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MapIcon Henesys [Mirror World] Henesys
Map (Mirror World) Henesys
Continent Mirror World Henesys Area Mirror World Henesys
Street Mirror World Return Map [Mirror World] Henesys
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? No Flying? No
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Star Force
None Recommended Arcane Power None
NPCs Monsters None
Portals Chief Stan's House, Maya's House, Zero's Temple, Small Mushroom Park <1> / Golem's Territory <1> / Golden Coast <1> / Deep within Sleeping Forest <1> / Way to the Pig Farm / Henesys Northern Forest Path
Notes None
MapIcon ShadowKnight Shadowvale
Zero's Temple
MapIcon ZeroTemple Zero's Temple
MapIcon Leafre Western Minar Forest MapIcon Leafre Eastern Minar Forest
MapIcon Leafre Twilight Forest MapIcon Leafre Wyvern Gorge
MapIcon Ariant Outside the West Entrance of Ariant MapIcon Ariant Outside the East Entrance of Ariant
MapIcon Ariant Outside the North Entrance of Ariant MapIcon Ariant Pyramid
MapIcon Henesys Small Mushroom Park MapIcon Henesys Golem's Territory
MapIcon Henesys Golden Coast MapIcon Henesys Deep within Sleeping Forest
Mu Lung
MapIcon Murueng Master Training Center MapIcon Murueng Sky Forest
MapIcon Murueng Bear Territory MapIcon Murueng Herb Garden MapIcon Murueng Pirate Hideout
MapIcon Edelstein Streetlight Street MapIcon Edelstein Perilous Rocky Mountain
MapIcon Edelstein Rue Mine Depths MapIcon Edelstein Mine Security Area
MapIcon Magatia Zenumist's Laboratory A MapIcon Magatia Alcadno's Laboratory A
MapIcon Magatia Zenumist's Laboratory B MapIcon Magatia Alcadno's Laboratory B
MapIcon Ludibrium Toy Factory MapIcon Ludibrium Inside Clocktower
MapIcon Ludibrium Clocktower Lower Floor MapIcon Ludibrium Clocktower Bottom Floor (Mirror World)
Temple of Time
MapIcon TimeTemple Temple of Time MapIcon TimeTemple Memory Lane MapIcon TimeTemple Road of Regrets MapIcon TimeTemple Road to Oblivion
MapIcon critias Outside Kritias
Other Worlds

Maple World Maple World WorldMap Grandis Grandis WorldMap Shinsoo International School FriendStory

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