of her reality being stripped away at any time. However, she forced herself to focus, telling herself that, after their mission, her duty as a knight would end and she and Jerome would go their separate ways. Just then, Boo flew away on his own. Jerome explained that Boo usually did whatever he wanted and told Adele that he needed to meet up with Brook and Laddie in order to ensure that the preparations were complete. He handed Adele a mask and told her to enjoy herself in the meantime. Adele made her way into Cedric’s residence and examined the art pieces. She encountered a knight’s token, reading that it was identical to the pendants presented to the knights who defended the previous God-King centuries ago, modeled after the Einherjar, the gate to the royal palace. Suddenly, Adele was consumed by one of her previous memories. She recalled her knighting ceremony, in which the God-King presented a token to each of the knights, and Adele noted that he appeared to be a strong-willed but benevolent ruler. He told them that, above all else, he entrusted them with the protection of the Einherjar. Though Adele and the other knights swore to give their lives to the God-King, she realized that their oath would be broken on the field of battle. Adele noted that the plaque read that the man in her memory was the previous God-King and wondered if that meant that he had passed away.

She then realized that the masquerade was about to start and went to wait for Jerome in the ballroom. Soon after, a masked Jerome approached her and asked for a dance. Though Adele told him that she didn’t dance, Jerome laughed that he would teach her and pulled her to the dance floor. Seeing Jerome dressed up made Adele admit to herself that he was rather dashing, and that it was hard to believe that he was the same naive boy she had been following around. As they danced, Jerome told Adele that he had been meaning to tell her something about his family. Just then, Adele was pulled away by a masked Veronica. Though Adele was unable to remember her, Veronica clearly made it known that she remembered Adele, mocking her for her memory troubles from her imprisonment in the Void. Adele demanded to know who she was, but Veronica told her that it wouldn’t be fun to simply give away the answer. Adele threatened her, claiming that she could strike her down in an instant, but Veronica merely mocked Adele for always thinking with her sword, asking if she really planned to attack her in front of a crowd. She told Adele that there was no point in fighting with her in her weakened state, and that the next time they met, she wanted Adele to have recovered her full strength. With that, she vanished into the crowd. Just then, Cedric announced that the exhibit presentation would begin momentarily. Jerome told Adele that when the lights went out, they needed to grab the key and escape. Brook and Laddie cut the lights and Jerome rushed to the stage to grab the key. However, he realized that behind the curtain wasn’t a key, but a painting of his father, the king of Ristonia.

Worried about the lack of signal, Adele decided to pull Jerome out. Suddenly, the Count’s guards surrounded the two and put metal shackles on their wrists. After Cedric told the guards to take them away, the lights came on and he revealed the painting, explaining that it depicted the folly of the late royal family, which he claimed had driven the kingdom to financial ruin. Back in the Count’s room, Jerome and Adele had been tied up. Adele asked Jerome why he hadn’t told her about his true identity, to which Jerome explained that it would have complicated matters, and that it wasn’t a title he was proud of either. He apologized for dragging her into his mess and told her to escape when the first opportunity presented itself, even if it meant leaving him behind. Just then, Cedric and Simon arrived. Cedric told Adele that he was freeing her from Jerome’s clutches, but Adele told him that she would never serve as his knight. Irritated, Cedric had Simon take Jerome away. Meanwhile, Boo snuck past the guards and arrived to free Adele by turning himself into a key. Adele then broke through the window and climbed out from the Count’s residence.

Second Job Advancement

Adele followed Boo on the trail to Jerome, when suddenly, he stopped at the fountain. Adele then heard a voice coming from the knight statue, telling her to rekindle the flames of her oath. Adele was consumed by yet another memory. She recalled a fierce battle between the Knights of the Einherjar, with half defending the gate and half attempting to break through. As the defenders faltered before the enemy’s might, Adele recalled herself denouncing the enemy for betraying all that the knights stood for. Upon regaining consciousness, Adele felt power flooding into her, granting her new strength. She wondered whether the memory meant that she had failed to protect the God-King, and vowed not to fail Jerome in the same way.

Rescuing Jerome

As the glow of the statue faded, a strand of light slipped from her closed palm and charted a winding course to the north. Meanwhile, at the old keep, Cedric was attempting to obtain the key to awakening the Ancient God. Realizing that it could only be activated by one with direct royal lineage, he forced Jerome to open the grate that hid the key. Back in the town, Adele met up with Brook, Laddie, and the rest of the Uprising. They told Adele that the Count had taken Jerome to the old keep and Adele rushed to free him. Along with Boo, she fought her way up the tower past the guards. As Cedric approached Jerome to execute him, Jerome silently pleaded for Adele to rescue him, just as he had first wished at the fountain. Sure enough, Adele reached the belltower, where she declared that she had come to fulfill her oath to her liege Jerome, the last prince and rightful heir of Ristonia. Cedric dragged Jerome to the top of the spire, leaving Simon to defeat Adele. After a surprisingly longer battle than expected, Adele managed to defeat Simon and rushed after Cedric. On the ground, the Uprising succeeded in defeating Cedric’s guards. As Adele advanced on Cedric, she felt the Void pulling at her once again, causing her to collapse. Cedric was impressed by Simon for having weakened a legendary knight and told her that once he delivered the key to the High Flora, his throne would be safe at last. He then threw Jerome over the edge of the spire and walked away. With the last of her strength, Adele jumped after Jerome and grabbed onto him, using the last of her strength to will her burnt wings to float in midair. Jerome told Adele that, even though he had told her to save herself, he was glad that she had come back for him. Suddenly, fireworks began to burst in midair. Jerome laughed at Adele, who thought that they were under attack, and explained what they were. Looking at Jerome’s smile, Adele reflected that she never used to smile before she met him, and she felt that being with him gave her hope that even someone like herself was worthy of happiness.

Leaving for Maple World

A few days later, Cedric crawled his way towards the fountain square, where High Flora soldiers awaited him. Cedric lamented his fall from power after having squandered all his fortune on the arts festival and hoped that, with the key, he would be able to clear his massive debts and return to the throne. At the sight of Veronica approaching, Cedric marveled at her beauty, considering it to rival his own. Unimpressed, Veronica demanded that he hand over the key to her immediately. Cedric opened the box containing the key, but to his shock, it was actually Boo who had taken the form of the key. Cedric pleaded to be given a few more days to set things right, but Veronica ordered her soldiers to take Cedric away. Just then, Simon approached and told Veronica that she could do with Cedric as she saw fit, as he was unable to protect him any longer. Veronica then tasked Simon with recovering the key, telling him not to fail as Cedric had.

Some time later, Adele and Jerome arrived at the fountain square, where they found a newly-built monument. Jerome explained that it was called “The Heroes of the People”, funded by the people of Ristonia after hearing how the Uprising stood up to the Count. Adele asked what happened to the real key, to which Jerome explained that he had pickpocketed Cedric while he was talking. He told her that he planned to take the key far away from Ristonia in order to keep it out of the wrong hands, adding that they could say their goodbyes after the Uprising’s celebration. Back at the hideout, Jerome’s comrades reported that they had successfully redistributed the riches of the nobles who had deserted town. Brook and Laddie asked Jerome to take them with him, but Jerome told them that they needed to stay behind and lead the Uprising in his absence. He then asked them to give Adele the results of their investigation. The documents they discovered detailed the races of Grandis, as well as information on the Transcendents. It also listed that Gerand Darmoor was currently the reigning God-King of the High Flora. Adele realized that he must have been the successor of the old God-King whom she had once served, but she couldn’t recall having ever heard of him.

Reading about the Flora Civil War, Adele wondered if the battles she witnessed in her memories was part of it. She also read about the Interdimensional Portals, details about Maple World and the Black Mage, and rumors of children with pointy ears and wings having recently been sighted in Pantheon. She also read about the Knights of the Einherjar, who were said to have protected the seat of the God-King, though the practice ended with the reign of the last God-King, with the Knights vanishing around the same time the last God-King died after most of them perished in the insurrection. Adele hoped to learn more about her past by looking into the fates of the Knights of the Einherjar. She was able to recall that she was once a knight, and that she fought in the Flora Civil War before being sealed away.

After absorbing the information she read, she told Jerome that she planned to head to Maple World in order to seek more information about her past. Jerome was sad that they wouldn’t see more of each other, but he told her that he was going on his mission alone because his time with Adele had taught him that he needed to learn how to fend for himself if he hoped to ascend to the throne. He also said that Brook and Laddie had connections both within and beyond Ristonia that would help her in her search for her lost memories. He asked her to keep the knight’s token that he gave her, telling her that he would ask her to serve as his knight when he was ready to be king. After saying their goodbyes, Adele headed to the town square in order to seek Torbil, who could transport her to Savage Terminal, which was her stop on the way to Pantheon. Keeping in mind that Brook and Laddie had warned her that Pantheon was hostile towards the Flora, she arrived outside the Protective Shield, where Nova soldiers immediately surrounded her. Cartalion, Beldar, and Fenelle arrived to meet her and demanded to know her purpose. Adele told them that she had come to use the Interdimensional Portal, but Cartalion and Beldar believed that she had an ulterior motive. Fenelle then requested to speak with Adele alone and escorted her to the Great Temple. There, she asked Adele once again why she had come to Pantheon. Adele explained that there was something in the other dimension that she needed. To her surprise, Fenelle asked if she was searching for her past and recited a prophecy made several days ago, “A knight will emerge from the dark, and with the light as their compass, make their way to the sanctuary of the dragon.” Adele admitted that she had been locked away in the Void for countless years until she woke up recently in Ristonia, explaining the broad strokes of her adventures there. Fenelle apologized for further delaying her journey, but she asked to see if Adele’s heart was filled with good intention. Fenelle sensed that Adele had a noble heart, perhaps relentless in the face of injustice, but one that would never harm the innocent. She gave Adele permission to enter the Interdimensional Portal, instructing her to meet with Athena Pierce. Before she left, Adele asked if anyone else from Grandis had already traveled through the portal. Fenelle replied cryptically that she would discover the answer on her own in due time.

After arriving in Maple World, Adele headed to Henesys and met with Athena Pierce, who encouraged her to help the people around her while adventuring. Some time later, Adele received a letter from Fenelle, who wrote that while the Nova were investigating Adele, they had discovered an old item in their possession that was connected to the prior God-King. She also wrote that she had asked Angelic Buster to deliver the item to her. Fenelle went to the Heliseum Hideout in Pantheon, where she met Angelic Buster. After introducing herself, Angelic Buster warned that, though she was unsure whether Adele used to work for Gerand Darmoor, she would need to choose a side after recovering her memories and recommended that she pick the Nova over Darmoor. She also told Adele that her people were brutally massacred by Darmoor, and that anyone who served him was her enemy, adding that she hoped that Fenelle wasn’t wrong about her. With that, she delivered the item and left. Adele examined the item, a helmet of the Knights of the Einherjar, which triggered a memory. She recalled the night of their knighthood ceremony, where their captain explained their responsibilities to protect the Einherjar.

Third Job Advancement

As Adele continued to grow stronger, she one day felt the voice from the knight statue at the fountain square calling out to her. The image of the fountain filled her mind, with the voice commanding her to answer the call. She was flooded with a memory of the last battle between the Knights of the Einherjar, in which Adele defended the Einherjar against Veronica. Veronica proclaimed that Adele had been sentenced to death for the crime of defying the God-King, just as Adele called her a traitor. After the memory faded into her mind, new power flooded into Adele, though she wondered whether the memory meant that she was the one who betrayed the God-King.

Joining the Alliance

Soon after, Athena Pierce reached out to Adele and asked if she would be interested in joining the Maple Alliance. Adele traveled to Ereve and met with Neinheart and Cygnus, who officially welcomed her into the Alliance.

Regaining Memories, Part 1

Some time later, Adele received a letter from one of her contacts in Maple World that told her of a Verdant Flora boy who had been sighted in northern Perion. After chasing down rumor after rumor, she finally met the boy, Illium. Looking at his blue mechanical wings, she was reminded of something from her past, though she couldn’t say what it was. Illium was initially suspicious of Adele, but after gaining his trust, he invited Adele to the Sanctuary in order to chat. Illium told her that the High Flora had sent someone to hunt him down, though it didn’t seem like Adele was in league with them, as he doubted that Darmoor would send someone with burned-out magical conduits like hers. However, he wondered why her wings had burned out and why she had sought him out. After Adele told him about her adventures and her lost memories, Illium told her that her time serving the old God-King happened very long ago, and so his robot, Ex, explained that the God-King she served was a wise man of excellent character, though he turned into a tyrant some years into his reign and led a campaign of domination against the other races. Believing the Flora to be superior to all others, he deciding that it was their duty to ‘fix’ the other races. Adele thought to herself that the God-King she remembered would never do such a thing, but somehow, she also felt that Ex’s words seemed to be true.

Suddenly, she was consumed by a memory of the God-King giving a speech denouncing the other races as savages, claiming that it was their responsibility for showing them the way. She remembered the doubt that seeded the Knights of the Einherjar as he commanded them to lead his armies into battle. Ex told her that the High Flora claimed that the Verdant Flora murdered the God-King, though this was far from the truth. Adele asked who killed him, to which Ex said that it was unknown, though the Verdant Flora suspected that Darmoor was involved. Illium added that it was difficult to find out exactly what truly happened, as none of the records agreed with each other. Illium suspected that the answer lied in Adele’s memory of when the Einherjar fell, entreating her to tell him what the truth was, as it would clear the name of the Verdant Flora. Adele recalled that she only remembered red wings, meaning that it was an internal fight between the High Flora. Illium thanked her for clearing the matter and transported her back to Maple World. Before he did, however, he warned her that chaos was returning to Grandis. As she would need to pick a side soon, he hoped that they wouldn’t be enemies. After returning back, Adele wondered if Darmoor had planned everything from the beginning, as it was the Flora Civil War that led to his awakening as the Transcendent of Life. She wondered what he could possibly have been after that would justify going to such lengths.

Fourth Job Advancement

While training around Maple World, Adele heard the call of the knight statue in Ristonia. She received a vision of the glowing statue, which helped her recall one of her hidden memories of being sealed away into the Void for her alleged betrayal of the God-King. Adele was disturbed by the memory, wondering whether a betrayer such as herself deserved a second chance. Nevertheless, the last of her power flooded into her as the voice of the knight statue told her that there was light still inside of her.

Regaining Memories, Part 2

Some time later, Brook and Laddie reached out to Adele and told her that they had recovered an old banner of the God-King, which a Shadowdealer would deliver. Adele went to Savage Terminal and met Coney and Cadena. Recognizing her as a High Flora, Cadena refused to deal with Adele and left Coney to complete the transaction himself. Coney apologized for Cadena’s behavior, explaining that Darmoor had recently sent his henchman, Mr. Hazard, to turn the core of Savage Terminal into a bioweapon. Between the key to Ristonia’s Ancient God and the conspiracy at Savage Terminal, Adele wondered what Darmoor was up to. She then took the banner, triggering a hidden memory of her moral dilemma about following the God-King in an unjust war. After witnessing the memory, Adele wondered whether that was the reason she had betrayed her liege. Soon after, she decided to seek out Ark, the wingless High Flora boy that Illium had mentioned. She met Ark at the Temple of Time and asked him why he had come to Maple World, to which Ark explained that he wanted to investigate why Gerand Darmoor wanted to link Maple World and Grandis, believing that he wanted something that he could only find in Maple World. He then shared his experience as a High Flora soldier on Verdel and how his betrayal resulted in the Specter ritual that transformed his arm. Ark’s story of desertion helped Adele recall her memory of her own refusal to follow the God-King into battle, who threw her into prison. She told Ark that she would like to visit Verdel, but Ark explained that the entire surface had been destroyed, though he would reach out to her if he found a way to return.

Some time later, Adele heard about Kaiser and believed that, as he was a reincarnating entity, he may know something about the old God-King. She met with Kaiser in Minar Forest, where he told her about how Magnus had betrayed the former Kaiser. The conversation triggered a memory of Veronica visiting her in prison, where she mocked Adele and told her to expect company that night, adding that there was still time to change her mind. Soon after, Ark contacted her and explained that he had obtained coordinates for Verdel from an old friend. Together, they arrived on the ruined surface of the moon and made their way to the High Flora military installation, where Adele recalled how some of the Knights of the Einherjar had freed her from her prison, just as Veronica had said, and asked her to join them in their revolt against the God-King. She also remembered how she refused to betray her liege and cut them down, rushing to his defense. Adele then realized that she never betrayed her oath until the very end.

Final Quest

As Adele continued regaining her powers, she grew more confused and wondered why she had been called to take up her blade after spending so long in the Void. She decided to return to the knight statue in Ristonia for answers, but the statue remained silent. Suddenly, she saw a paper airplane sailing down to her and opened it to find a letter that asked her to meet atop the tallest spire at the bell’s sixth toll. There, she encountered Veronica and several High Flora soldiers. She reminded Adele that, at the masquerade ball, she had promised that they would meet again. Now that Adele recognized her and had returned to full strength, Veronica had invited her to face off again. Suddenly, Adele found herself being dragged into the Void, where she felt the magic that had carved her soul into a hundred and seven pieces. There, she found the 108th sliver of her soul, which told Adele that it was her fate to stay in the Void for eternity as punishment for having failed their lord. Adele then raised her blades and fought the phantom, but no matter how many times she defeated it, the other Adele told her that her imprisonment was the only way to atone. Adele told the phantom that she couldn’t stay, as she had made an important promise. However, her existence in the Void began wiping away her memories and she soon discovered that she couldn’t recall what that promise was.

As she collapsed on the ground, the pendant that Jerome had given her clattered on the floor and helped her recall memories of Jerome and the oath they had sworn. Suddenly, the fountain’s voice rang through the darkness and triggered another of Adele’s hidden memories. Adele recalled that it was Veronica who had betrayed the God-King and used all her strength to pull herself out of the Void. Veronica was shocked and angered that Adele had freed herself and used her magic to deflect Adele’s blades. Laughing that Adele was still no match for her, she declared that her business was over. Jerome then arrived, just as Veronica told him to look after Adele before vanishing. Adele and Jerome then went to the fountain, where she told him the full truth behind the death of the God-King. Adele warned Jerome that Darmoor was committed to unearthing the ancient power that Jerome’s key unlocked and asked him to be careful. They then parted ways, leaving Adele to wonder whether she had unearthed all the memories because of the mysterious statue. She sensed that its light had awakened a new power within her, granting her greater strength.

Heliseum Reclamation HQ

Adele received a letter from Fenelle asking for her aid in retaking Heliseum. She traveled to Pantheon and met Beldar, who told her that, though he didn’t trust her, he was willing to work with her because of Fenelle’s recommendation. After taking Downtown Heliseum, Beldar summoned Adele back and apologized for his behavior, calling her a true friend of the Nova.

Black Heaven

Feeling homesick before battle, Adele let Jerome know that she was returning to Ristonia, as she was feeling unsure of herself. Jerome told her that the Alliance was lucky to have her on their side, and that he trusted that whatever Adele decided was the right choice. Hearing Jerome’s voice and the lively chatter at the Uprising hideout lifted Adele’s spirits. Jerome told her that if she ever needed help, he was always available for her. Adele thanked him, but told him that she didn’t want him getting involved since it wasn’t his battle to fight. However, she told him that speaking to him gave her strength and told everyone to take care. As she left, she vowed to herself that she would return safely, as she was still honor-bound to protect him once he became king.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Jerome for Adele.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Adele is "Conqueror of Destiny".


Adele returned to Ristonia to see Jerome, but was disappointed that he wasn’t at the hideout. However, Brook and Laddie welcomed Adele and told her that they had heard the news about her role in fighting the Black Mage. They then gave her a letter that they had been meaning to give her, as they had no way of delivering it without knowing where she was. Adele briefly wondered whether it was a trick from Veronica, but after opening it, she found that it was from Jerome. He wrote that he had been following the news about her, and that people everywhere were talking about her. He asked if she remembered how she had saved him at the spire and told her that it was the first time he had ever seen her smile. He vowed that day that he would keep her smiling by his side, but he knew that she would be in danger if he were always so weak that she needed to protect him. Because of that, he decided that he would become a strong king who no one would challenge. He reminded her about the key they had found that could awaken an Ancient God and supposed that it hid an amazing secret, considering how highly sought after it was by the High Flora, and joked that it could unlock a power that could save the whole world. Until then, he asked Adele to take care of herself, as she was his only knight.

Adele was glad to know that Jerome was safe, though she wished that she could have seen him. To her surprise, Boo manifested before her and Adele asked Brook and Laddie when they had received the letter. They told her that they had received it ten minutes ago at the fountain square, where someone had given it to one of their members. She immediately rushed to the fountain, but found no one there. Suddenly, the fountain began glowing and Adele heard the voice of the knight statue telling her to unburden herself of the past and to ignite the flames of her oath for her new liege, as deeper darkness was approaching. Just then, Jerome was led to the fountain by Boo. Startled to see Adele there, he told Boo that he didn’t want to present himself to her until he became stronger, and hoped that Adele would wait for him until then. Though he tried to slip away unseen, Adele watched him leave and silently promised to wait for him as well.



  • In her past, Adele was a part of knightly order known as the Einherjar, who served the previous Floran God-King. "Einherjar" ("army of one" in Old Norse) was, in the Norse mythology, the private army of the god Odin, where they are preparing for the upcoming Ragnarok.
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