MapIcon Henesys.png [Mirror World] Edelstein
Map (Mirror World) Edelstein.png
Continent Mirror World Edelstein Area Mirror World Edelstein
Street Mirror World Return Map [Mirror World] Edelstein
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? No Flying? No
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Recommended Force / Power None BGM
NPCs Monsters None
Portals Secret Square / Underground Plaza, City Hall, Hospital Room, Zero's Temple, Streetlight Street <1> / Perilous Rocky Mountain <1> / Rue Mine Depths <1> / Mine Security Area <1>
Notes None
Mirror World
MapIcon ShadowKnight.png Shadowvale
Zero's Temple
MapIcon ZeroTemple.png Zero's Temple
[Mirror World] Leafre Western Minar Forest [Mirror World] Leafre Eastern Minar Forest
[Mirror World] Leafre Twilight Forest [Mirror World] Leafre Wyvern Gorge
[Mirror World] Ariant Outside the West Entrance of Ariant [Mirror World] Ariant Outside the East Entrance of Ariant
[Mirror World] Ariant Outside the North Entrance of Ariant [Mirror World] Ariant Pyramid
[Mirror World] Henesys Small Mushroom Park [Mirror World] Henesys Golem's Territory
[Mirror World] Henesys Golden Coast [Mirror World] Henesys Deep within Sleeping Forest
Mu Lung
[Mirror World] Happy Valley Master Training Center [Mirror World] Happy Valley Sky Forest
[Mirror World] Happy Valley Bear Territory MapIcon Murueng.png Herb Garden [Mirror World] Happy Valley Pirate Hideout
[Mirror World] Edelstein Streetlight Street [Mirror World] Edelstein Perilous Rocky Mountain
[Mirror World] Edelstein Rue Mine Depths [Mirror World] Edelstein Mine Security Area
[Mirror World] Magatia Zenumist's Laboratory A [Mirror World] Magatia Alcadno's Laboratory A
[Mirror World] Magatia Zenumist's Laboratory B [Mirror World] Magatia Alcadno's Laboratory B
MapIcon Ludibrium.png Toy Factory MapIcon Ludibrium.png Inside Clocktower
MapIcon Ludibrium.png Clocktower Lower Floor MapIcon Ludibrium.png Clocktower Bottom Floor (Mirror World)
Temple of Time
[Mirror World] Dark Temple of Time Temple of Time [Mirror World] Dark Temple of Time Memory Lane [Mirror World] Dark Temple of Time Road of Regrets [Mirror World] Dark Temple of Time Road to Oblivion
[Mirror World] Kritias Outside Kritias
Other Worlds

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